Friday, November 23, 2007

My Angel is 11!!

As I watch her sleep like an Angel, I realize, she is. I never carried around a brag book, I am just not that kind of momma. But let me take a moment to brag just a little bit. My daughter is 11 today, and she is so sweet and thoughtful. She always thinks of everyone elses feelings first and makes sure that everyone is ok and happy in every situation. I have always taught her that beauty is what is on the inside and it has paid off. Her party she had last Friday proved it, they came in all shapes and sizes and all different nationalities, nobody was favored and everyone was the most important one in the room to her. She had one boy show up who has been at every party she has had since kindergarten and he was just one of her friends as well, all the other girls invited were just as sweet. No arguments, no favoritism, no complaints. In the morning (Roger went home the night before!!) I came downstairs and they were all in a group of tangled arms, legs and hair. It was so sweet and cute to still be able to smile at the innocece, I know this won't last but for now..I love it. She makes me smile everyday and when I am having a bad day, just one hug from her is better than any anti-depressant on the market. For those of you who have daughters, I am sure you understand. So Happy Birthday Stevi, you are turning into a truly beautiful young lady!!