Friday, April 24, 2009

Today we head to San Jose.....

This morning I will head over to Christi's house pick up her and Maddi, bring Maddi to school, go to the salon, do our hair for the show then hit the road.  

I travel well with Christi, we pack snacks and only stop to get another Starbucks and to pee.  She is truly like my "Sister from another Mister."  
I love going up with Christi,  she has to work it and I don't therefore, I have all day  Saturday to read, chill or just walk around.  This year I have been stashing a little more money so I have a little more to spend, not much mind you, but some.  I drive, Christi got the room.  Tita, Angie and Jeanne will be meeting us up there on Saturday night, it should be a fun weekend, I have been torn what to do with my hair, as you can see last year it was pretty normal, so I am going shorter and bright red today with black chunks........Hope Adam doesn't see me, if he does, he may go straight!

PS  Remind me when I get back to tell you a hair raising story, I don't have the time this morning, but you will like it........or not.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots to do today.....

  1. 7:30 am- Bring Stevi to soccer practice.
  2. Check emails, Facebook, Transfer money from savings, blog.
  3. Call the gold guy.
  4. Start laundry and dishes
  5. sweep
  6. shower
  7. Make a deposit at Bank.
  8. 10:30am go to Caviata and pay for Townhome and get keys.
  9. Costco for appetizers and drinks.
  10. Set up for Gold Party Open house.
  11. 1:00 get nails done by Tita while Party starts.
  12. Socialize and help with any guests.
  13. 4:20 starts Mom's hair while multitasking of course.
  14. 7pm Party over clean up.
  15. 7:15 Run around Virginia Lake a few times
  16. 8:00 relax and watch intently while my Boyfriend serenades me.........
  17. 10pm Have wonderful dreams!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


All Star Tryouts...

Hmmmmmmm.....Not sure.  We are going to ride the bikes back over at 1 to find out.  She did good on some things, not so good on others.  It is her first year so the fact that she was even invited to try-out is awesome.  We took her to the batting cages yesterday, good thing because she smacked the ball, and quite a few girls missed it and need to be under hand pitched to because the pitching machine was too fast for them.  She smacked the first two balls hard!  Trying out for first base she did pretty good, not perfect but she hustled and she will get points for that.  I would say it's a toss up.  Hmmmmm, I really don't know.  If she makes it great, if she doesn't, it is incredible that she was even invited!  I will let you know later.......

Friday, April 17, 2009

Girls just want to have fun.

Who needs a photo-booth when you have a digital camera?  Since We have sold alot of our stuff Stevi and I have been out looking for decor so we can make our new arrangements a little more fun and exciting.  Here's what we have come up with from top to bottom.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Diet Rocks!

One evening when I couldn't sleep and I was feeling fat I saw this on TV.  Looked good, bought it. I have done the  exercises that are awesome.  Yes you do get all those videos, but I never tried the Turbo Slim diet.  I started it on Wednesday.   It is easy to follow and I have not cheat.  I have consistently lost 1 lb. a day.  7 Lbs. in the week I have been doing it.  I actually love getting on the scale!  I would like to loose 8 more lbs. before my photo shoot with Michele and I get a cheat day on Saturday.  The diet says by the 10th day you won't crave anything bad because this diet is designed to regulate your blood sugar.  I really can't think of anything I am going to treat myself to Saturday!  I think maybe a little dark chocolate but that isn't really that bad!  If any of you are looking for a great diet and workout program it is amazing, sorry veggies but there is lean meat, I imagine you could substitute or maybe they have a diet for vegetarians, as if you need one!  I go to lunch with my long lost friend Niki today and I chose PF Changs because I know I can get Buddha's Feast or a lettuce wrap..... weird but I am diggin' on it!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am taking Stevi to the doctor AGAIN. Thankfully she already had a follow-up appointment today at 9:15 anyways.  She has been getting headaches everyday.  Bad headaches.  I think it is hormonal but she is constantly taking Advil, Aleve or Tylenol, and even though I make her alternate them I don't think it is good for a 12 year old to be popping pills daily.  Any suggestions or ideas?  Last night her headache started in her sleep and she was crying, she said it was worse than a brain freeze.  I don't now if they are migraines or not, she is pail and clammy and her stomach is upset, why would she be getting migraines?  I know my brother used to get them all the time, around her age is when they started, is it genetic?  She does favor him more than anyone else in the family.  I wish I could get inside her head and feel what it is......Frustrating!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Depression.......I hate it......

I am not one to start a pity party.  I always want people to see me as the "Mrs. Brightside" person.  I am good at pretending.  This morning I was laying in bed, for around 2 hours with my eyes closed thinking about everything I need to get done.  My Mom called.  Why is it that when you need to let it out, all it takes is hearing your Mom's voice?  So I started to cry.  I HATE CRYING!  I am Bubba.  I'm tired, stressed, depressed and defeated.  We are losing our house (so are alot of other people)  business is slow, Jay took another cut in pay and may not have another job when this one is finished, I am STILL dealing with identity theft, bill collectors and trying to move.  Oh happy day.  I just lost one of my best friends in the world to breast cancer.  Why am I depressed?  No reason.  Everyday I work I have to put on a happy face, and around friends and family so when I do finally break down I hear....."What is wrong with you?"  I do need a day to be sad, to absorb all that is happening, to feel, to cry.  I just need to cry.......No, you can't fix it.  Only I can.  This too shall pass but for today..........I will let myself feel it, because tomorrow.......I am Bubba........

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Reason for FACEBOOK

I have become addicted to FACEBOOK.  But now I know it is ok.  I have reconnected with so many people it is amazing.  One being Niki Moran, now Niki Davis.  I have known Niki since kindergarten.  Yes, 35 years.  Amazing.  She was always so sweet and so pretty.  I remember when we actually became friends.  3rd grade.  She asked me if I wanted to come play Barbie's at her house.  Only I didn't think I could because I didn't have any Barbie's.  She said "That's ok.....I have plenty!"  So I went to her house.  Confession........I liked to play with trucks and cars, I didn't do dolls (except Raggety Anne of course)  but I went because she was one of those girls who was so sweet and pretty, her smile was infectious.  We played for hours and I have to admit, I was confused but I had fun.  Through the years Niki and I remained friends, she hung out with the smart girls  because she was smart, I, the bad girls because I was bad.  But, we always liked each other.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tales from the Chair Chapter 13

I have heard it more than once. Marriage gets boring so you try to spice it up.  Not for me but whatever. When you add a third person to the mix, someone always gets left behind and it is usually one of the married people.

"Donna" and "JR" have been married for 15 years and have 2 wonderful children.  JR has a best friend who is a woman named "Jessica".  Donna loves the fact that JR has a woman friend that he can banter back and forth with and is not jealous of Jessica because Jessica is a lesbian.  One night Donna comes home drunk and JR is talking to Jessica on the phone so she gets on the other line and they all three start bantering back and forth.  After the 3 of them start flirting pretty heavily over the phone,  Jessica is invited over to their house to continue the party.  The three of them have a blast for the rest of the weekend and this "relationship" continues for a year.  The three of them work together and are pretty open as to their relationship.  There is holding hands, kissing and flirting in public.  Jessica and Donna end up falling deeply in love and now JR is feeling left out so he demands they stop the relationship.  They do.  Their are broken hearts and tears only JR and Jessica can still carry on, after all it is just sex.  Later Donna finds out the JR and Jessica had been sleeping together before the "relationship" started.  Now Donna is hurt and feels betrayed.  After all, if you sleep with someone during a marriage and keep it a secret it is cheating, right?  So now Donna and Jessica start to sneak around together and Donna and Jessica are having an affair while JR and Jessica are having an affair, and Donna and JR are going to counseling  to try to save their marriage.  K, is anyone else confused?  Apparently this is quite popular, I hear it pretty often.  Now there are trust issues......Really? Why?  Just thought I would share so you can all feel normal today. I know I do.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Medicine Balls for down time.......

I don't always get to the gym and prefer to workout during the day so I do not take time away from my family.  I decided while cleaning out my exercise room that I should bring my exercise balls to work.  I have 5 lb. balls and when I have no clients or in between clients I can get in some strength training and it is working somewhat.  Yesterday I worked out my obliques, triceps and biceps getting in 4 sets of 20 reps each and today I was busy but I got in 4 sets of 20 ab crunches and 4 sets of 20 on my shoulders.  I am feeling it so I don't feel like I completely wasted a day without getting to the gym, not as much as I would have done at the gym but better than nothing.  I am going to bring my resistance bands in next week and just keep them at work so when I get no-showed or ahead or a client is running late I can definitely multi-task and not be bummed out if I don't have that full hour to commit to an actual trip to the gym.  My obliques are sore today and someone told me today my arms looked great, but I think it's because I was a little pumped up.  Hmmmmmm how can you multi-task this month?  Find a way and see how it works for you.  I feel pretty productive and in between clients I also swept the floor, watered and cleaned the leaves on my plants at the salon and dusted all the shelves.  All in a days work, a woman's work is never done!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Danger on the Job.....

Yesterday Jay had a call from a buddy of his from the construction company he used to work for.  They had an accident on the job and his friend the "Mud Stud" got run over by a heavy equipment mover.  The guy who was driving it wasn't at fault, but the guy directing it was.  He basically backed the heavy equipment mover right over the top of a worker.  Thankfully he was trying to move out of the way so it didn't kill him, but unfortunately it rolled over his leg and completely crushed it also tearing the muscle from his leg completely.  He ended up in surgery and we still are not sure if they were able to save his leg.  The guy responsible was sent for a mandatory drug test which he refused and quit his job instead.  Jay knows the guy pretty well and said he chose to quit because he would have never passed the drug test.  Sad thing is "The Mud Stud"  will probably lose his leg, never be able to work again in his profession.  It makes me so angry!  The job is dangerous enough, what is the point!