Sunday, September 30, 2012

Always an Adventure.............

Came to SF to Flowers in the kitchen and bedroom (8' apart)
 Nice to be able to come down and visit.  Stevi said we needed time alone too sometimes, Jay and I were both upset she didn't come, but she was right.  Also we are trying to be aware that at 15 almost 16, your friends are the most important thing in your life.  Not necessarily your family.
Hooked up with my coffee mug and laptop, the foot rest is a cooler with a pillow
 Last night we rented John Carter and Hunger Games.  John Carter was ok.  Hunger Games I loved.  If someone had told me Lenny Kravitz was in it, I would have watched it in the theaters for sure!  But I definitely recommend it if it is not on your list of must watch movies.
Woke up to this Sunday morning.
Last night the heater in the RV quit working.  Now Jay has to remove it and bring it to San Jose before it gets cold.  Everything works except the igniter or the circuit board.  Cross your fingers it something cheap, Lord knows we can't afford any more set backs.  I'm staying again tonight and heading home early tomorrow because I don't have to be at work until 11.  One more night of relaxation.
Only had change and was told it was a crock o shit
Street Performers.  Ah Street Performers.  We were watching them and I wanted to give them something but I only had a $10 or $20 so I felt bad and got what change I had left in my wallet so I split it between the 2 guys and one of them said "What a Crock of Shit."  You're welcome asshole.  You are the one on the street begging.  I could have walked by you just like the other 100 people around me did.  Never again.
Lunch at Eagle Cafe'
I'm back to saving all my $5 bills ($5 make you Hollaaaaa!)   I used to do that for my mad money , when I was making money like mad.  Now I am saving it so when I come down to the Bay Area once a month so I have some money to get over the toll bridge and this trip I was able to by some drinks for the trailer, Pepsi and water (I'm a big spender) and we got 2 Redbox Movies and today had a nice lunch at Eagle Cafe on Pier 39 and walked around 20 or more blocks in my sandles , which I know better.  It's amazing how comfortable sandles are until you have to walk for 2 hours in them.  But we had a nice lunch of Calamari, Crab Salad Sandwich and garlic fries so we are both burping up a storm.  I'm sure the trailer smells amazing.  When Jay comes home in 3 weeks, we have a busy weekend of Cheerleading, BBQ and a Halloween party, and Jay's truck is finally getting fixed from the hit and run accident he was in in May.  Until then I will save my $5 bills and hopefully have a good month so we can do more than an afternoon lunch, although movies and just chilling is nice also, as long as we get to be together.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Please excuse the language..........

 Don't read any further if racial slurs are extremely offensive to you...also know, anything said I am saying to tell the story, some of these words make me sick to my stomach, but I will say it as said to tell my story by "Keeping it Real"  The words said would never come out of my mouth as I love everyone and my family is a melting pot of America......I apologize ahead of time to those who read further and are offended.  Ugh....Here goes.....
As Jay and I woke up this morning and had our coffee and showers, we started doing laundry in the laundry mat and took a walk around the RV Park to get some air and kill time.  While we were walking around the back section of the park there was a very elaborate set up and a man hosing it off.  The lady who came out of the 5th wheel reminded me of the lady that Kristen Chenoworth plays in RV with Robin Williams, only older, southern accent and all.  We exchanged pleasantries and walked by.  On our way back we started talking and he explained to us that he was hosing off the dust and dirt he had accumulated from driving 2800 miles from South Carolina.  The boys stared talking about work and we started talking about shopping.  I told Linda about my favorite restaurant The Stinking Rose here in SF and we talked about Vacaville Outlets because she is apparently quite the shopper.  She had on rhinestoned ballet flats in silver with a matching hobo bag and lots of accessories, purple skinny jeans and a blonde wig (an expensive one).  She was all duded up as I talked to her in my KISS t shirt and red converse.  Somehow we started talking about grandchildren and crazy baby Mommas and compared stories.  Believe it or not, she won.  She was telling me her sons ex called him on speaker phone while she was having a "train" pulled on her so he could hear her.  They had to have her removed from their property by the police and she abandoned the kids which they raised for awhile to live her crazy sex driven lifestyle.  At that point Bob said... I told my son he may as well date a Mexican or a Nigger. (I'm pretty sure it looked like water had been thrown in my face, but I don't know that I flinched, taking into consideration that they are from the South and I know there is a lot more ignorance there than in the household I was raised in.)  Then we started talking about shopping again and crazy Baby Momma stories... Linda won again... who knew?  Then Jay noticed the raccoon paw prints and warned Bob about the raccoons getting into garbage and chasing him down to the bathroom one morning at 3 am...his response..."I don't mind the 4 legged coons, its the 2 legged coons I can't stand!"  Um time to go...yup, we left as they were inviting us to dinner and shopping and wine and beer.....Dear Lord, please don't let me drink around these people....I don't want to cause a trailer park rumble.....I can't ....I'm just speechless,  I was worried Jay offended them because he said "Shit Chute"  I wonder if they even thought at all that they may have offended us.....Well they offended me.  Wow, I would never survive in the South.  EVER!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Barium Kit.....Activate! And It was RAD!

 I've been having some "issues" for about 3 months now and so today I start on a Barium Kit to cleanse myself before my procedure tomorrow morning.  I don't feel that the 24 hour fast and liquid only diet is going to help "Cleanse" me since I've been doing a pretty good job of that myself.  So right now I am having beef broth for breakfast and black coffee, yum!  MM MM Good! Yikes.  When I was 8 around 1976 a lot of people got really bad food poisoning from Dairy Queen.  I was one of those lucky kids.  Apparently the type of food poisoning I had also contained parasites so I am lucky enough to still have them in my body.  Yes, after 35 years, they are still there.  They make me sick pretty frequently but never like this so my Doctor wants to check and see what is going on with me.  Hopefully that is all it is and we can kill it again with medicine.  The odd thing that he mentioned is that as often as I am "sick" I should have lost a lot of weight......nope, not that lucky I guess, but that is weird, so we shall see.
Color Me Rad was the most fun I've had in a race.  If you have never done it you have to do it next year.  It's only a 5K so completely walkable for you non runners! It was a blast!  All proceeds go to Special Olympics which is dear to our hearts because my brother was a Special Olympian.
Next, my melt down.  Yup I had a good ol' fashioned pity party last night.  Stress, worry, loneliness, money.  I had myself a great time crying last night and feeling sorry for myself.  Chin up today though.  Great friends who love me and make me laugh and a family that does the same.  So as I raise my glass of Beef Broth......Here's to our health!...Blech!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life with the Lynchmob........

The newest Mr. and Mrs. Lynch
 So it has been about 6 weeks since I've blogged. My friend Rhianna reminded me that I haven't blogged and I have to admit that I am touched that she noticed.  Most people that read it don't comment or like, so I really don't know who is reading.  It should be more therapeutic  than anything, and I do admit, that it does help to let it all out.
In Jays Back yard
Jayson and Guoda are doing amazing.  Working full time and going to college.  Both of them are always willing to help with Stevi since Jay has officially moved to San Francisco for work.  It made sense when Guoda suggested they move into the house with us to help and for them to save money towards buying a house and to help me out financially since now Jay and I are really supporting 2 house holds.  The Bay Area is not cheap, at all!  A studio apartment is anywhere from $2000-$3000 a month, in East Palo Alto its around $1875, but I think it would cost more to replace your tires and tools and vehicle in the event that they are stolen.  It made sense and my Mom dipped into my trust fund (LOL) to help us buy a travel trailer that is only $1075 to park for 28 days at Candlestick Rv Park in South San! FOR THE BAY AREA!   Hey it includes power and hook ups and has a shower.
Daddy's little girl to the end.
 We agreed that seeing each other twice a month sucks, but why work out of town if you are going to spend all your money driving back and forth on the weekends, plus wear and tear on your vehicle.  So we are taking turns making a trip once a month.  Face timing and texting.  I admit it.....I miss him.  We never really fight and I have been a bit of a bitch lately, to Jay and Stevi.  I'm sure that is it.  If I have been a bitch to you "I apologize"  lately it seems to happen like a hiccup that erupts out of nowhere.
Stevi Punkin Lynch Sophomore year....aka...Uncle Steve, Stevo, Big Steve, Scrumdidliumpious, Juice Boxx, Whooty, White Chocolate, Punkin.
Stevi, Stevi, Stevi.  She is a good girl.  More like my Mom or my sister. Has the ridiculous jealous insecure cheerleader hating on her right now, just because we live across the street from her boyfriend, who apparently is part of a gang (name changed) called the Broke Gang.  She was threatened at school by a senior boy, he said he was going to "Beat her Fucking ass" because he felt that the jealous insecure cheerleader needed help apparently because she is defenseless against Stevi's beauty.......(beauty is always much more powerful from within).  Sadly, these kids are on a path quickly to nowhere and since this girl is a cheerleader, she seems to keep her hands clean by using this gang to bully pretty girls (Stevi is not the first by far) to stay away from her fluffy druggie boyfriend.  She shouldn't flatter herself, he is not now, nor will he ever be Stevi's type.  So the on going saga of a 15 year old girl, trying to make it through life continues.  

Through all the drama, Stevi has managed to keep her grades up, make Cheer Captain of her competition team and refuses to take Tai Kwaondo because she feels that physical violence is disgusting and beneath her. (that's where she takes after my mom and sister).  All I can say is if I were in high school today, I would be in Jan Evans........