Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tales Behind the Chair..... Those Moments...

    Those moments when you realize the difference you make in a persons life.  I have a handful of clients that view me as a machine that I am only there to do their hair and be a sounding board, but other than that, they don't seem to think I am a living human being that gets ill, sad or tired.  They don't seem to realize that I too value time with my family, friends and that I too enjoy being home to have dinner with my husband and daughter or spend a full weekend with them.

  Then there are those moments.  Those moments when the most likely and unlikely clients all of a sudden, have your back, want to fight for you, make sure you are OK, check in on you, cry with you and for you and generally take over telling you to stay home, eat, get better and the ones that really know me, gently yell at me when I still think I am 20 years old and can just power  thru this illness.  I have never been sick in my life, and with it turning into pneumonia and ending up septic because of all the infections I had going on in my body without resting completely, it nearly put me into the hospital and I will probably takes months to fully recover.

     This is the moment where my army of loving considerate clients come in, the clients I now realize are my friends.  The clients who refused to come in until I was well, or at least felt up to it, and those clients are the ones that brought me wellness tea, protein bars because they knew how much weight I had lost, refused to get into my chair until I ate, brought me essential oils, vitamins and a vaporizer , texted me, called me and checked up on me daily and either stopped by with soup, sent me cards or offered to come sit with me, clean my house or bring me food.  Some of these clients are still checking on me daily.  I never expected the outpouring of love and consideration and realize that these are the reasons I have been doing hair for 27 years and probably will into my 80's.

     What about the Handful of clients that couldn't or adamantly refused?  Yes I had one send me a text that said "I am sorry you are so sick, but that is not my problem, I pay you to do a job and I have a very important meeting next week I need to look good for, so I will see you at 2:15 regardless... I will bring you soup."  That Client was 35 minutes late, brought me a can of condensed Chicken and Stars soup and even though I could barely stand up and had a mask on , told me not to talk to her because she could not afford to get sick.  That night was my second trip to Urgent Care.  She is also the client that has no showed me at 5 am and then demanded I get her in because her hair looked terrible, which it never has more than a 4 week outgrowth.  She has 2 strikes, I may even let her go before the 3rd.

     Because of this eye opening experience, I now have a compromised immune system but I have also learned that it is OK to take care of myself. My health is more important, losing a day or even 3 of work is better than the total of 9 days I had to reschedule and I also now know the clients I want to keep around, want to keep me around as well.  I guess I now realize they love me every bit as much as I love them.  Thank you too all of my Angels whether you were Hardcore or Sweet.... I feel it, and I love you too.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I have Overcome...

I have overcome childhood, teenage years, being a mother and a professional.

Being homeless, having too little, having enough and having too much.

I have overcome being used, being abused both mentally and physically.

Being scared to feel, scared of touch, needing love, desperate to feel warmth.

I have overcome laughter and tears, dreams and fears with uncertainty.

Being in love and in hate, scared to death to breathe and scared  to death not to.

I have overcome life, death, joy and pain both physically and mentally.

Being successful and losing it all due to  lifes simple mistakes.

I have overcome being a victim, prey, scared to wake up.

Being overjoyed in life and in a blink of an eye, that joy is snatched away.

I have overcome my fear and am strong emotionally today.

Being content in who life has made me.

I have lived to speak of the unspeakable.

Being unafraid of speaking the truth.

I have Overcome......

Being Lisa.....

Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 2 of the Tooth Adventure.......

Really! 30 minutes of being on hold and pressing buttons.....
 Day 2... Whelp, apparently I have a Dental HMO....... have you ever heard of such a thing?  I have not. So the Oral Surgeon I was scheduled with on Monday of course is not Covered.  After scouring over my HMO website I found a list of Oral Surgeons that are covered under my insurance.  As this is a drawn out process and I have now got to be referred to one of the following offices.  Please if you have had any experiences ...Good or Bad... let me know.  Dr. Cirelli's office is closed until Monday so I can only rely on you my friends to guide me down the right path.  Here is my list, please let me know yay or nay!
Not Toothless Yet!

  1. Gentle Dental on E. Moana
  2. Northwest Reno Smiles on Maeanne
  3. Reno Smiles Dentistry on S. McCarran
  4. Nv. Dental Specialists on S. McCarran Or N. McCarran
  5. Reno Modern Dentistry on Damante
Love you all.......please advise so I have some sort of idea which way to go!!

Listening to your body.....

Keep Smiling...

As a mother, I keep on trucking.  As a woman...I do the same.  There is no time for me to get sick.  Heck, this is the first time I have blogged in almost a year.  Since Emerson graced us with his amazing presence.  I have been working my usual crazy hours and also volunteering at the Reno Aces games to help supplement Stevi's cheer fund, babysitting Emerson any time I am able to, which is usually on Saturdays, keeping up with the household and bills etc.  I know, just like every other mother in America.  But I have not been feeling well. As a matter of fact, I have had the flu and "food poisoning" symptoms over and over.  Me.... self diagnosis.... I am exhausted and need a vacation, or I just need to slow down, or I am biting off more than I can chew, how about this self diagnosis....I'm getting older,  or it must be my hormones.  This one always works for me too,  "I have terrible allergies this year!'  and "My arthritis is getting terrible." so with a self diagnosis, there must be self medicating that follows as well.  Allergy medicine, Vitamin B-12, Nasonex, Advil, Aleve, Aspirin, Excedrin and of course Tylenol and decongestants.  But keep working and go to the gym no matter how tired you are. There is no rest for the wicked.

Now lets go back in time around 20 months ago.  I remember when because it was the month that Jay moved down to San Francisco.  So not only were we supporting two households and a very busy teenager, but we did not have dental insurance anymore.  I broke my crown on my tooth.  It hurt, but not enough to warrant an emergency so I did what any busy mother would do and called my good friend who works at a dental office and had her look at it and she filed the jagged edges down for me until I could, take that back, needed, to get it fixed.  It bothered me from time to time, but I have always had sensitive teeth so I would wince and get on with life.  Over the last few months it started to bother me more and I was more aware of it than usual, so I tried to not chew on that side and took Advil or whatever pain reliever we had in the cabinet when it bothered me.  Our dental insurance was put back into effect in January, so I decided to make us all dental appointments to get much needed check ups and cleanings, I booked mine first.
A. Because my schedule is the most flexible.
B. My tooth was starting to hurt worse.

Our dentist retired right around the time our insurance quit carrying dental and because my girlfriend worked at a dental office, we decided to switch over to a new office because we had been going to Dr. Crouse for at least  18 years and it just wouldn't be the same.  I was happy to hear that although it had been 6 years since my last visit to a dentist, I had one small cavity and hardly any plaque build up with healthy gums, until the X-ray portion.  My broken crown is now an abscessed tooth with a fractured root.  I go in Monday to have it pulled, I am on Amoxicillin for the infection and have to be prepped for an implant which apparently takes around a year to complete. I was told I may need to have my jaw repaired with mesh if the infection is bad enough.  This explains why I haven't felt well, my body has been fighting this infection and trying to tell me something was wrong.

Aging is never easy on a woman, or probably on a man for that matter.  After getting over the shock that I will now lose a tooth, I laugh when I realize I feel the same way as I did when I was put into Bifocals 6 years ago. So listen to your body, If you are squinting, get yours eyes checked and for Christ's sake, if you break a tooth, don't wait until it has it's own heartbeat to get it checked.
Dr. Cirelli Family Dentisty
The blessing in this is that, we now have a wonderful new dentist... Dr. Cirelli, with a great staff, Donna at the front desk is great and makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk in the front door or call, Debi, my dear friend and dental assistant who has always treated me as an old friend ever since the day we met and my new hygienist Tara who made me feel great by telling me what a great job I did taking care of my teeth. I will let you know how this all goes, my own fault, but since this is all new to me, I thought I would blog about it and take you along on this journey so maybe you will get that cleaning and check up you have been putting off.  And if you need a new dentist I highly recommend Dr. Cirelli and his office, not only is he  right there in the moment with you talking to you instead of at you, he personally called me himself today to make sure I was okay and gave me his number to call in case the pharmacy didn't fill my prescription in time , he said he would personally talk to the pharmacist.  Im happy we found a new dentist and not looking forward to my surgery on Monday, but glad to get it fixed and move forward with the next step. I should be back to work on lets do this!Dental Care by Owl City

Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome Emerson Ray Lynch!

Emerson Ray Lynch 8-12-13 21.5" 8lbs. 7oz.
 Welcome home Emerson, we have been waiting for you.  Ever since I saw your Mommy and Daddy fall in love, I thought about how beautiful and amazing their children would be.  Boy did I underestimate them.  Just look at you. You are simply perfect.  Not a flaw.
Jayson and Guoda's Wedding Day 6-30-12
You are such a big boy, just as we knew you would be, and wouldn't you know that when we came to meet you, your Mommy looked just as beautiful as she always does.  And happy, calm and content.  Daddy held you proudly in his arms and Grandpa Billy and I couldn't wait to hold you as well.  Great Grandma Harrington and Great Grandma Coo-Coo came to see you, but Grandpa Lynch was sad.  He has to work today in San Francisco and was so happy you finally made it but it broke his heart that he couldn't be here.  He is going to take a week off for Labor Day weekend so he can get to know you and bond with you.  Pappa loves you very much and would be here too if he could, but we know some day you will understand why.  Grandma Vilijia was there when you came into the world, and Mommy said she did very good being supportive and quiet.. we are all very proud of her for doing such a good job letting Mommy and Daddy concentrate on getting you here for us to meet.
The Great Grandmas
 You will also be happy to know that Great Aunt Angie and Great Aunt Tyra and Auntie's Stevi and Bri also came to see you, and Auntie Bri just got back from South Africa YESTERDAY!  Someday I'm sure she will tell you all about how the Alcaida  blew up the airport and she almost didn't make it back...scary!
Pappa and Glamma Lynch (and Great Aunt Dottie in the back)
 You were born into a very large and crazy family, but luckily a family that is FULL of love.  You will be so loved and cared for by each and every one of us that you will never want for anything and you will always have a huge selection of people to go to whether you need something or just need to talk.
Grandpa Billy and Grandpa Jay getting down!
 We are so happy and proud of the good job Mommy and Daddy did while you were being nurtured into the beautiful boy you are.  Daddy attended to Mommy's every need and Mommy took very good care of herself and exercised, ate right and was careful about everything she took, whether it was vitamins or food, she made sure first of all that it was good for you.
Glamma Vilijia and Guoda
Hart is here waiting for you, and right now he is a little bit confused because Mommy and Daddy haven't been home, but we sure hope you like dog slobber, and if you do, boy are you in for a treat, because I am sure you will be covered in it from head to toe and have a best friend right away.
Glamma Lynch and Auntie Stevi
It's been a long couple of days for Mommy and Daddy. They are at the hospital with you now, so get some rest little buddy, because when you get home you will have more love and attention than you know what to do with.  These years will go by too fast and when they do, I hope you know, we can't wait until the next day and the next day, because you will be special, just like your Mommy and Daddy are....and you will be nurtured to reach your full potential and learn to love like crazy, because that's how we do it in this family.  We welcome every moment and everyday.  We love you.

                                                 Love Glamma Lynch

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hairdressers and not machines....nor are we on salary.......

 First of all... this is not directed to any one person, as there have been repeat offenders over the last 24 years of my career.  So speaking for all hairdressers, I am going to clear the air for some misconceptions and some things that we deal with on a daily basis that may be overlooked from a clients point of view.  Again, this is not to hurt feelings or point fingers, just a friendly reminder, so if you read this and you are a hairdresser , or love one, please feel free to re post this blog or link it.
We are not on salary, nor do we get a paycheck, unless you show up for your appointment we don't get paid.  If you forget your money, or a check at the grocery store, you can't leave with your cart full of groceries and pay when you remember or it is convenient for you, or when your account has enough money.  Please remember... we pay to work where we work, whether you show up and pay us or not.  We purchase supplies to do your hair, and pay use tax on the equipment we need to do our jobs.  We get paid daily, therefore, many of us pay our bills daily, depend on that money for gas and groceries, because believe it or not, this is how we pay our bills as well and keep food in our families mouths and a roof over our heads.  We are also in a 35% tax bracket and pay multiple business, state and board licenses to continue to work, as well as travel and payments for ongoing education.  Did you know that one pair of shears can cost anywhere from $350-$600... Many of us have more than one pair... just like with a carpenter, each tool does a variety of things. Chances our, we have confirmed your appointment, have done the math and figured that we can put that rent check through... yes, you shouldn't count your eggs before they hatch, but you also shouldn't go receive any sort of business service or transaction and feel that it is not a priority to pay.  Recently I had a client forget to pay, which put me in an uncomfortable position to where I had to ask her a couple of times when she could pay me... In the meantime, my account went over by a mere $8.68, which made my rent and power bill bounce.  After said and done, 5 boxes of color and bank fees, not to mention my time.... it actually cost me around $50 to do her hair....
Ongoing Education is not free and is an important part of staying ahead of the game.
 Most of us are booked, you cannot text or call us at the last minute and say "I can't make it today, just move me to the same time tomorrow."  We may not have that open, we, believe it or not, have more than one client...And we never put someones priority above anyone else, please remember, we are running a business... we don't have office workers we can delegate to so we can do 3 or more people at once.  We can only work on one person at a time, we only have 2 hands most of the times, they are covered in color.  A lot of hairdressers double up, I used to do that and in "emergency" situations sometimes it has to be done, so if you need an appointment you need to realize, we need to see where our opening are... and I work from 4 am to 11 pm.... but only in 8 hour blocks so if I am working until 10 or 11 pm... no, I can't squeeze you in at  5 am on that same day because it is not my emergency that you didn't book ahead and you are leaving on vacation tomorrow, and forgot to call me....please realize we are people pleasers and this stresses us out and makes us feel guilty so many of us will bend over backwards to get you in.....but you need to be considerate and flexible as well.
A gift from Irene Goreham, Helene' Curtis' first female platform artist...back in the day!
Last but not least, illness.  If you are ill and call in sick to work... why on earth do you think it is OK to come get your hair done?  Oh you didn't want to miss your appointment.  OK we get it.  But we would rather reschedule you than ending up sick for 3 days and have to inconvenience and reschedule 30 clients, not to mention the ones we got sick before hand and spread your lovely illness around. We don't get paid sick days... and we never get rest when we get back, just like normal human beings, we are exhausted after a serious flu, but then we come back to double days, or 16 hours days to get everyone in that we had to reschedule.  So please, if you are too sick for work or anything else please reschedule.  I would think this were common sense, but sometimes I feel that people view us as Robots, not human beings and also that we do this for fun.  Yes we do, but believe it or not, this is how we make a living, and we don't make the money it seems we do because we have expenses and overhead that has to be paid for us to continue our craft.  So next time you get your hair done,  please remember these things.  We love many of you as friends and clients, we bend over backwards and make you a priority every day.... please respect out business the same way.  Thank you.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stop and breathe............

Liquid Gold 5K
 I try to focus my days around exercise because it is so important. So why is it when life gets hectic that seems to be the first to eliminate?  Instead of saying "No" to anybody else, I say no to myself first.  Today, like all of my days is very busy.  I was planning on going to a Get Fit class at KOR but like usual, my cell phone started.  I had 14 messages to return that started at 6 am, some family, some friends, some clients.  You may say.... "Let it go, get to it later..."  In my world that is just not possible.
An average "7 mile" stroll with my Mom
 So here I am, with a few minutes to write, which I promised myself I would allow a few minutes a day for since it is therapeutic, and relaxing to me.  Plus it helps clear my mind a bit.  I have a yoga mat and some weights at work, but this week, I don't think I will have a few spare minutes in my schedule to get anything in, which mean I need to run tonight at 10pm.... which Jay won't allow me to do, but maybe if I take the Boxer with me and my gun it will be OK?
2012 Color me Rad
Somehow this week I also wanted to fit in an Al-anon meeting, get my workouts in, work full time, be a mom, aunt and friend, as well as entertain family during Hot August Nights...Oh and attend a Sunday morning Sweat with my sister. Like the little engine that could..."I think I can, I think I can."  I will take the next few minutes I have left before I need to get ready for work to start my "Squat Challenge"  from the Squat Crew...It seems like as soon as I decided to sign up for next years Tough Mudder ,my brain started doing karate, blocking my workout schedule and drive.

Doing the Liquid Gold 5K on Saturday I met a girl that sells the ItWorks products and I decided to have a Wrap party as well as become a distributor since it fits into my lifestyle, my family's lifestyle, a lot of my clients and I know I can sell all of these products at Menage' a Trois, as well as offer a 45 minute wrap treatment with a service. The wrap Party I am trying to have will either be August 31st or September 7th, just waiting to hear back from the rep.  If you are interested in coming to the fitness and weightloss party, leave me a comment on this blog, message me via FB or text me.  Have an amazing day......I have 12 minutes to start planking and squatting .