Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday in the toilet.......

This will be short and sweet, as you know, last night we ate a burger at Joe's Diner.  Stevi ate more than me, I was grossed out after 2 bites.......not only was it gross and tasted like the whole plate had been deep fried all at once in the same vat of old grease, Red flag should have been that the only other people in there maybe had 6 teeth, all together.

Stevi started getting sick last night, I knew she was sick when she asked if she could sleep in bed with me, she hasn't done that since she was a little girl.  She was up all night back and forth to the bathroom.  I had to be to work at 6:30 this morning so I was up at 4:30.  I wasn't feeling well, but I wasn't feeling that bad.  I went to work and after my first color it hit me.  I let Stevi stay home today because she was pretty sick, I ended up canceling my afternoon , thank God it is a slow week, and I'm off tomorrow so I came home and crawled back into bed with Stevi......I am still not done.......but I can tell you, when you are dealing with other issues......(aka I need to use a TUCK ;-) right now)  back and forth to the bathroom.......DOESN'T FIT INTO MY SCHEDULE!!!
Or you'll end up in bed and in the bathroom like us......

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Monday to Smile about.......

First hike after broken ankle, it's a start
Today started off as usual, getting up around 7:10, bringing Stevi to school.  But it was a different and exciting day for me.  I only had 2 loads of laundry to bring to my Mom's house and we were going to go on a hike.  Yes my first hike since I fractured my ankle.  It was an easy hike, only 3.1 miles.  One we could very easily take the dogs on.  My Mom was quite impressed at the clip I was going, not as fast as her, but definitely not as slow as my Aunt Dottie . (Sorry Auntie if you are a reader!)  As we went along, my ankle felt sore in the beginning but as we walked along, it felt better and better, even as I jumped a natural water made ditch.  My Mom even said "Wow, that was great!"  As we went along , the better I felt , and I could have kept going but I followed Dr.'s orders and it was a perfect first hike.  I felt so great in fact I can't wait until CrossFit tomorrow.
No hills but uneven surface
My ankle feels better tonight than it has in 7 weeks and at 11pm., I haven't even iced yet.  I finished our laundry and then went to pick up Stevi to bring her to Davids Bridal to fit her into her Bride's Maid's dress, for her Brother and future Sister-in-Law's wedding in June and she grabbed a size 6 which fit her perfectly!  In and out in a jiffy.  That was so quick, we had to kill time before her 8 pm Advanced Hip-Hop Class, so we headed to Joe's Diner to grab a burger.
That was a bad idea, Stevi is now in bed feeling like she may be sick (food poisoning I imagine)  and I have had gas ever since.  Sitting on vinyl benches, why do the farts come when the loud hip-hop music stops.........not like anyone wouldn't notice anyways, I smelled like I ate Roadkill....Sit and smile, Sit and smile.....
Slicing fruit, I suck at it, I'm to aggressive....
After Joe's wonderful dinner, I had bought $40 of Arcade play at the Atlantis for $15 so we had to use them before they expired.  I can't believe the new technology ,  most of the games are touch screen. I am like a bull in a china store so it was a challenge.  Stevi looked like she had been in a Yoga class meditating for two hours as she stepped up and played, I was worried I would break the screen!

Guitar Hero playing Barracuda by Heart
 After playing at the Atlantis for a couple of hours, we still had around 45 minutes to kill so we went to the Starbucks and ordered decaf coffee and Italian soda with a yogurt Parfait for Stevi before dance.  Now I have shut down the salon many times, a few bars and clubs and been kicked out of various places in my 43 years,  but Stevi and I were asked to leave Starbucks not once but twice because they were closing....AT 7:30!  I thought Starbucks were 24 hours or darn near close...my bad.

So off to Dance Unlimited.  Stevi opted for a drop in because her schedule has been so busy, after a few minutes of loosening up from all the Cheer she has been doing, she was back.   She shone in that class...She had the same smile on her face that Jayson used to get when he was enjoying what he was doing and it showed.  I watched the whole class with a smile on my face because I know she was feeling it.  She did not look like she hadn't  been in a dance class for 2 years, she fit right back in and worked up an awesome sweat.  For now, with her cheer schedule coming to an end and her interest in starting Volleyball.... the drop in classes are a bargain for us.  She felt great to let it loose and I loved to watch her.  Her first day back looked like a breeze and my first day back felt amazing.  Great way to end our January and start our February out on an amazingly positive note.  Weeeeee're back.

Back at Ryan's Hip-Hop at Gina's did awesome for 2 years off!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My real Dad, not my Father......

Parklane Mall
The first moment I remember when I met my Dad, I'm  not sure how old I was... I want to say 8 but I must have been younger.  We went to Parklane Mall and he bought me and and my brother a balloon.  Somehow I let go of mine and it went up to the ceiling, Parklane had just been covered Thank God so It was just stuck up on the ceiling.  My Dad (my mom's boyfriend at the time) called maintenance and I remember them bringing a really tall ladder and getting my balloon from the ceiling and then he tied it around my wrist.  I was in love.  At that moment I really wanted him to be my Daddy, since I didn't have one.  Through out the rest of my life as a child, many times if we put a coin in the candy machine and didn't get our prize at Raley's he would call someone over and make sure we got our toy.  At the time it was a bit embarrassing but now I realize it was because he loved us and wanted us to be happy.
When I was 8 years old we moved to Stead , at that time, I think they had gotten married, I remember staying at the babysitters overnight because they were getting married.  I was so excited that I was going to have a Dad!  He bought me a Raggedy Ann doll and I had that doll everywhere I went, until our next door neighbors Phillip and Patrick gave it to their German Shepard to play tug of war.  I was devastated.  My dad went and bought me a Holly Hobby to replace it...I never played with dolls again after that.
Raggedy Ann and Andy
One day I told my Dad how much that doll had meant to me.  I never had anything from my Dad, he was my Dad.  When I was 28 I got pregnant with Stevi and for Mothers Day, we went to the Rock Park and waded in the Truckee River.  Within days I developed a bacterial infection that they couldn't treat because I was pregnant and became very sick.  I was in bed and my Dad came to see me with a care package that had some cans of soup and Ginger ale and in that bag was a Raggedy Ann doll.  I saw that and immediately burst into tears.  It made him cry too.  I had no idea he remembered.  Maybe he didn't, maybe my Mom reminded him, either way, it meant the world to me.
The Cross pen Stevi found in an old pencil box, I think was "taken" from my Dad
When my Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer he was given 2 weeks to live.  We were blessed with 14 months.  In those 14 months, he was able to travel and see his other children back East and we were able to exchange stories and spend time with him, just showing him what he meant to us.  When he got more sick and was on bed rest, I bought him a Raggedy Andy doll to put on his bed and keep him safe.  It stayed on his bed until the day he died.  I now have both those dolls in a special collectors case up on a shelf.  When I die, I want those  cremated with me.  My Dad changed my life, without him, I wouldn't have turned out to be the woman that I am today.  All those memories came flooding back to me tonight when my daughter Stevi, pulled a Cross Pen out of a pencil box she found from 5th grade...........I had to be my Dad's.....I miss my Dad everyday.......I love you Dad.....Thank you for the balloon, the Raggedy Ann dolls and for the wonderful huge family I now have because of you......
My Dad and my sister Sarah, in Vermont ( he was sick but feeling well)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fight Fair and other marriage tips.....

Ahh Young love
Jay and I have been married for 25 1/2 years so I can speak from experience.  Our marriage hasn't always been perfect but we love each other despite all of our flaws, mistakes and imperfections.  We got married when I was 17, he was 18.  3 days after he graduated Reed. 1 day after I graduated from Hug. I was pregnant with our first child Jayson.  I guess you could say he was definitely a love child.
The circle of trust 
 Our life hasn't always been easy, perfect or  carefree.  But we have always been able to give each other the respect of forgiveness for our wrong doings, however hurtful, embarrassing or stupid they may have been.  Some have been costly, some have almost cost us our marriage but they all have brought us closer together and taught us when to walk away, when to discuss the problem and when to just forgive and forget. 

When we got married at the young age we were, we were passionately and fearlessly in love, we agreed that night in our hotel room at The Nugget (that was all the Honeymoon we could afford) to never go to bed mad, to always have each others backs no matter what  and to never name call.  (To be honest that last one was broken a few times but shit happens).
And it's on
 Words can hurt more that a slap, a punch, throwing things, how ever some fights could end up.  Why do we try, really try, to use words that cut the deepest to the people we love the most?  We love each other so why would we want to hurt each other so deeply.  I'm not going to say we have never pointed fingers or cussed each other out or belittled each other because that would be a lie.  But we have learned the art and importance of forgiveness and saying I am sorry and fighting at a talking level with respect and listening and always saying 'I love You' despite an angry situation.

If there is anything I have learned since June 7,1986. It's Compassion, Forgiveness, Patience and Kindness , loving each other unconditionally and realizing that the Grass isn't any Greener, if you think it is, it's time to fertilize your own.

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Relaxing day off.....

 Today is my day off.  And just like every day off I have other than Sundays and the 1st of the month, it is more jam packed than any day I have to work.  It is now 2 am and I have just gotten a chance to sit down and try to relax enough so I can go close my eyes and fall into that peaceful slumber known as sleep....you know, to recharge my batteries and start again.
 My day started around 7 am because my daughter needed a ride to school, then I came home and grabbed all the dirty laundry I could find because the washer and dryer are now out in the garage, because of the flood of 2012, so my wonderful Mom said I could bring it over to her house and do it there.  As always, I don't have a leisurely day because, well, that's just my life.  I reached her house a little after 9 am and got my first load of towels started , we sat, had coffee and chatted away before I got to start my second load then, off to the races.  I had an 11 am nail appointment with Tita.  We finished at Destinations and were out the door around 12:20 ish.   I was starving and because my Mom is letting me use her water and power, I took her to lunch after making a deposit at the bank.  We ended up at Ihop because it was right there and I should have known I was cranky because a group of 3 gay kids came in, don't care that they were gay, but they were loud and proud, rude and obnoxious.  Survived lunch, it was actually really good, then it was off to the beauty supply.  I only go once every week or two because it is usually anywhere from $250-$600 depending on how many supplies I need, and now with the economy, I text all my clients for the week and see if they need anything, then since it is a special order I give them a 25% discount when they pick it up.  I don't sell as much product as I used to, so keeping my shelves stocked as a sole proprietor in a Studio is just a waste of money.  After the beauty supply I special delivered my sisters Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil and Mineral make-up then I received a call from my friend Wayne also my contractor.  He needed me to get out to the house because his buddy Scott needed in to get a couple of the fans (we have 5 going at all times, can't WAIT for the power bill) for another job.  I have to answer it because right now, I am relying on him to fix my flood problem via my husband and the landlord.  I usually never answer the phone when I am driving.  A- It distracts me while I'm driving. B- I HATE talking on the phone , I'm just too busy for small talk, I know that sounds rude but I have never liked really talking on the phone.  So I was a bit shitty and a smart ass to Wayne, but he knows how I am so I am sure he realizes I am under a bit of stress at the moment.  Run out to the house, pick up Stevi from the school, keep her out of cheer (which was a good thing seeing that I didn't get home until after midnight), run to the house, unlock the doors for the carpet/flood guy so he can come get his fan, I didn't have time to wait so off we were to Costco.  I haven't grocery shopped in probably 6 weeks, maybe 7, since I broke my ankle so we were out of a lot of stuff.  I can't use my Mom's washer and dryer and all her soap on top of it!
 Thankfully the dogs came with me to play with their beautiful cousin Chyla, she's a lovely bitch,  we ended up doing dinner, homework and 8 loads of laundry at my Mom's house which got us out of there around 11:45.  My poor dogs were dead tired from tearing up Chyla's toy, my Mom looked like she had toothpicks in her eyes to keep them open and Stevi after finishing her home work passed out on the couch.  I have insomnia so I was rearing to go.  Folding laundry and watching my boyfriend Simon Baker on the Mentalist.

My Mom made us each a martini and I popped the chicken Alfredo in the oven and we just chilled, watched TV and posted pictures of my Mom's bulging biceps on FB.
All in all it was a normal productive day off, however, poor Stevi was dead tired so as we pulled into the driveway I told her to go to bed and I would handle everything else.......get the dogs out of the car....four baskets and two bags of laundry, the detergent and bleach, then the Costco groceries, and the mail.  After I put the groceries away and laundry away I poured myself a glass of wine, after all, my martini was around 4pm and it is now 2 am, I need to relax for bed.  But I do think those Macaroons are calling me and if Stevi is in bed and Jay is out of town........It doesn't count if they don't see you eat it right!?  

I iced my ankle at my Mom's house and although I still hurt at the end of the day and am still swollen, I NEED to get back on my schedule.  Next week I will be starting my 6 day training with Mon, Wed, and Fri running and Tues, Thurs and Sat. CrossFit

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Best Friend......

Nice view Mom.......
As we truck through life, we meet many people and make many friends.  Throughout life, I've made a few and lost a few for various reasons.  But one friend was always there, even when I thought she was the bitter enemy at times.
Chyla getting a treat, Raider waiting impatiently

Ozzy... a distant cousin to Raider and Chyla
She gave me fashion advise and make-up tips and listened while I whined and yelled and even put me in my place a time or 12.
Bathrooms were closed, we made yellow snow that day..
I never thought she was cool when I was young, but she drove me by Steve Prices' house every Saturday morning at the right time when he was mowing his lawn with his shirt off, slapped me across the face when I needed it and taught me discipline.  She showed me the meaning of hard work and I used to be embarrassed by her outfits, but now I realize she wore the clothes she wore because she sacrificed fashion and only got her hair done twice a year for us kids.  She made me do my chores and taught me consequences as a young girl, then set me up on a blind date with the man I ended up marrying and loving for 28 years.....
On top of the world... Or Mt. Rose Summit, same thing.......
 I wore hand me down clothing a lot and now I realize it was because she wanted to give me the brand names we couldn't afford.  If I ever need to cry, laugh, talk or just complain she is always there to listen.  Tomorrow I need to do my laundry.  I know I can count on her...so Mom... See you at 9 am.  PS.  I take my coffee with cream and artificial sweetner........
The straw that broke the camels back.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rated R (my filter is dirty sometimes too)

 I am not one of those people who changes to make people think I'm someone I'm not.  Sometimes, like this morning, my daughter was annoyed, irritated and didn't care much for me as I was driving her and her friend Sara to school.  I can be a bit much I know. But really that's who I am and why change at this point?  I'm not putting on a show, I really am this obnoxious.
 My clients know me as me.  For instance this morning I got a text from a client , who is married to another client and friend of mine, asking me if I could handle a quickie with my ankle like this.  My response was , "Only if you're a 2 pump chump or a 3 minute get r' done guy".... GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! My chair has hydraulics and I have to pump it up a couple times to get it to the appropriate level while cutting.
 I tell my clients I love them, because I do.  I hug them and  kiss some of them on the cheek, top of the head and sometimes on the lips, even the ladies.  I cry with them, get mad with them and plot the evil demise of someone who has hurt them, then forgive that person when they have.
 I tell them dirty jokes, some of my crazy stories and some of my stories that are real and painful.  They share their whole lives with me every time they sit in my chair.  I share that same respect and trust with them.  After all if they trust me with some of the crazy things they have told me, why shouldn't I trust them back.  We have had some real moments together, but we always manage to laugh because I can usually find something funny to throw in when it gets too deep.

It really used to bother Jay when I would walk up to someone he didn't know and I would  throw my arms around them, sometimes kiss them and hold their hands and chat away, in the middle of the mall, at a gas station, concert wherever that may be.  It probably still bothers him, but he knows that is who I am and he loves me for that and despite that.  Sometimes tells me to let things go.  What people don't realize is if I have 10 different clients a day, my day is a roller coaster.  The first may have just got engaged...Yay happiness, wedding plans , excitement.  The second may have just lost a parent to cancer... tears, sorrow, prayers, compassion.  Third one just caught her husband cheating with a friend of hers...anger, plotting and a lot of cussing!.. Client four may just want silence, no music, no conversation, it's the only time she gets that.  Client five wants the music pumped up and loud, jokes,  exchanging stories of  bar fight's and smashing a beer bottle over a guys head who jumped on her boyfriend.  Client six may have just found out her child is hooked on drugs, I listen and tell her my experiences and what I feel may help with a mothers broken heart.  Client seven may want to hear all about ME, how am I really doing, how is my family, how am I...Client eight had a terrible day at work...run to Ben's and grab her favorite wine for her and have a glass waiting for her so she can relax and let it all out while I listen then take that bottle home and finish it off if she needs to.  Client nine is just exhausted, her husband may work out of town and she is driving 4 kids around and trying to keep a house somewhat organized, we offer to help each other when needed but both know that we are the kind of woman who never ask for help unless we are in a desperate situation. Client ten may have just found out her daughter is gay, and is trying to deal with it as I tell her stories of when my sister came out and how much love our family has because that is just who she is.

So I may be a little crazy, I don't have a split personality I have multiples but even though I need to adapt to each client like a Chameleon they know who I am.  I am the girl who will laugh, cry, go to the funeral, the wedding, baby shower, party , go to an AA meeting with you or Al-Anon , pray for you, meet you for coffee, lunch or dinner, dig the grave or have a glass of wine. I may be cussing through it all and when a filter is needed I always apologize for what may come out of my mouth but that is who I am, I am Lisa, I am their friend and always will be.  Take me or leave me, I have a filter, it just needs to be changed every now and then, but boy it gets dirty fast!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My life in a fish bowl...

I live in a fishbowl....don't we all?  With today's technology...FB, texting, smart  phones.  We live in a now world.  People post on FB what they had for breakfast, where they are...that their dog just barked at them.  Jay says I share way too much....My life is an open book.

Just Me...

It's not always pretty, or perfect, or happy or sad.  I laugh, I cry, I get down and then I snap out of it.  Usually the glass is half full, sometime I realize that I think it's half empty with a hole in it.
I write because I am living in this world just like you are.  Some of us are struggling a lot more than others.  Some of us, their glasses are filling up, some have spilled over.  I just write so the people that choose to read me, feel that they are not alone in this world.  We are all going through tough times.  Some of us chose to smile and keep going forward.  Some of us have stopped to take a nap and others have chosen to throw in the towel one way or another , or unfortunately completely.
Dumb and Dumber
Murphy's tree house
In my actual fish tank at home I have a new fish because he was the bully on his old block.  His name was Mick for a minute I call him Red.  He is hiding in the same spot everyday.  I have a bully in my tank who has let him know who the Alpha fish is.  He is a Cyclid also known as Asshole.  My two big koi which I can't remember their names are now referred to as Dumb and Dumber, they have hearts of gold and try to protect Red from Asshole but in the mean time, the calico has hit the heater so hard while swimming, he knocked himself out.  He really did, he fell to the bottom then floated to the top...I was flabbergasted!  I thought he went Kamikaze on me and died trying to protect Red.  But Dumber snapped out of it as he floated to the top of the tank and then floated around like Dora in finding Nemo for awhile.

Then there is  our Placostimous Murphy, I can't get a picture of him he's hiding in the tree trunk and  only comes out at night in the dark.  He is shy and a loaner, minds his own business and as you can see, from the tank, he isn't exactly doing his job.  I think he has thrown in the towel and become reclusive.  I had to recently re-arrange my whole tank because of Red and Asshole.  They say if you have a dominant fish in a tank to change it around because  they get confused and have to reclaim their territory all over again so they all start on the same page.  Right now I think we are all on the same page.  Sink or swim.
I used to be Asshole as a kid, I had a LOT of anger issues.  Now I am more like Dumb and Dumber just getting through life day by day, sometimes hitting the glass because I am swimming to fast, sometimes going along full speed ahead and knocking myself out.  Some days I feel like Red and I just want to be left alone and I have had days like Murphy where I want to lock myself away from the world so no one can see me and pretend I'm not there.

Every day I'm a different fish in my fish bowl, I just chose to let you watch through the glass, sometimes my tank is dirty, sometimes it's clean, but the fact that you are reading this gives me hope that maybe, just maybe I am making a difference.  Making someone feel, whether it is a smile, a laugh, tears, fear or joy.  I choose to share because my life is an open book.  I have nothing to hide and it's not always going to be sunshine , and a clean tank.  I just want you to know you're not alone.  Today I chose to be more like Dumb and go through today , getting stuff done in frantic confusion........Which fish are you?

Sunday Bloody Sunday

 Feeding my Starbuck's jones since it's out of my budget with my apparent gambling problem, I was on Facebook bantering back and forth during football when I decided to get up in my fluffy warm socks to go to the bathroom.  As I stepped into the hall way I felt water soak up into my socks and it was a lot of water, not just a little bit.  I said "Oh my God Jay, pause the game! I'm serious we have a problem here."  It wasn't just a little problem, it was our house flooding.
 We are in a rental and it came with a lovely eclectic mismatched Washer and Dryer set, I'm guessing around 25-30 years old.  When we moved in after losing our house and selling my beautiful side by side huge front loader set, I was happy to have one at all so I didn't have to spend my days at the laundry mat.  As long as they work (barely) I can't complain, I have clean clothes and beggars can't be choosers.
 Apparently the hose decided to give the washer an eviction notice during the 2, yes 2 rinse cycles.  No we did not hear it.  I only had socks on and with my healing broken ankle I couldn't exactly leap over it, besides, it was coming from under the washer, creeping down the hall and into Stevi's bedroom and towards the kitchen.  Jay sold his shop vac when we moved so he just had a little one that did nothing.  On over to Aaron's house next door he went, he had a heavier duty one from Home Depot.  Jay started working on it furiously and I posted on Facebook that I had to go because my house was flooding.
 I missed the first phone call.  Then Stevi said "Mom! Wayne is calling you!"  I have known Wayne since I was 14 years old and we have always been great friends.  Actually, he is more like a best friend.  We have lived parallel lives and can talk about things and understand each other as no one else can.  So I said "Answer it!!!"
 Wayne also is a contractor and owns Millennium Home Maintenance and happened to just log onto FB when all Hell was breaking loose at the Lynch house.  He was on it.  I contacted the landlord and even during Football playoffs, he and a team of workers where at my house within 20-30 minutes with professional equipment.  They were here and on and off the phone with our landlord for around 3-4 hours all men, during football playoffs.  Impressive.  All I had to do was take pictures to document.
 Jay, Wayne and Scott and some cute kid with holes in his pants worked and dealt with it while I started getting my migraine from stress.  They crawled under our house, found more water and had some magic tool that detected water in the drywalls.  As Jay and Wayne talked and discussed options I decided for once to hand over the reigns to the guys and let them deal with it.
 The landlord thank God is an awesome guy and now we are just waiting to see how bad it is.  This is just a rental for us, but this is his home that he owns.  We did the best we could as quickly as possible and hopefully saved a lot of damage, but now there is the issue of possible mold.  Wayne, bless his heart is someone I know we can trust completely so rather than make me take time off work with Jay out of town, all the guys exchanged numbers and I gave Wayne the code to our lock box because he said he will come out anytime they need to be here and stay in the house while they work.  
 Our landlord will be coming in from out of town on Thursday, thankfully I have that day off to asses the damages and decide what needs to be done.  With a daughter with asthma, that is an issue for us...mold.... and I am so glad it was NOT our washer we brought in, or it would be our responsibility.  We have renters insurance but fortunately nothing of our personal items were damaged.  

Our house now smells like a swamp, is cold because we have 5 fans going at all times, our cat is freaked out and it sounds like an airport.  We normally have our TV volume at 14-20, now 48-52 is somewhat audible.  My headache won't go away, I think I have become a bit noise sensitive not to mention a bit stressed out and had an awesome breakdown when I finally got into bed that night.  It's been a rough time and I think that a person can only take so much before they lose it.  I lost it, oh I lost it big time.  Crying so hard I sounded like I was laughing hysterically.  Weird how they almost sound the same.  I scared my daughter, myself and my husband because I am usually the glue.  I just keep on trucking.  All I can say is if it weren't for Wayne and his crew taking over it would have been much worse and I do know this will all be handled correctly but enough is enough.  To top it off, I woke up Monday morning after about and hour and 1/2 of sleep, was limping on my stiff ,still healing broken ankle and caught the callous of my right foot (which is quite impressive after 5 weeks of relying on it when I had the boot on) on the kick plate between the rug and linoleum to my bathroom and tore it off into a huge hole.  Bleeding everywhere.  2 hour delay for my daughter, who couldn't hear me because of the fans.  It took me almost 40 minutes to get it to quit bleeding enough to put a ton of tissue on it and crawl into my bedroom to find a sock and use it as a tourniquet,  I hobble to the kitchen where I keep the first aid kit and it is out of bandages, glue, nu skin and gauze.....REALLY I now have 35 minutes to get my act together and get to work. So paper towels it is with surgical tape wrapped around my right foot and at this point I said 'Fuck It' to my ankle brace.  A Whores Bath (Wet Wipes and perfume), an Adam Lambert hairstyle and I'm out the door walking like a penguin by 8:45.  Got to work on time walking like a damn penguin or Charlie Chaplin all day and survived a 12 hour day before I hit SavMart to pick up my prescription, which I have been out of for 3 days and some surgical supplies.  Only when I got home and unwrapped it.  It looked like a Black hole....not good and hurts worse than my ankle that I stood and walked on all day.  Looks like a call to Dr. Peters will be first thing this morning since it's 2 am now, and the pills he gave me to help with my insomnia....apparently don't really work.  In the meantime, my bra was killing me near my armpit so I reached in and pulled the under wire that was poking my armpit all day out....There is another article of clothing of mine in the garbage, this week alone 2 pairs of socks , 2 pairs of underwear, 2 shirts and a pair of pants and a hat.  Not only am I a hot mess, apparently my wardrobe is falling apart.
BUT on a great note!!! I won all 3 bets, started my day with my free Starbucks from Kristen McCassie and she owes me one more because we bet double or nothing.  I have a coffee date with my friend Lee on Thursday and I got no-showed by a lady who does it so often I have her pre-pay and if she doesn't show up I still get to cash her check if she no-call no-shows me,  so my son stopped by to say 'Hi' because he was taking his Grandma to lunch and bought me lunch as well.  All in all a great day...AND I have guys running in and out of my house all day, so it may stink, and be noisy, but it is getting handled.  Thanks guys for jumping to our rescue.......PS if you every need a licensed contractor who can handle it all.....Call Wayne Geisinger at 775-686-0947.  He's fair and will drop everything to make sure it gets done the right way and efficiently.  We Love you Wayne, you are a life saver.  Thank You.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Danger in the Bathroom!

Dyna, my guardian and bodyguard, nurse etc.
 Every morning Dyna and I have our bonding moment when I get up.  I always go straight to the bathroom to do my business and if the Metamucil from the night before has done it's job, we bond long enough for me to check my messages, my e-mails and FB.  Living in this family we have discovered that buying room sprays for the bathroom are not only expensive but un-effective, so we do it old school.  A good old box of matches.

Who knew I was facing danger and had to jump into action like Wonder Woman!  I struck the match.......the end that was on fire flew off..........landed on my fluffy bathroom throw rug.

Thankfully my pants were up and I was "fresh" before I had to stomp it out in the bathroom!  Dyna was quite impressed.  Who needs coffee when you make up like that!?
Room Spray

Saturday, January 21, 2012

And THAT'S how I roll.....

Date Day!
I have grown to love my Saturdays, they are busy and have turned into our family days to be productive or just have fun.  Sundays have become Jammie days....ahh, we don't leave the house unless we absolutely have to.
Representing Cougar Colors for the game
 Today we went and watched the game at Reed, our biggest rivals and Jay's alma mater.  Stevi was very proud to see the championship AAA baseball banner hanging in the gym and the biggest trophy in the case that had her Daddy's name on it.  She showed it off to a couple of friends and told them.."Remember when I told you my dad was a stud baseball player?!  Look! His name is on the trophy....the Cubs were looking at him!"
Stunting at Reed
 That made Jay feel happy, he has had his days of glory, it's now Stevi's turn to shine.  We ran across the street, well actually walked, slowly, and got her and Alyssa a Port-of-Subs to share then let for our date to go enjoy our Sushi gift card we got from Jayson and Guoda for Christmas, then go see the movie 'Contraband' (wait till it comes out on video).
SSHS Banner at Reed

1984-85 AAA Baseball Champions for Reed 
Before we went to Sushi we stopped at Sheel's and I bought myself a lace up ankle brace.  Easy to get on, not so easy to get off.  And a bit uncomfortable without a sock, but I was wearing my Ugg's today so I couldn't wear any socks.  And by the way, going up and down high school bleachers is MUCH more difficult than it looks!  I looked like a two year old maneuvering stairs
for the first time.
Bought my lace up brace today... better support, not used to it yet.
Then we went to Sushi Pier 2....You know that guy that walks into a room and you instantly don't like him?  He is obnoxious , over-bearing and rude?  He was there.  We walked in and it was packed.  The waiting room was standing room only and as we walked in we walked up to the Please Be Seated Sign and noticed the look on a couple of young girls so I asked them if they had put their name in yet because I didn't want to step in front of them.  They told me no and said they had been standing there for awhile and didn't know where the hostess was.  So Jay and I stood somewhat behind them to form some sort of line.  Then "The Guy" came in....you know the type...he's always the 'funniest' guy in the room, the LOUDEST laugher, NEVER would he think of holding a door for anyone (I thought he was by himself until his family opened the door a second later and arrived timidly behind him), he also knows everything about everything and is THE MOST important person in the room, I know this because he worked the whole room the hour we were there.
The Hostess showed up and he basically stepped right in front of them to put his name on the list first, even though it was obvious to just about everyone in the room that she was just now taking names. Everyone was just staring at him with a look of disbelief on their face and the hostess started taking names as people went up to her in order of appearance.  When it was my turn I told the Hostess that the first man was the last to appear and I felt it was extremely rude that he did that and she should put those other people ahead of him and Jay and I would just sit  at the Saki bar if we could order food there because we were on our way to see a movie.  After a few smiles at me and the waitress said Thank You and I will make sure they are seated first, the two young (18-20 yrs) girls said "Thank you so much! I didn't know what to say!"  I said, "It's OK Honey, it's the Mom in me."  She put her arm around me and said "You can be my Mom any day!  That was so nice what  you just did."  So Jay and I sat up at the Saki bar and were waiting a few minutes patiently when the bartender came over to take our order and get our menu's, (BTW..Honey Jack and Sprite!  Delish!)  As he was taking our order....the most important man in the room walked up to the bar and slammed his hand down to get the bartenders attention and said " I NEED SAKI!"  The bartender looked all of 21 and said he was sorry, we said "Go ahead and handle him, we are in no hurry".  As the bartender walked towards the most important man in the room, the idiot, I mean, very important man bows to him because he said he always bows to Japs to be polite and proceeded to tell the bartender that the deeper the bow the more respect and went on to explain that that is very important that he know that.  It is a sign of respect. (Apparently holding the door for your family when it's windy and snowing isn't, silly me.)  The bartender was such a cute kid and just smiled as he listened and got his Saki, then he proceeded to tell the bartender loudly enough so everyone in the room could hear how stupid it was that we got to sit at the bar and eat but he and his family couldn't, it wasn't like he was going to do shots of Jack Daniels with his children, (they looked around 5 and 7 years old.) Luckily the family was seated behind us so we got to listen to him degrade and belittle his family throughout dinner all the while the mother was telling the children not to make him mad every time he got up to leave the table which was a lot, I'm assuming the Saki had a lot to do with that.   After dinner as Jay was finishing his beer I went to the restroom and the VIP got up and followed me. I was in there for quite awhile because I needed to redo my ankle wrap because my foot was starting to swell.  I came out of the bathroom and almost bumped into him, he mumbled something to me that was hard to understand so rather than engage in any sort of conversation I went around him and as I was walking away he said...

Ohhh, Don't go away mad!"  I just turned and looked to see if he was talking to me... yes, of course he was. So I went back to sit with Jay and said.."That was weird, that asshole just said something to me, I don't really know what he said but it was weird, let's go."  So we put the tip down and I got up to put my jacket on and he stopped Jay and I as we were walking out and started to tell me how cute I was and he wouldn't have been hitting on me if he had known I was married.  I hadn't realized we had actually had a moment near the bathrooms.  Then Sweet Bubba came out and with my best smile I said "That's ok sweetie, even if I were single you would never have a chance."  Jay just looked at him and he looked like he had a cold glass of water thrown in his face.  Like a little kid he pouted and said..."That was mean......I'm married anyways and stomped off to go back and sit with his 'Happy Family' .  My sister and many of my friends have seen me in action before, but Jay never really has, so as we walked out the door he was looking at me with a weird smile on his face and I just said......." and THAT is how I roll......"