Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drama of the Week....Lynch 101

 Drama of the week?  Lawnmower.  We had a very nice lawn mower at one time.  When we lost our home and became renters, the first place we moved into was a town home so of course we sold it.  Our amazing new neighbor across the street gave us her old one, which Jay can start, and apparently only Jay can start it.  Jayson and I have tried for 2 weeks.  We just can't get it to start.
Of course, I stopped watering the lawn about that time thinking it would be mowed.  Then it wouldn't start.  Tried again.  No, no can do.    I got yelled at last night from Jay, for not mowing the lawn, which I've tried, I swear, and for not watering the lawn, which I plan on mowing and I know you can not mow if it is wet.  So I suggested hiring someone just so it gets done.  Wrong suggestion.  He ended up more angry, I ended up crying.  My son and I worked for over an hour trying to start that damn old mower this morning.  I have friends that have said they will come mow the lawn for me...Guy friends which I'm sure won't help the situation, so thru networking, I have a friend who has a mower that needs a primer bulb and he says we can have it and fix it...which may be what is wrong with this one....I think it is just done, its old and I don't think worth fixing.  My neighbor across the street came through again and she is mowing her lawn at 3:30 and said we can use it at 4...score! We will just fill it with gas once we use it, Jay won't be mad at me anymore, I can water the lawn and we can see if we can get my friends old mower and use that for awhile.  Having two separate house holds doesn't leave us any extra money, and I'm sure if Jay came home and just collected unemployment it would be just as bad if not worse.  So that is checked off my list.  I go to work at 4 and Jayson will be mowing at 4...Perfect.
My ideal lawn......
The end of this week is my light at the end of the tunnel.  My mom and I are going to go on a hike...haven't been in awhile, can always use the fresh air and exercise to erase the week.