Friday, August 10, 2012

So Hot I'm on Fire!

I felt like prisoner in my own home last night.  As I went from room to room to find some kind of coolness, I looked at my thermostat and it was a balmy 85 degrees in the house, yes it was 18 degrees cooler than my thermostat outside but SHIT!  I couldn't get comfortable, I felt dizzy, almost threw up a couple of times and my whole body hurt.  Jay felt me and said I was burning up.  Duh ! Yeah ! It's freaking hot!  Every joint in my body hurt but I wasn't sweating and I just didn't feel right.  So I took my temperature and it was 102.6.  Well no wonder.  I actually had a fever.  So I took a Xanax, two 500 Mg. Tylenol and rubbed my body down with Biofreeze and ran cool water over my wrists for awhile.  I started to feel better and the house dropped down to 83 degrees!  Woohoo!  My Mom is bringing over a portable air conditioner we bought her years ago because it wouldn't work with her well water, hopefully we can get it cleaned out and running because this is BULLSHIT!  I am not usually picky but add hot flashes in the mix and it is not pretty.  Not pretty at all.

Someone told me to put a bucket of ice water behind my fan and it helps, so I did.  It is a bit cooler I think...or am I fantasizing?  I hope it is working.......I don't want to be one of those elderly people who die in the heat.  I'm not ready.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


 All of us who have pets as family members know that someday hard times will come.  It is hard when they start to age, get ill and slow down.  Yesterday we had a moment of clarity with our oldest pet member Raider who has gradually slowed down, turned grey, stopped eating as much and we think has begun to be unable to hear as well.
 We like other pet owners occasionally give our dogs table scraps and bones.  We had ribs on Tuesday night and gave the dogs each a bone. Wednesday morning Raider wasn't doing very well.  He was uncomfortable, in pain, drinking a lot of water, throwing up and had his tail down, looking to me for help.  He would lay down, get up, walk around, sit, get up, stretch, try to go potty and couldn't.  As the morning went on I decided I should take him to the vet and make sure he didn't have an obstruction. As it turns out, he has Colitis, and in the interim the vet discovered that he has 2 broken teeth, which weren't there 6 weeks ago during his shots, and an abscessed tooth.  He is now on antibiotics and was eating this morning which is a great sign, even begging for treats.  After we get through these antibiotics, we need to see if he is strong enough to get his teeth pulled since he has a pretty strong and loud heart murmur.  We were originally told we couldn't even get his teeth cleaned because of it.  Now that it is a possible health and comfort issue, I guess we need to look further into it.   As for now, tail wagging, begging and barking.  Back to normal, life is good for Raider, except during pill time twice a day..........

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What would we do without family?

 Any one that really knows me knows that I have a VERY hard time asking for help.  If I can fit it into my schedule with only 2 minutes to spare.....I can do it by myself.  I don't know why.  Ever since I was a kid I just handled things.  Sometimes we need help.  Sometimes we need to ask.  So in MY life, when I need help, my Mom asks for me because she knows I won't ask.  So she asked my baby sister if she would help with a ride today for Stevi, out to North Valleys Sports Complex, where she is a junior coach for SYFL. Of course my sister was happy to help, which took the weight off my shoulders for one ride, nobody got hurt, everyone survived and I was able to go with Jay back out to Fernley to look at the motor home we have been looking at for him to take to Half Moon Bay until things get situated at work and he has roommates so he can afford to eat down in the Bay Area.

 It's a 1992 Winnebago 34' , 20 years old, but only has 27,867 miles on it.  Everything is in working order. She may not be a $250,000 Diesel pusher, but now our family will have an RV after Jay breaks her in, and we stole her for $7000.  She comes with 2 TV's and a full set up, including a generator.  She will be cozy for Jay but living on the beach in Half Moon Bay will not be hard I am sure.  Stevi and I will make a weekend trip once a month and he will come home once a month while he is gone and when all is said and done, the Lynch/Harrington family will have an RV to use.

This much needed relaxing vacation has been anything but relaxing.  Sometimes God puts things in order.  If I wasn't on vacation this week, I wouldn't have been able to 
  1. Get Stevi to and from Drivers Ed and Cheer
  2. Rescue my Husband on the side of the road after his Harley broke down.
  3. Find an RV and a spot to place it in 2 1/2 weeks.
  4. Get Raider to the vet and treated for Colitis, and abscessed tooth and 2 broken teeth.
  5. Run Stevi to a friends house with soup and a movie when he was sick.
  6. Visit Liz's (my sister) new rescue dog Misty.
  7. Go back to Fernley to purchase an RV.

The week isn't over yet, it's only Wed.  My mom and I have completed an 8 mile walk, 3 lunch's  a margherita each, and a movie.  I wonder what the next 4 days will bring before I have to return to work?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 Today's worries......Jay moving out of town, to work, for 10 years...Should he rent an apartment(throw money away), get an RV (owe more money), stay here and take a chance of no job opportunities.

 Stevi......over-doing it.  Throat is swollen, she has to coach cheer this week with SYFL Experience all day Saturday, work and go to her competition team practice, (mandatory, swollen throat or not, pulled muscle or not), and mandatory Drivers Ed, already paid for, and she will need a car in November (another expense but necessity)
 And vacation, not making money (another expense) but a much needed relaxing week(lol, yeah right!) So I am working on family things, without pay as usual, but it is really stressful when I am here in town and I could be at work making money........another reason I haven't taken more than an extended weekend since 2006. 
So I have been trying to help Jay figure out his living arrangements, thankfully with help and insight from my Mom, and trying not to use up too much gas.  Add a hot flash or 12 and it's a house with no swamp or air conditioning.....I did sit and watch Wanderlust with my Mom today...silly movie, but mindless and we sat for around an hour and 40 minutes....Well I need to go, I have to do a couple more things around the house before I get Stevi to cheer.....for 2 hours in 98 degree weather......enjoy your air conditioning!

Monday, August 6, 2012

8 Mile..........

 "Hey Mom, want to go for a walk around the neighborhood?"  That is how it starts......every time.  Next thing you know she has us doing push-ups in the park.  Then there is me.  A walk around the neighborhood took us around 3 1/2 hours total, after mapping our route on "Map my Run" .......8 miles.  Yup, 8 miles.  A little walk about.
 One thing that is amazing to me, and she mentioned it as well, we never shut up....well I never do, and as I am talking , she is commenting on bushes and peoples yards, cars etc.  Am I talking to hear myself talk?  I don't know, maybe......she answers me occasionally , but not always.  We laugh a lot and are nosy looky loos......into peoples yards and there were a couple of cute mailboxes that I was tempted to look into, I didn't because it is a federal offense, but it was so cute!
Another thing we learned in our travels today is the "PUSY" is a gang.  Why a gang would want to call themselves "PUSY" I have no idea, but apparently, they are so proud of their name, they feel it necessary to tag random places, like this lovely walkway near Keystone Ave.   Our route started at my house on Trentham, we walked to Idlewild Park, up the Riverwalk to Virginia St., up to California, from California back to Mayberry, then walked to have lunch on Mayberry and McCarran at Waldens Coffee Shop and back home.  8 miles exactly.  My knee didn't start to hurt until around mile 6, hopefully it will strengthen so I can run again.  The reason I called my mom was because I had planned on running, but could still feel my knee, so a little leisurely stroll seemed sensible, don't you think?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life is busy and it's about to get busier......

Jake Dalton Meet and Greet Monday August 13th at Gymnastics Nevada 5-8pm

 Life is always busy in the Lynch house.  It's about to get a whole lot busier.  Football season is upon us, as is school approaching.   Stevi's competition cheer conditioning is underway, we just got a partial schedule, including our fundraising and parent volunteer schedule, and Jay got a job in Palo Alto that starts September 1st.  Originally we thought it was a 4 year job, turns out it will be 10 years, but with the benefits and strength of the union in the Bay area, as well as additional benefits and a steady paycheck, it is too good to pass up.  He will be looking for a place to live in Half Moon Bay, much prettier area with the same price as Palo Alto, better weather and only a 30 minute drive.  Depending on how Stevi does here in school and with her sports, she and I plan to stay until she finishes school, when she's off to college, it looks like I may have a move in my future, for now, we will continue to work on paying bills down, and getting Stevi where she needs to be, whether it be work, school, drivers ed, cheer coaching SYFL, competition conditioning or competitions.  I will be on my own to add this to my full time work schedule, thank God my clients are amazing and understand when I need to move my schedule around to accommodate my daughters busy life, but in 3 months and 3 weeks, she will be driving.......after driving kids around for 26 years I can't wait! I just hope we can figure out a way to get her a car because she will definitely need one......Actually, I NEED her to have one.  We will at this point more than likely be only getting to the Bay area occasionally because of her schedule.  I was hoping to be able to take turns visiting since Jay's work is so physical, I hate to have him do all the traveling, besides, who wouldn't want to spend their weekends on the beach in 60 degree weather this time of year!
Stevi's new home for a year or more!
I will be updating her competition schedule and fundraising events as often as I can.  The soonest for us is the SYFL Experience on August 11th.  We have to be there 7 am (Stevi the night before) to set up the booth and possibly until 10 pm at night........If you are there , come say "Hi" to us in the Xtreme Cheer Booth and see what our gym has to offer your athlete.  Also the following Monday August 13th there will be a meet and greet with Olympian Jake Dalton, who comes from Gymnastics Nevada.  The Xtreme Cheer team and parents will be selling hot dogs, chips, cookies and soda as a fundraiser  ($5 for a meal) while Jake signs autographs and take photos with everyone attending.  It is amazing that he is offering his time to do this the day after he will be flying in from London, then he is off on tour with the rest of the USA team for the next year.  Hope to see you all there, Jay, Stevi and I will be there working from 6:30-8pm, so please come and say "Hi" while you are there!

And lastly....... I am on vacation this week!  Everyone keeps asking me where I am going.......Oh my Gosh..... I am going to be so busy! I am going to drivers ed Mon-Thurs. SYFL Cheer practice Mon-Sat.....Xtreme Cheer Monday and Thurs......And probably to a wide assortment of fun (Stevi) friend activities.....Yup, that is my vacation..staycation I should say....I woke up first day of vacation, made myself an iced coffee, then went outside for 2 hours and worked in the yard and have finished laundry, so I get to sit and on the computer, as I try to adjust our weekly schedule and try to figure out if I will be able to work evenings at all before November when Stevi is officially behind the relaxing........