Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 8

My client Judy told me a story that made me 
laugh but I am sure at the time it wasn't so funny.  She and her husband were in the Bay Area earthquake in 1989.  The day it hit, she was in Los Gatos shopping and her husband was at work.  That day, she wore a button down dress and when it hit, she was in the toilet paper isle and she said that the floor actually rolled up and looked her right in the face then threw her up in the air like someone had double jumped her on a trampoline.  When it stopped she was underneath a bunch of toilet paper and paper towels and as she stood up, she realized she had only one button left on her dress.  The top one.  She was so shook up she really didn't care about the buttons, and as everyone was walking out of the mess, she looked over and saw a lady who must have been in the wine isle when it hit.  She said "You can't imagine what she looked like, nobody even noticed my dress was wide open!"  She finally got ahold of her husband and they met at his work then headed home to get their dogs out of the house and assess the damage.  When they pulled up to their house, they power was out all over San Francisco and as they pulled up to their beautiful rod iron gates, they both realized that they had no way of getting in other than climbing over.  Her husband started to climb over and the house next door exploded from a propane tank and her husband lost his footing and fell over with his belt getting caught on one of the points at the top.......then the bullets started to fly.....she didn't know whether to save her husband or run for cover, but she couldn't really tell where the bullets where coming from so she ran and hit behind the car...just then her neighbor came running down his driveway screaming "MY AMMO IS EXPLODING........MY AMMO IS EXPLODING!!!"  Apparently he was a hunter and when his propane tank exploded the ammo he had in his gun cabinet started to explode and was shooting in all directions.....after a few minutes......(she said it sounded like 4th of July) the shooting stopped and an occasional zing or pop would happen...her neighbor helped her get her husband, who was somehow in an upside down fetal position off of the gate and they went and got the dogs out then waited for the fire department.......who never came.  Unfortunately their neighbor lost his house, but nobody got hurt during all of that. They packed up and moved to this....she said these earthquakes are a piece of cake compared and she isn't scared at all.  That is a little reassuring, but you never really realize all that happens at once and how crazy and dangerous something like that could be.  Can you imagine if someone were shot,  headlines would read, "MAN DIES TRYING TO SAVE DOGS AFTER EARTHQUAKE"...."A San Francisco man was trying to climb his own fence to save his dogs while the house next door shot him............"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 7

Tita, my manicurist who works in the salon with me, and her husband and children went to Roseville this weekend to a basketball tournament and on the way home stopped at the Roseville Mall to do some shopping. (Let me tell you that girl knows how to shop).  They were all hungry so they went upstairs to the Food Court to get something to eat.  They got a table with the kids ages 14 and 10 to eat and a couple sat in the table next to them.  The couple was a much older man with quite a large belly and the woman was a VERY attractive young female.  Well they sat down and started to immediately fight about their upcoming or pending divorce.  They conversation went something like this......................Man, "What do you want from me, I am paying for your car, all your bills and the house you are living in, I even paid for that dress you are wearing!"  Girl, " This dress!?  Do you want your f^(#ing dress back! Here take your f&*^ing dress!!!" And with that she promptly stood up in the Food Court and pulled the dress up over her head and threw it at him across the table and walked off in her high heels and matching bra and panty set.  Tita said it was unbelievable, Jeff, her husband asked the guy next to him with his mouth hanging open if they were being "Punked".   Wow, I would have loved to see that!!........At least her bra and panties matched.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jack Sparrow is coming to Grandmas!!

ISN'T THAT JUST THE SWEETEST FACE!! Jack  Sparrow if coming to grandmas house and play today!!  I am so excited! If mommy lets us, we are going on an adventure to his Great Aunt Liz's house, she has 7 kids she watches, including his second cousins Sage and Willow, so some fun youthful socialization would be very exciting for him I am sure,  I know there is another baby and I think Willow is the oldest at a whopping 4 years old.  We should have a grand day!  My plan is to head over this morning before lunch and nap time so that everyone is in a good mood and we all have fun!  Look at that sweet sweet face, don't you just want to kiss it off!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kites, Dice and Harleys, What a weekend!!!!

My Weekend started wonderful and ended wonderful...It started with my beautiful, and smart, 4 year old niece Willows birthday at Rancho San Rafael for a kite flying party. I haven't flown a kite for close to 30 years and it was so much fun. Of course with the amount of wind we get in Reno, wouldn't you know that the day was absolutely gorgeous, no wind, the only wind we were getting was from running with the kite, every now and then, a good gust would come.........and go. It was still so much fun to be there with everyone flying kites and watching the little angels run and play, as free as the wind itself. Sage who is Willows fearless sister and will not be 2 until August, just wandered around, by herself, and someone would have to round her up, she was just having a great old time. Liz, my sister, madreadoptiva, made a delicious kite cake, pictured above, it was fun yummy and sunny all morning!! Next was Bunko at 6pm (always the 4th Saturday of the month) it was Jay's mom Michele's turn to host, so she borrowed my house, since she lives in Ferntucky (Fernley). Her theme was 50's and it was a blast! We had pineapple upside down cake, koolaide, Shepard's pie, meatloaf, tuna casserole, chex mix, peanut butter cookies, jello cake, 3 bean salad, Chinese take-out, oh and wine of course.  Bunko went fast because there were so many Bunko's, Stevi got 5 Bunko's and 3 were in a row, she walked away with the most money, $60 and she is only 11!!  Pam and Heidi both got a Bunko at the same time so they had to have a hula hoop contest to see who gets to hold the Big Fuzzy Dice........Heidi rocked and rolled, and well if you look at the picture, you can see how Pam did!! Sunday I helped my friend J.D. train two new road captains for our hog chapter, at Carson-Tahoe Harley Davidson.  The trainees were Rick and Jerry and they led us on a 7 hour ride from the dealership in Carson, on highway 50 to highway 95 into Yerington, where I was serenaded by an old man with 3 teeth ( no they weren't all together) in the Texaco station, the song was something like......"She looks dirty on her Harley with a refer hanging from her mouth"  Oh yeah it was love for me, between him and 74 year old Bill Dixon hitting on me (Jay wasn't there to protect me from the wolves because of his knee) I think I've met my quota for being hit on for the the next year or so.....then we went through Wilson's Canyon on some awesome curves and up into Sweetwater Summit which was new to me, it was beautiful, we then made it into Bridgeport to eat at Rhino's (where my boyfriend Bill Dixon spoiled me by buying me a t-shirt).  From there I led the group back, so Rick and Jerry could get in a sweep into Topaz.  We were going to stop and see our friend Kathy, in Gardnerville, but she was out and about, which is good since she just got out of the hospital on Wednesday!  Into Gardnerville, everyone was peeling off, which was fun for me, I stopped to say goodbye to Rick and Johnna and had to play catch up to catch the group riding back to Reno.  That means I got to go really fast.  I once had a friend who we ride with say..."Boy she doesn't let any grass grow under it does she!"  I liked to hear that. (sorry mom).  But now I am home safe and sound and I only ate I bug!!! Yay.  Hope your weekend was as fun as mine was!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 6

I know that love has no age, my mother fell in love with and married a man 20 years her senior, my sister followed in her footsteps, her husband and father of my two beautiful nieces is 20 years her senior as well.  Then you have me and Jay who are only 10 months apart and he has been handicapped the last 12 years and just had his knee replaced.  That goes to show you that age is only a number.  I have a client named "Robin"  who I invited to play Bunko with us this Saturday, but she said she couldn't, she didn't want to leave her husband alone.  I am guessing that she is around my age, I will be 40 July 1st,  maybe give or take a year or two.  Out of curiosity I asked her how much older he is, because I told her, my dad and mom had quite a gap, as do my sister and her husband.  47 Years............speechless.  I was a little bit shocked, but she was willing to tell me their love story.  He is actually her sisters father-in-law.  They fell in love and although there was much disapproval from all ends, they talked about marriage.  They loved each other so much that they both agreed that 20 years together would be better than not being together at all,  they will celebrate their 23rd anniversary in June.  That is a true love story, it may not seem right to everyone in their eyes, but I know my mom loved my dad very much and I see how my sister looks at her husband, so it can happen, who knows who that special person is for you or when they are born.  Some people may have met their sole mate and not given them a second glance because of the way they look or how old they are.  That is maybe something to consider if you are single......sometimes being open minded will open up a whole new world for you. Peace, Love and Happiness.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 5

 I had lunch with my girlfriend today who is also a client and she always has the funniest stories...once again the names have been changed to protect the guilty!  My friend "Terri"  Lives on Manzanita Lane in the more upper scale area of Reno and at least once a month the neighborhood gets together to keep caught up with each other.  These parties started out as potlucks and have become almost a competition with bands, bouncers, bartenders and completely catered events.  Some obviously have more money to throw around than others.  The last party, Terri decided to wear all white because everybody else always has black on at these ritzy parties, so she wore some soft flowing white slacks and an off the shoulder sweater. She stood out I am sure as she is VERY blond naturally and has grey-blue eyes and skin like porcelain....quite a unique beauty......So the alcohol was flowing freely and people were getting absolutely hammered. "Ronald" who is a well known vet in town showed up with his sassy boy toy on his arm "Serge"  Also present were some well know leaders in the community "Arnold" and his wife "Lisa" .  "Carol"  who is the bitch on the block was also present.  (Umm can you say Wisteria Lane?)  Terri and Carol got into almost a physical fight over a white elephant gift that Carol had to have and Terri was trying to win it for her 2 year old little girl.  Terri was only having 2 glasses of wine that evening because her daughter was at home with her mother and neither would have mercy on her if she came home drunk.....So after Carol and Terri started a tug of war with the designer elephant......Terri won, Carol fell over and started screaming in Terri's face to the chagrin of everyone at the party.  A little later on into the evening Arnold got sloppy fall down drunk and was hanging on all the women so Lisa was looking for some somewhat sober men to help her 70 something year old husband walk up the street and while she was doing that, Arnold got his sights set on Terri,  so he very casually lifted his grey eyebrow and walked/stumbled sideways towards Terri, and as if in slow motion, fell about 5 feet in front of her, all the while reaching out towards her off the shoulder top and pulling it down around her waist while slamming her up against the wall!!  In the meantime, Serge, Ronald's boy toy pulled a switchblade out on one of the guests and the bouncers came and pushed his fancy little tush outside, so he sat outside yelling for Ronald to come out to go home with him, but Ronald was too drunk to even know what was going on.  Wow,  Boobs, knives, gays, drunks and bitches, I live in a very sheltered neighborhood!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


They say you will marry your father eventually, it wasn't until recently that I realize this is true.  First of all, when Jay was in the hospital, he was hooked up to morphine and he sounded just like my dad did when he was on morphine and had the same look in his eyes.  It was almost eerie.  Now for the second,  my dad loved, no let me rephrase that, was obsessed with the movie Pure Country which starred George Strait and came out in 1992.  I don't know exactly how many times he watched that movie, but my mom would come home and it always seemed to be on, I have been known to embellish a story or two to make it more interesting but I assure you, I am telling you the absolute truth when I say, I bet he watched it at least 20 times before he passed away in 2004.  Well, Jay is home because of his knee replacement and our dear friends Cat and Jerry were kind enough to burn Wild Hogs for him.  We saw it in the movie theatre in 2007 when it first came out and loved it so much that we got it on pay-per-view, then one day Jay came home with it from Blockbuster.  There is 3 times, now with his very own PRIVATE copy, he has watched it 5.5 times and met me for lunch at Olive Garden, said when he got home he was going to finish it...(does the ending change?)  So now you have a total of 8.5 time with the same movie in 1 year.........I think he may give my dad a run for his money!  Hey mom, guesstimate how many times dad watched Pure Country and if Jay beats him we will give his an award, on the QT of course!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So hard to forget......

There was a knock at my door last night at 10:30 p.m. that turned my world upside down for another day.........I will get to that in this story so read on.....About 3 weeks ago, the sherriff came to our house asking us when the last time was that we had seen our next door neighbor (the bad neighbor, not the good neighbor)  Apparently he had not informed the police he had moved and that was his last know address, yes next door to us, and he is a registered sex offender and has been registered at that address for the last two years.  I have an 11 year old daughter, so naturally I freaked out.  I was molested for 2 years by our babysitters husband from around the age of 8 to 10.  NOT happy about this information.  I diligently check the website, and I am listed for notification..I was never notified.  The sheriff said he had been arrested for a parole violation and the house is now for sale and empty, after my talk with Stevi, I knew he had never even talked to her so I relaxed a little bit.  Jay had to fill out an affidavit stating that nobody had been living there for the passed 2-3 weeks.  Well... Jay got subpoenaed to testify in court because  apparently he had been in trouble and they were trying to check his whereabouts.  Jay had his knee replaced a week ago so he called the D.A. to tell him he didn't want to come in due to pain, medication and inability to drive, besides, we don't even know this guy.  So they told Jay he did not have to come in.......and let the guy go.  Last night at 10:30 our doorbell rang, it was him.  He for some reason felt the need to come over and explain to us that he would be staying in the vacant house next door until he could get his shit together.  I was asleep with earplugs and 2 Tylenol PM in my system.....luckily.  Jay told me this morning that he came over and apparently came into our house all cracked out of his mind and sat on our couch speaking a mile-a-minute to Jay.  Luckily, I was asleep through all this, if I had been awake it would not have been pretty, I would probably be in jail right now.  I didn't know what his crime was but being a survivor of molestation, the worst was going through my head.  I wanted to kill him for being anywhere near my daughter, my precious innocent daughter.  I didn't want an old nasty old man taking this innocence from her, I know how that is.   All day I was having panic attacks, felt like I was going to hyper-ventilate or stroke out,  I wanted to go to his house and make him leave, but logic told me to find out exactly what he had done,  however,  I have his full name and address and nothing is coming up on the watchdog website!!  It was killing me inside, all day I could hear, feel and taste Frank Bakken, MY molester.  Then I would see my baby's face with a grown man doing the same to her.  Pure torture, worse that having it happen to me.  I called Jay and told him, "You have to call the D.A. and find out what this guy did!!"  I need to know what I can do to protect my family, my daughter, myself, her friends.  He did call him, meanwhile, I am still on the verge of a mental breakdown......the D.A. was wonderful, he pulled his file and gave Jay all the information of his arrest.  Thank God, he was arrested in 1984 at the age of 18 for statutory rape on an 17 year old girl.  He was young and so was she, I still don't know the circumstances of the arrest or exactly what happened, but I can at least sleep a little easier knowing he is not a pedophile.  I really had to face my demons sucked, bad.  I realize now that I am not over what happened to me, he stole my childhood, my innocence, my first time with someone I love  from that point on I was NOT a little girl anymore and that is hard to swallow.  I guess today I realized I will never truly get over what happened.  I know it wasn't my fault, he destroyed me.  I guess he made me Bubba in a way.  I have learned to deal with my anger, sometimes I can't, I am 40 years old in July and I still walk around with my fists clenched.  Maybe today was good,  I may need to go to therapy, but therapy won't take it away.....they say time heals all wounds......that is not true......

Monday, April 21, 2008


Today is my early day....I start work at 6 so I am up by around 4-4:30.  Being  that I only allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning now, these days I cherish it.  I bring my laptop to work so I can blog, pay bills, emails etc.  So this morning at the early time of around 5;40 I was out the door and driving to work with my cup of coffee and my laptop on the seat beside me.  Happy Day.  WELL,  the laptop started to make the seat belt reminder go off because my 50lb. purse was sitting in the seat also and because it is Monday, and early, and I haven't finished my cup of coffee..which is on the console because of course the cup holder is for my sunglasses.......I grab the laptop to move it to the back seat and hit my coffee cup and dump it in my lap, all over my cream sweater and it is running between my legs while I am driving, I mean swerving and I just had to burst out laughing because I now know I will have a stain on my jeans all day that will look like I wet my pants.  As usual, I have no time to change, I work until 1, have a pedicure at 1:30 which will last until 2:30, have to pick Stevi up at 3 to get her to her private dance lesson by 3:30, go grab her something to eat, she has a pedicure at 4:15 which will last until 5:15, then back for her ballet lesson.  During that I will go take my pump class (I guess I will just keep my nasty sweats on afterwards)  then, back to the studio to pick Stevi up and off the Renown to visit my dear friend Kathy who had a heart attack and will be in the hospital for awhile, I think she gets her defibrillator put in this morning.  Then back home to try to finish the last 3 blocks of Willows quilt that I worked on all day yesterday..........and then I will start over on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

tales from the Chair Chapter 4

This story is very disturbing,  you won't believe the story I heard.....once again, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.......I used to work with a very young and pretty girl a few years ago named "Wendy"  Wendy lived with her high school sweetheart "A.J.".  They met and fell in love at the very young age of 14.  When Wendy was 15 her mother kicked her out of the house because she was pregnant.  She and A.J. decided it was not in their best interest to keep the baby because they were so young so they gave the baby up for adoption.  This was a tough time for them but, once again, their love was strong and they pulled through this.  He graduated with his G.E.D. and she followed in his footsteps, they both worked odd jobs and eventually, she went to beauty college and he got a job in a garage.  They had been together about 9 or 10 years when things started to go array.  A.J. got fired, he failed a drug test.  Wendy had been through this with him before and finally had enough.  He moved out and got an apartment.  He loved her so much he would not let her go.  Eventually she met other men and dated and started a relationship, A.J. met a stripper, her name was Wendy.  Wendy moved on......apparently A.J.  could not.  A.J. was now obsessed with getting Wendy back,  she was beautiful and if he couldn't have her nobody could.  So he did some heroine one night and went out to show Wendy just how much they belonged together.  A.J.  broke into "their" house and made Wendy drink a cat tranquilizer that he had gotten over the internet, then, because he loved her SO much, he raped her and beat her until her face was black and blue, swollen and bloody.  Then of course afterwards. He held her to comfort her and stroked her hair before he raped her again.  Of course he cried, because SHE  made him do that to her, she just didn't understand how much he loved her.....why couldn't she see?  At least he stayed with her until the police came and the paramedics so they could take her to the hospital......isn't that what you would do for someone you love?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not for the weak @ heart....

He's home!  He was a great patient today and was up and walking at the hospital @ 4 am.  He walked for about 2 hours straight and then breakfast and medicine came.  He took a little power nap and then got up and walked again.  Stevi and I arrived at lunchtime, had lunch with Jay then he got up to walk again, this time we went around the "block" (nurses station)  The doctor came in to check on him and Jay told him he was in way too much pain, apparently the nurses were giving him half the dosage and also waiting an hour too long.  He was taking one percocet every 3-4 hours and the doctor told him it should have been 2 every 4 hours or 1 every 2 hours.  Nice to know...umm I think the worst part of the pain is probably right after the surgery, don't you?  Well we got that squared away, got to take him into the shower and he actually had a real shower, except for the saran wrap part of his leg.  Stevi and I got him home and situated then drove to Walgreens to fill prescriptions and get necessities, a grabber for socks and citrucel, he still hasn't had a B.M. since Thursday so that should be enjoyable.  He is home and uncomfortable but moving around and the percocet is also a stronger mg than what he was getting in the hospital.  He will be on coumadin until his appointment on the 25th to get his staples out of his leg, then the fun begins, he has daily exercises 3 times a day, he has 6 different movements that he needs to do,  after he goes to see Dr. Bray, he will start Physical Therapy.  Pretty soon he will be in now pain at all. His pain at the hospital was about an 8 from 1-10 and now with his new schedule for pain meds. he is about at a 6.....looking up!

Pick your Poison.....

I have been contemplating....I know I should not drink soda,  I drink diet but there is  absolutely no nutritional value in it what-so-ever.  I also think I should quit coffee..I CAN'T!  I don't drink alcohol, on the occasion I do, I break out in hives, sometimes not until around 3 or 4 days later, and lately if I rinse my mouth with any mouthwash containing alcohol, I break out in hives on my legs immediately.  OK so the allergy obviously has gotten worse not better,  I am done trying even a sip of alcohol, too miserable.  I don't smoke either.  You look around at the alcoholics and meth heads and I am worried about a little caffeine and splenda and high sodium content.  Am I getting nuerotic in my old age?  I need to have something enjoyable from time to time,  I can't quit coffee, I CAN'T, I CAN'T I CAN'T!  So for now, I am going to eliminate soda from my diet and see how that goes,  I also worry about my intake of artificial sweetners, however, I can't deal with all the extra calories of sugar, so for now, no soda and I am phasing out artificial sweetners, maybe I won't like coffee without it and I will kill two birds with one stone...........what can you give up that's bad for you?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moving Slow......

Jays surgery took twice as long as they expected it to take and his recovery was expected to be an hour to an hour and a half afterwards but it took him around 4 hours before they wheeled him into his room.  I was exhausted from waiting and worrying but when I saw him it was not a relief.  Not only was he pure white, but when they lifted the blanket off of him for a second, the bed was full of blood.  Not encouraging.  I had to work 12 hours the next day which was really hard but the time flew by, I got to the hospital with Stevi and my mom around 6:30 and he looked almost normal (in extreme pain, but almost normal) again.  Stevi and I stayed with him until around 9 and then came home.  This morning I dropped Stevi off at her friends house up in Sommerset to go over some dances they are doing at recital and competition, and it was back at the hospital for me.  The nurse came in and gave him some medication and told him he needed to get up and walk but he didn't want to, so being the sweet, kind and caring wife that I am, (as you all know)  I took his pee container away, and yes that meant he had to get up and WALK to the bathroom.  That went OK, but then I told him he stunk so he sat up and I made sure he bathed, which made him feel alot better. ( Imagine that!)  Time to brush his teeth, back to that bathroom, that's right walk......he actually started to feel better and even washed his hair in the sink.  Now he is getting up every once in awhile and walking and I also told the kitchen no more soda, only water or milk for him.  He loves me.  When I went to pick up Stevi and brought her back, he was passed out.  I guess I wore him out which is good as he hasn't been sleeping.  So we left early tonight, 6:30 and  will be back in the morning, who needs a physical therapist when he's married to me?  He will thank me later I am sure, as for now, Stevi and I are going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and pass out ourselves!!!  Goodnight!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 3

Once again, the names have been changed to protect the guilty..........There is a couple I know, I met them about 9 years ago, nice couple, they guy is quiet, tall, handsome we will call him "Warren". The girl, short, not very cute, but seemed nice, a bit on the shy side, we will call her "Jessica".  Well this couple was married and had a cute little girl and a cute little boy.  Seemingly normal household, he worked, she stayed home and took care of the precious children.  Now Warren adored his wife, worked hard for his precious family, one day he came home from work and Jessica was laying on the couch naked with a man.  "But nothing happened"  well, this opened up a whole new topic for Warren and Jessica, and Jessica suggested they open up their marriage. So Warren agreed.  He now introduced Jessica to friends of his from work, who would then spend the night....I don't know all the details as this story was told to me by a very close 3rd party,  and Warren was OK with this until she fell in love with "Jerry"  and moved him into their home.  Warren paid the mortgage, and slept on the couch, while Jerry slept in the master bedroom.    One night Warren, Jerry and Jessica went out the Brew Brothers to have a good time and find a friend for Warren,  along comes "Sharon". (3rd party)  Sharon and Warren were both mutually attracted to each other and hit it off famously until Sharon asked Warren if he had a girlfriend, his response was "I am married".  Introduces Jessica and Sharon, Sharon is now very confused and wants to know who Jerry is....."my wife's boyfriend"  Sharon is out of their, but can't deny her attraction to Warren........A few months later, she hears from Warren, he tells Sharon he has left Jessica because now there are 4-5 guys he works with joining in on the party.......Sharon gives Warren another chance and they fall in love.......this weekend they are traveling to the Bay area for a company dinner, Yes Warren and Sharon, oh and Jerry and Jessica, along with all the other men that Warren introduced to his "lovely" wife.......I wonder if they will share a table since they have shared everything else.........hmmmmmmmm....Mom and Liz, can you discretely guess who "Warren and Jessica" are, you both know them.......

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Counting down the hours for my young husband to be back....

As many of you know, Jay has had 3 knee surgeries in the last 12 years.  Well, he was recently told that he could finally get it replaced.  His surgery is tomorrow, he is both excited and scared, but from what we are told, he will no longer have any pain once it has healed and will actually be able to do all the things he has not been able to do for the last 12 years, walk, jog, hike, ride his bike without pain, and get this, bend his knee!!  I attended a class with him this morning that went over what to expect before, during and after.  Amazing, I cannot believe what they do.  The surgery will take 1-2 hours and he will be in recovery for 1-3, in which time they will get Jay up and walking on his new knee with full range immediately.  In the hospital he will be staying from 3-5 days in which time he will start with a walker and leave on crutches.  He will have to exercise right away from day one and should be walking with a cane withing a few days then on his own within around 2 weeks.  He hasn't been able to walk easily for the last 12 years, I am so excited I can't believe this!!  I saw the prosthetic knee, it was made of titanium and plastic and moved as smooth as butter.  He will forever set off airport alarms but I will now have a bionic husband.  I am so happy for him, he is only 40 and has been handicapped for half of our marriage.  We are looking forward to being able to do things together that we haven't been able to do for a long time.  His leg is deformed now and this will straighten it back out to normal which will also alleviate his back pain and hip pain from over compensating by favoring his good knee.  Aah modern medicine...isn't it amazing?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Broken Heart....

Well, it's now official.  Chrissi, Jack and Kevin are moving to Bend, Or.  I understand start a new life.  I actually feel like my heart is broken, I wish things were alot different than they are, but as I cry and blog, I know that I cannot change what I have no control over.  I looked at all the wonderful pictures of their trip for Kevin's interview and they all look so happy.  I know it's not that far away but when a baby grows as quickly as they do, you miss SO much.  I feel sometimes that I am being robbed of my precious time with Jack, it's not Chrissi's fault, she has been absolutely wonderful in allowing us all the time we desire with Jack.  There are pictures of Jack with Kevin and I have to admit, it is obvious that he loves that little boy.  I am happy that they are able to move on in their lives and start their new chapter.  Chrissi assures me, that we can still have Jack even for extended times.  I never knew my Grandparents, I don't want it to be that way with Jack, I won't let it.  He is so happy and such a lover, it's obvious that he is loved and well taken care of,  with that we are blessed.  Thanks Chrissi,  I wish you luck and love and hope this is a wonderful move for you all.......but I have to admit, I am crying and my heart hurts.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 2

So I learn something new from my clients every day,  yesterday was especially enlightening.  Did you know there is a website called  Seriously.  Are you kidding me?  The age of the men are anywhere from 45 and up, the girls 24 and under.  The girls will specify a price per date, week, or month to keep these old perverts, I mean men company.  Isn't that prostitution?  I am shocked,  is this for real?  Well apparently it is.  I am scared to check this out because of all the spam and porn that will probably be sent to me if I do.  From what I am told,  these girls post pictures of themselves, some are nude so the men can see what they are paying for.   Hmmmm.  I must be getting old but even when I was at the wonderful young age that these girls are, you couldn't pay me enough. Where are there parents!! I know they are consenting adults but weren't these people ever taught any morals?  Daily I am told something shocking from a client.....this trumped all the stories of the day and there were some duzies.  I think this one is the one that shocked me the most...and I thought I had heard it all.......