Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is it just me or does this town need an enema?

You know when you go to the state fair and look at all the "Carnies" and they are so scary looking, yet you trust them to put your kids on the rides, strap them in and let them go round and round and upside down and so forth?  I think they all live here in Reno in the downtown area.  Lately when I look around, I am disgusted with what I see.  The meth heads, the prostitutes, and the general riff raff that wander around downtown just blows my mind!  Daily,  Jay who works downtown is asked for or if he wants drugs or "other" things and working on the corner of Center St. and Sixth St. almost daily they have the cleaners come to hose the human defecation off of the sidewalk or walls of a nearby building, all while a drug deal or two is going down in the alley which the police by the way don't handle because that is for the narcotics units.  My son Jayson was downtown visiting my husband at lunch and a "lady" came up to him and asked him if he wanted some Heroin, when he said no, she asked him if he wanted a blow-job, because her hotel room was just down the street and she needed $20. That makes me feel so comfortable, Stevi is 11 and someday, she and her friends could end up downtown.  I know they are trying to clean the city up and make it more artsy but, Reno is a 24 hour town and it is getting to be like an armpit.  There is so much crime that is just never even reported because it would drop down our tourism rate, but I have had more than one of my clients that are police officers say to just stay away from downtown after dark unless I am with my husband and even then, be very careful. Reno used to be a great town to raise children in, I remember cruising Main St. and hopping in other cars to ride with people you just met while in high school,  if my daughter did that now!!! Oh my Gosh I would kill her!  Can you imagine?  It's even scary to sit and have ice-cream, Jay and Stevi and I went to Cold Stone Creamery and were sitting on the bench outside by the roundabout and a Cadillac escalade was driving through the roundabout with about 6 gangbangers in it and pointed at us like he was holding a gun towards Stevi and yelled "POP POP POP!!"  and as they drove away laughing at us, Jay and I were stunned into complete silence, I was so sick to my stomach that I threw the rest of my ice cream in the garbage and Stevi was so scared when we explained to her why Jay didn't, actually couldn't, do or say anything about it.  They were just looking for trouble, I mean come on!  A family eating ice cream!! Thank God it was after Jay got sober and had the sense to just sit there and not say a word, I can only imagine what could have happened.  Driving home last week Stevi and I had a lady stumble off the sidewalk right in front of my car and shake her fist at me while screaming obscenities at me.  Stevi was looking at me shocked then she laughed and said, "Mommy we didn't even do anything!!!"   Then 2 days later, we were driving down Center St. ( I just don't take the freeway because it takes twice as long to get home) and there was a guy around 20-25 yrs. old walking down the sidewalk, laughing out loud to himself with a bottle of vodka in plain view, chugging it without a care in the world.  Not OK.  Where is a good place to raise kids anymore?  I guess you can't shelter them, but we are an inner city now and we used to be a small town.  For the first time in my 22 years of marriage Jay and I have discussed moving out of town, possible out of state.  I know the grass isn't greener, well actually it probably is since this is Nevada, but I really am starting to not like this town, at all.  I guess in a perfect world, but what has happened?  Is it only going to get worse?  What can we do?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

These are natural progression photos of how "Thelma" and "Louise" may look today.

Tales from the Chair Chapter 1

The following is a true story..the names have been changed to protect the guilty.....

     There were once two girls at the ripe young age of 12 years old.  "Louise"  went over the "Thelma's" house and together they came up with the great idea to "borrow"  Thelma's older brother "Brad's" blazer to drive all the way to Raley's to get a couple of drinks.  Now between the two of them, they could barely see over the dashboard but luckily their hair was tall enough that they looked much taller than they actually were.  They made it safely to Raley's but the problems didn't start until they were getting ready to leave......the Blazer wouldn't start!!!  After much panic and "freaking out"  a very nice man came to help the two pubescent girls and after assessing the situation he told Thelma and Louise that the Blazer would in fact start if it were in "Park".  The young girls were very thankful for that kind stranger that day, if it weren't for him, they would have had to call their parents and would have both been grounded!!  They arrived home safely and legend has it that they are still friends to this very day.
    The moral of the story is..if you are going to "borrow" a car, make sure you know how to park it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


OK I've been tagged by reading my sisters if you read these 7 random facts about me, you've been tagged as well.  Let me know by commenting if you are playing along as well so I can learn random things about you as well!
1.  I am allergic to alcohol.
2.  I love to go to work at 6am so I have the afternoon to do mommy things.
3.  Working out is my best therapy.
4.  I love to ride my Harley REALLY fast.
5.  I am hypoglycemic.
6.  I love to sing and dance.
7.  I am looking 40 in the face!!

why I am M.I.A.

This is why I have been missing in action.  Stevi is now taking 9 dance classes a week and going to competitions as well as getting ready for spring recital.  My sister tells me I am terrible and she took me off her blog list.....that makes me sad, but sometimes I am only home in time to pick her up and bring her to the studio.  One night we aren't home until 9:30.  It is tiring but well worth it.  She is getting so good, her specialty is hip-hop but she also does jazz, tap, ballet and lyrical.  The pictures are from her first competition in which she took home 2 rubies (equivalent to a second in points) for her hip hop solo and her jazz duo, there were 27 other dancers in her category, so she did really great.  It was a long weekend for her but we are so proud of her.  Not only is she dancing for 10 hrs. a week at the studio, she STILL has a 4.0 grade point average!!  We are sending her to Virginia Beach at the end of June to visit a good friend of hers who moved away last year.  This is the first time she will be traveling alone and I am SO nervous but after talking to the airlines, they reassured me that with all the security measures we have to take before, during and after, she will never be left alone for a second.  We will see how I do, I'm sure she will be fine.  I promise I will try to post AT LEAST once a week from now on, not that my life is that exciting, but riding season is coming up so I should have some fun, scary and exciting biker stories soon!