Sunday, August 1, 2010

A backhanded compliment?

I take Stevi and Daivee with me to Walmart to go Shopping because.....
A. I hate to go alone.
B. It's faster when I give them coupons and they are off on their scavenger hunt style shopping.
C. They distract me from looking at the other shoppers.

Is it a compliment when you get hit on in Walmart? How about if the man could be your father? How about if he says.."I hope you don't mind my saying , but you are in great shape." ?
Am I in great shape in general? Or compared to the other Walmart shoppers? Or is he saying that to me because he saw me with two teenage girls? Dirty old man or sweet guy giving a gal a compliment ? No make-up on today and wearing Stevi's hand-me-downs with a handful of coupons on a Saturday as I battle the other crazy shoppers brave enough to go to Walmart on a Saturday at noon. I'm still not sure but after the shock of the guy saying that to me in isle 7 then following me down isle 6 , 5 and again in the produce section.........I'll take it as a backhanded compliment. I thanked him but as I pushed my cart away from him looking for my next coupon item, I laughed as I told the girls and the responses I got from them were......Daivee...."Ooh Creepy" and Stevi......"Gross"........hmmmmmmmm...

All in a day of shopping at Walmart......Liz! What are you laughing at!? You're popular in South Tahoe!