Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My MIL is Biker Trash.......

Jays mom got the bug.  They are now the proud owners of the 2003 Anniversary Edition Fat Boy.  Yup the same one Jay got for his first bike.  She and Terry went to the dealership to "just look"  Yeah....right.....ok......If you go to "just look" you're fooling yourself.  Once you have the bug it's all over.  I am so excited for them.  Jay and I love our bikes.  That is the one thing we can not get rid of no matter what.  I'm sure they will fall in love like we did and have a blast with us as well.  They bought it from Miya at the dealership we go to, so now they are HOG members of the same group we are.  I can't wait to take them on their first group ride so I can see the smiles on their faces.........Nothing like it in the world!

OH and P.S.  Stevi only has a virus, a virus!  Argggh!  Great, we just get to ride this one out too!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well you do learn something new everyday......here's a new one to me.........hooking.  Ever heard of it?  Well it's probably not what you're thinking.  I went out to Jazz for dinner with girlfriends last night and we were having "girl" conversations and watching the young girls working the room and laughing saying things like.."Remember those days?"  "She's doing it all wrong!"  "If she only knew...."  Then we started to talk about nightclub memories and the subject of "Hooking" came up.  I had never heard of it and my girlfriends who are all in their 50's sans one, were so excited that they had something new to teach me.

Let me set up the scenario ..........the girls all choose a "Prospect"  and make bets on the reaction, usually a dollar buys you in......then they go on the dance floor while the judge sits and watches.  The chosen "Hooker"  has to be sly, while dancing you dance near the "Prospect" and go up from behind him and cup him between the legs while he is dancing with someone but you cannot act like anything has happened.  The Judge then watches the reaction and the winner takes all. Gross you say?  I think it is hilarious, how many times have you been groped on a dance floor?  We are able to freak out, slap whatever, but imagine a guys reaction?  Usually they stop mid-dance for a second and act like nothing happened..some turn around very sure of themselves to see who "wants" them.  Some jump, some say thank-you, some want to figure out who did it and why, but if you all act normal they are to embarrassed to ask a group of girls and scared you are going to think THEY are the pervert......you can imagine.  I think that is hilarious, I am going to a bachelorette party  up in Tahoe in 2 weeks and these girls are at least 10 years younger than me, I want to be the judge and money distributor.  Sound gross and wrong or hilarious and fun?  Hmm depends on the day!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flu yes, again, Watchmen No!

Tag you're it, now Stevi is sick again.  What the heck is going on!  Last night I took her and a friend to Fun Quest so they could play games and lazer tag, oh and apparently check out "lots of hot boys" (sigh....)  then we dropped Nessa off and Jay was at Poker night with the boys so I decided to surprise her with "Movie Roulette" 

First movie up for grabs, Monsters vs. Aliens.....sold out.

Second movie up for grabs, He's just not that into you.....too scratchy we wouldn't like it.......

So we got stuck Watchmen which was the next movie playing..........3 hours of huh?  I guess I am not into comic book movies, and apparently neither is Stevi, the worst thing about it is Stevi started to not feel good towards the middle of the movie, but didn't want to tell me because I had surprised her with a girls night out, and by the time we got home @ 11:15, she had a fever and needed Nyquil because her throat was killing her and she was coughing.  I feel terrible for keeping her out now.  Today is pictures at 10 and she has a game at 11.  She just took Dayquil and is eating cereal, we will see how the day goes.  Does this virus never end?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Memoirs of a Crazy Childhood Chapter 11....

I remember when I first met my Dad, only then he was my mom's new boyfriend and we called him Don.  They took us to Parklane Mall which was a brand new mall and we got to walk around the mall like a family.  I was so excited because I didn't have a dad anymore, all my other friends did, but mine was gone.  I remember walking through the mall with such pride because me and my brother were walking with my mom and Don who looked like he would be our dad.  Don was so nice to us that day and I felt so special and loved when he bought me a balloon.  I was pretty young maybe 6 or 7 and I remember feeling devastated when I accidently let go of the string and the balloon went up to the ceiling.  I think I was probably crying, but Don got maintenance and had them get a ladder so I could get my balloon off the ceiling.  He could have easily bought me another balloon, but I think he knew how special that particular balloon was to me, so he made sure I got it back.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


You've all heard of Tupperware parties?  Lingerie Parties?  Pampered Chef?  

I was watching the news the other night and the latest and greatest thing now is hosting a gold party.  You heard me....A Gold Party.  Only this party, you bring all your old, unwanted, broken and forgotten gold and they pay you.  I researched it and the average person leaves with over $100.  The host also gets a 10% cut of what is purchased.  I have been in contact with Dan Neiz  in Sparks who hosts the Gold Parties  and I am planning on hosting a party at Salon Moxie.  So dig in your jewelry box and get out the Black Hills Gold items and nugget rings and lets make some money!  I will keep you posted as to the date it will be held.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The good news is......... The bad news is........

The good news is.......I got excused from Jury Duty
The bad news is.......I rescheduled my whole week so no money coming in.

The good news is........now I have a free week
The bad news is.........it's now full of appointments.

The good news is...........I could now go see Jack
The bad news is........I hit the new rock wall at work and have to fix my car first.

The good news is...........The estimate is only $1798.34
The bad news is........that is after my $750.00 deductible.

The good news is.........the weather is warming up
The bad news is............my car will be in the shop for 5 days

The good news is.........they have to order parts for the repair first
The bad news is.........there is an actual hole in my door that can rust

The good news is.......I didn't go into a ditch in the middle of nowhere in a snow storm
The bad news is.......I did this myself

The good news is.........I now have time to pack to move
The bad news is.......we have to move.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner with the kids, my mom and Martha

As you know my new obsession is Martha Stewart's web site but so far every recipe I have done through it has been fabulous so tonight it is Beef Tenderloin with endive slaw, (I can eat those low carb dishes) and Lemon and Thyme Potatoes Au gratin and no bake cheese cake.  I just love love love her recipes!  If I make it up this week Chrissy we have to play around and make some fabulous meals for the boys!

Since there is snow all over the ground looks like our hike is off, but at least I will get some house cleaning done.......mark set go!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Giants lost their first game......

I'm not allowed to say by how much, but she did great for her first game!  She played 1st base the first 3 innings and got three runners out and made a great play when she played center field by throwing all the way to the catcher, and I could hear someone say..."Damn, that girls got an arm!"  She must get it from me......

Monday we play the Cubs at 6pm, as the game got on, they started to warm up, so lets home they got the bugs out.  They are the youngest team in 13U and it will be a learning process, especially for Stevi who is always used to being on the winning team. 

Wish her luck Monday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Fast and the Furious......

Where do I start, Sunday night my phone rang and I was asleep, then it rang again so I looked at the number and didn't recognize it so I just assumed they had a wrong number, it rang again and then left a message and it was the fire department.......Chrissy was being taken to the hospital and Jack was screaming in the background.  Grandma to the rescue.  Poor guy had been sick all weekend and now Mommy is being taken away in an ambulance, in a strange place late at night and she is having a seizure.  Pappa and I went and got Jack and when we got him settled in with Monsters Inc. I hear Pappa upstairs throwing up and he had the virus too. Out of both ends violently.  What in the heck is this virus!  It is insane how fast you get it and they told Chrissy if she hadn't made it to the hospital she would have died!  Jay has been home sick the last two days, I got mine yesterday morning insanely sick. On the toilet then in the toilet, yikes, it is so violent it is like food poisoning.  Stevi got hers this morning. It is so contagious it's incredible.  Chrissy came to pick up Jack this morning, he was so happy to see her he just held her and cried, it was so sweet, she brought us bananas and applesauce and jello, we all need to be on the BRAT diet for a couple of days I am sure, I am still Fast and Furious.  It was great to be able to be here for her and Jack, I wish we hadn't all gotten so sick but at least we all got it out of the way.  I have had numerous phone calls and emails from her family, everyone is very concerned........I guess there are numerous people being admitted to the hospital and people are dying from dehydration and other complications from this virus.  If you get this virus, you will probably think you have food poisoning, be aware it is highly contagious and the incubation period is approximately 48 hours from exposure.  If you get sick..STAY IN THE HOUSE!  I hope you don't get it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sad for Baby Jack..........

Jack is so amazing, he can't come play at Grandmas and Grandpas because he is vomiting all over the place.  Bad timing for that little guy to be sick.
Yesterday we took him to Kiddie Kandids and he was not happy about it but we got some great pictures of him.  Right after Pappa gave him a bread stick and it went down then came right back up, all over the place.  So Chrissy and Mary met us at Meadowood to pick up Jackie cause after he threw up he kept saying "Mommy"  it was so sad!  We are just so happy to have spent what little time we had with him, I am scheduled for Jury Duty on the 25th and had to take the week off to be available, if it ends up being a 1 day trial, I am heading to Bend!  That way I can help them move into their new house also.......Oh heads up Chrissy!  But I have to play it by ear, hope it's ok!  So if you would like to view Jacks photo sitting click on www.mykstudio.com and the sitting # is 19058427 the code # is WXB7527 I purchased a package so let me know what you would like for pictures and I will see what I have left, he is quite popular, Great Auntie Tyra and Great Uncle Brandon already took a  couple and of course we are proudly displaying our own choices as well! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Fun!

What a crazy week, I did however get in five workouts!  Yay Me!  Monday I had to have Stevi at soccer practice at 7:50am, she made the school soccer team, I made it to Yoga, brought Stevi to her doctors appointment to go over her MRI results which basically said that she is growing so fast her muscles can't keep up with her bones, so for now she is taking a break from dance, then Stevi and I went to our quilting class. Tuesday I had to work but before work I got Stevi to soccer practice, then Jay brought her to softball practice so I could get to my spin class after work. Wednesday, get Stevi to soccer practice, go to work, go to my Bosu Circuit training class then freshen up as much as possible to go to my friend Randy's house for a Beijo Purse Party, which hopefully will end up being a great part time job for Chrissi, and yes  I bought a fabulous bag and a wallet, I have been stashing any $5 bills I come across for mad money, so I had some, I actually had to write a check for the tax but oh- well.  Thursday I went to a step class in the morning, then to my dermatologist appointment, met Chrissi and Jack at Mimi's for brunch (thanks Chrissi!) off to Spanish Springs to wash my car with Jack and go look at a rental on Robert Banks Blvd, still haven't heard back from the Townhomes so not holding my breath, and then took Jack to Stevi's softball practice so he could play in the park, pick up dinner and wait for Chrissi to come grab her baby boy for the night because I had to be at work at 6 am Friday. Friday I ended up working from 6am to 8pm but from 1-3 I went to my friend Judy's funeral and then to Brickie's for lunch with my mom before heading back to work, after my last client, who is also a friend of mine, I was invited by her and her daughter to go have dinner with them at Pinnochio's which was a great way to end the day, got home at 10:15 because we took our time with girl talk.  Saturday morning, I woke up to my alarm so I could make it to Spin class at 8:30 and stopped at 7-11 on my way home to grab 3 plain donuts so Grandma and Grandpa had some kind of treat for Jack since Chrissi dropped him off at 10:00.  In the meantime, Jay had to go get Stevi at Skytavern because she went off a jump while snowboarding and someone went over the jump after her, she crashed, he landed on top of her and knocked the wind out of her to the point she blacked out for a second or two.  Now we have Jack, he just woke up from his nap and Tyra is dropping Mashae off at 2;45, Jack is coming to the salon to get a faux hawk for his picture appointment at 4,  we are going back to look at the house around 5, my mom is meeting up at the mall and Shae is staying the night because Stevi is babysitting her cousin for the whole night. Whew, Slumber party!  Tomorrow after Jack leaves, we are going to grab Gary, (Judy's husband) and get him out of the house for a motorcycle ride then dinner. Done, pooped finished.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RIP Judy......

I am so sad that this is the only picture I have right now since my computer crashed and lost my photos, I am sure Katie will send me some more when she is ready.  Judy is not longer in pain, her funeral is on Friday.  I am heart broken.  When you become an adult, you meet a hand full people who are true friends and make a difference in your life.  Judy was one.  She was always kind and full of life, even when she was suffering.  She would never let on unless in private that she was in pain.   I was fortunate to have her in my life, and met her because of her children, Katie and JL.  I will always have a place in my heart for her, we shared some good times, laughs and conversations together.  We were true friends. Her laughter, accent, she was from Florida, and fun nature will be so missed.  I shared so much with her, I can't imagine not getting calls from her or seeing her smile,hearing her laughter. If you knew Judy then you know how kind, generous and full of life she was.  Her last battle with cancer was difficult and all of us have been touched by this horrible disease in one way or another.  Please say a prayer for her family, her husband and children.  They are all hurting extremely right now, and Judy was the glue.  God Love her and Rest in Peace........you changed my life for the better in many ways, Thank you.  I love you Judy and will miss you everyday.Judy Bitz 1958-2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

May 1st is "D" Day......

We made our decision and put down a deposit.  With a measuring tape and armed with measurements of all of the furniture we will be taking with us, we made a decision based on planning and the room we will need.  The unit we chose has to be upgraded to the largest unit which is the Appaloosa. 
     The great thing is the rent which used to be $2200 per month keeps dropping, it just adjusted to the market again and we will be locked into $1100 which includes water, garbage and sewer.  Being that our mortgage payment is going up to $3278 per month for a home worth $169,000 I think that we are making a very wise decision.  Also the water, sewer and trash will save us on average another $280 per month.  Good deal!  With the extra room, we probably don't have to get rid of quite as much.  I am relieved we are simplifying our lives and by moving May 1st, Stevi will transfer that Friday and will have more familiar faces at the beginning of middle school and hopefully have some new friends to invite over during the summer. Sad but happy at the same time, scared but relieved, it's bitter sweet I guess.  When life throws lemons at you make lemonaide right?  And we will, only now we will be sipping it by the pool!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My new obsession

I'm a dork!  I used to hate her now I love her!  I am obsessed with her web site.  I have tried the menu's and they are not only delicious but so easy to follow and tell you which steps to follow in order so it is all timed perfectly.  Humor me and play along, check it out, Liz and Amy I think you guys will especially love it!  MarthaStewart.com  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A lot happening in June.......

Another one bites the dust......at least I can sleep at night now, knowing.  We have been trying to save our house and decide what to do about out finances just like most of the world.  Jay just had to take another cut in pay in order to keep his job and I am only working 3 days a week and still have room in my schedule to take appointments.  Times are tougher for others at least we have a paycheck and money coming in.  Over the last couple of years we have wanted to sell and move to another area to get Stevi away from O'Brien but with the market the way it is, that is impossible.  I really do think things happen for a reason.  My friend is in the same boat as I am and she came in on Saturday (yes I worked because I have 3 who needed Saturday appointments) and she told me about Caviata in Kiley Ranch which is in Spanish Springs ( I timed it from my mom's house and it took 6 minutes). We will be starting our move on June 1st so Stevi can finish school at Alice Smith Elementary and have all agreed that the Palomino is the best choice for all of us.  They allow pets and we have two little house dogs who won't really care and no yard work for Jay.   It will save us a ton of money and get Stevi into a nicer area to start middle school.  She will be going to Shaw Middle School and Spanish Springs High School and already knows at least 5 kids that have moved out to that area that are the same grade as she is.  I feel like I have a big weight lifted off of my shoulders.  I am sad, very sad to lose our house that we have put so much heart into, but we still have each other and this is just a little speed bump.  Will this matter to us 10 years from now? Absolutely not.  So just an FYI to all of you, anybody want to buy some stuff we can't take with us?  Lets see, just to name a few, Hot tub, fire pit and chairs, hammock, bowflex, weights, elliptical trainer, washer and dryer (very nice ones I might add) college loft bed set (Stevi's) garage spare refrigerator, glass formal dining set for 6, computer desk with drawers, we need to downsize so that is what we will be doing.  Wish us luck and easy moving, lots of love!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hip Hip Horay !

It's official. As of June 1st my Mom will be retired!   I am so excited for her, no more getting up at 3:30-4 am, unless she wants to, no more getting to bed early, unless she wants to, no more getting dressed, unless she wants to etc. etc.  I hope she finds this time to take some fun classes and really enjoy herself.  Congratulations Mom!  You deserve it!  Now Breath!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've been sick......

I have been  sick all week so been sleeping a lot, sorry, here's an update.  Stevi was drafted onto the 13U Giants, her fast-pitch schedule will be interfering with her dance schedule SO... she decided to focus on softball for now.  I must say, I am sad and relieved, it will save us quite a bit of money, but I really love to watch her dance so I am oddly sad about it.  She is so athletic, I know it will be exciting to watch her advance in softball, she always excites us with her tremendous progress.  Her first game is March 21st.  From now until then, it will practices and batting cages!