Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday a day of rest......

Sunday's I love. Usually, I never get out of my pajama's.  I putter around the house, sip coffee all day and read.  Today is one of those days.  Today is a day where I woke up early and Jay was asleep, so I brushed my teeth, crawled back into bed and read until I fell asleep again.  Now and I'm awake and I thought this Judy Blume book would be a casual read, but I have to admit, even though this was written in 1978 it is pretty captivating.  I love to read a book that makes me feel something, whether it is fear, anxiety, love, pain or laughter, I read to escape and I have to admit,  as easy a read as this is, I can't put it down and right now I want to punch her husband in the nuts.  He is such an asshole it's unreal.  I realize that this is based on an era when women were just starting to stand up for their independence and have a voice, but I tell you what, I would have never been able to hang back in those days.  Don't tell me how to think, what to wear, how to wear my hair, and how to act in public.......If you have never read it, it really brings some insight to what women were emotionally beaten into back then, except the rebellious women who started a movement of sexual and mental freedom.

I would have been a rebel..........

Saturday, April 28, 2012

In life you meet people you like everyday, sometimes you just don't know it....

A few years ago, a client and great friend of mine got married and I went up to Tahoe for the bachelorette party.  It was a pretty mellow but fun night and I met a friend of hers that weekend.  We became Facebook friends and she's one of those people who would run into you in Walmart or somewhere and always say "Hi" and she always remembered who you were and would ask how you were etc.  

We comment and "Like" each others things on Facebook , have discussed some parenting issues lightly as we both have children and are both married and for the most part, a lot alike.  Her son recently became a client of mine and I just adore him.  He is one of those genuinely nice, sweet kids that you like instantly.  Like his mother.  

Yesterday Stevi went to watch him and the SSHS Lacrosse game, he invited her to help her take her mind off of her recent broken heart and she and a friend went.  His parents brought the girls home and after the 4 of us parents stood outside in the cold grass chatting for awhile in the dark, while the kids were inside, we invited them in, it ended up being 11:30 before they left because they seemed like just old friends to us as we chatted away.

Jay and her husband had a lot in common and after they left he said..."I REALLY like that guy, I just can't believe like that is a Bronco's fan, jokingly."  A budding Bromance in the making. 

We both agreed that they are a couple we would enjoy going to dinner with or an occasional night out.  When you have children and are married, sometimes it's hard to find couples that just click like that and I hope that because our kids decided to hang out, it will lead to a further friendship amongst our families.  It was really nice and Jay and I both hope to hang out with them again.........they really are great people and even though now a days it seems a solid family core is against the norm......apparently it's not and of all places to meet someone you could eventually call a friend.....not just a Facebook friend.....we met at a Bachelorette party and neither one of us really go out like that.  Who knew.........Nice to meet you both Ward and of Facebook.  Let's do it again sometime!

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Fifty Shades of Grey"

Has anybody else heard of this new phenomenon of books?  This is all my women clients are talking about.  My friend Leigh was reading me the "14 Dirtiest Bits" that someone had sent her.  It has been compared as Twighlight for women.  Mommy porn, a must read for married woman.  But apparently you can't find it.  Even Ellen is reading it.....hello!  It is apparently flying off the shelves and you can't even order it on Amazon right now.  That makes me want it more.  And HELLO!  THIS IS THE AUTHOR!!!  MORE! Is it wrong to want it (the whole set) for Mothers Day or my birthday coming up (which is July 1st ;-))

It promises that all tired Mommies and Wives that relax by reading in bed will be so turned on they will have to put the book out and turn to their tired sleeping, win... right?  I don't know if Jay still reads my blog, but if he probably would be a great Mothers Day gift!  So any of you that feel I am right in this on his wall to read my blog today!  (Not that we need it but it won't hurt right?)

Well we can see Ellen is enjoying it.......I wonder if Oprah is reading it too!?  If anyone has a copy or finds extras.....umm hello!  I want one........

Thanks I want to read it too!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Broken hearts are never easy.....especially for the Mom......

The boy that will always be there.....
 Seeing your daughter with a broken heart is never easy.  Especially when she climbs in your lap sobbing over a boy she finally let herself like.

As a teenage girl, (yes I was one once)  there is always that boy you have the strongest feelings for, but you know you can never have him.  There is the first love who inevitably breaks your heart to the point you feel you may actually die.  Then there are the best friend guys who are always there to pick up the pieces and drop everything to make sure you are okay.  There is the bad boy, the sweetheart, the romancer, the player, the non commiter, the hot guy, the funny guy and the guy who no matter what just flirts with any girl that walks by.  In between those guys are the guys who stand by in the distance and just watch everything unfold.

As a young girl, you don't know who you are going to end up falling for.  After the first real broken heart, I told her she can't live her life being scared of being hurt.  She has had many guys talk to her, even at the same time but once she decides who to let her heart open up to, she has a huge heart and she opens it wide.  When things seem to be going great and then they come to a screeching halt it's like getting hit in the chest with a baseball bat.
Isn't this the truth.
I knew something was wrong with her last night.  I can always tell, but I never expected her to come out of her room full speed ahead broken like she did.  It killed me, made me cry, I could see the anguish in her face, in her eyes.  It ripped my heart out of my chest as if I were in a horror movie and a monster just punched through me and ripped it out.  After she calmed down a bit, I told her that if it was truly meant to be it would have happened.  Of course with Facebook and the way kids post these days as soon as she put something out there that she was hurting, her phone started blowing up.  I told her to see if a couple of her special friends that are always there for her were up.  I didn't know what to do, obviously I wanted to fix it but when Mom's jump in, it always creates a bigger mess.
If it could only be this easy
She has a couple of friends in her phone that have special nicknames......they are always there for her, she can cry on their shoulders and make her laugh, or at least smile.  She has poured her heart out to me before and someday, when the right boy is ready for her.....he will love her for all she has to offer.  I like the kid she is crying over, don't get me wrong, but he has strung her along on and off for quite awhile.  As soon as she gives up, he comes back full force.  He just can't get to the stage of full commitment.  She is ready for a real relationship.  The boys she is really interested in seem to not be ready for the full commitment.  Trying to tell her that the right boy will be there no matter what and not string her along is so hard to explain.  She knows he's out there, but sometimes it's hard to wait and you need to live your life to the fullest.  This heartbreak will mend, then there will probably be another or two before the boy meant for her, who she can connect with completely and love him regardless of his faults and imperfections , and he will love her the same way, be able to be his best friend as well as his girlfriend.  There is a boy who will make her feel complete, and if he does let her down, he will fix it right away and hold onto her with all his might.  I know he's out there, she probably already knows him.......he just needs to get everything out of his may take awhile.  Until then, every other boy is a learning experience.

My heart hurts......

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy Busy Busy.........

 Things are coming along slowly.  We got our couch delivered on Sunday during the time we were having our garage sale....we had to be here anyways so I thought, "What the heck, why not try to sell stuff we either don't like anymore, need anymore or want anymore."  People buy the weirdest things, the stuff you think you will end up throwing away or donating, they buy.  I guess it's true, one mans garbage is another mans treasure.

Jay is finally over his sinus infection.  Now it is my turn.  Thankfully the Dr. gave him an extra refill just in case.  I haven't needed antibiotics in around 15 years or more, so I don't think it will hurt me only help me, since my whole head is pounding from my top teeth up.  My teeth started hurting around a week ago and I am living on decongestants that don't seem to be working other than making me feel as if I am living in a fog and everything tastes weird and smells weird.  I called his refill into Raley's and I will pick it up and start taking it tonight.  I just can't keep living and working like's exhausting.

Stevi went to her first prom with her friend Cole.  They were absolutely adorable.  I know she had fun since she didn't make it to bed until 6 am.  Daddy had to pick her up at 8 in the morning and then she spent all day Sunday sleeping.  I remember those days.   I would just die right now...(unless it was Black Friday, then adrenaline takes over.)

 My sister used to do theatre and dance and it's something I have always been interested in.  The upcoming season for Bruka has open auditions in September.  I haven't told Jay and Stevi yet, but I think I may audition.  I always do, do , do for everyone else and it's okay to do for yourself.  If I audition and they say biggie, if they say yes......I guess my schedule will get packed with a bit more!  I am going to see the last 3 plays this season and I will bring Jay and Stevi.  Stevi has thought of it as well, so has my Mom.  My Mom did a lot of theatre when she was young and attended American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC so I guess it would only naturally be in our blood.  You never know until you try, so why not?  Bruka is very edgy and mature, yet quirky with it's shows, right up my ally.   What's the worse that can happen? I make someone laugh ? I make someone cry?  I do that everyday.......piece of cake!

So for today, I will water the lawn (section by section since the sprinkler system is a mess, ) head to Walmart and Raley's for shopping, register Jay's motorcycle, and put in a change of address at DMV, do laundry, clean up dog poop, vacuum and wash the broiler pan in the sink, go to Stevi's softball game at Reno and unpack a few more boxes , run to the bank and make a deposit, head to Office Depot and get printer ink and finish printing my taxes so I have a hard copy.... you know, take it easy........have a great day, I will be relaxing.....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Antibiotic feeding tubes please.......

I feel as if our family needs an  intravenous IV tube of antibiotics.  Stevi is actually going to school today, second attempt this week.  I had to be at work at 5 yesterday so thankfully I was done by 1 and came home to bed to sleep.  Nausea , diarrhea , headache, body aches.  With as sick as Stevi has been, I'm never sure if she just has a bug or it's related to all the chaos her body has been through.  It's a bug, now it's my turn.  Jay feels great, he is finally on antibiotics for his sinus infection.  Yesterday my girlfriend Stacy called me to ask if  Stevi or I had gotten food poisoning from our lunch on Sunday because CJ has been sick all week.  Looks like it's just going around.  I feel a bit better today and I don't have a fever but the other end still has quite a bit of activity.  So now is when I send the warning text out to my clients today that I may be ill, and let them decide how badly they need their hair done.  I can hang.......will they?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DEADLINE problems? I think?

Due tonight at midnight?  No problem... I think... this isn't my first Rodeo.  I go through this EVERY tax season.  I guess according to the news last night I am in that 25% group of Americans who wait until the last minute.  I had great intentions this year.  In the beginning I started logging in all bank statements and receipts in the beginning of the year, once a week.  Apparently that lasted until February 16th, 2011.  Now I have waited so long, and I closed my bank account so I had to download all my statements and manually enter everything.  I am only putting in business related entries.  At this point why wouldn't I.  This is day 2 and I am about half way there, however in the meantime, Stevi has been home the last 2 days with a stomach problem, I need to call the Dr. and see if he will send her prescriptions in before her follow up appointment since we can't get in to see him until May 2nd, and ask him if I can get her something over the counter such as Pepto Bismal to help her.  Like all other teenagers, since she was feeling better and thought she was miraculously cured, she quit taken her medicine and I think she ate something she is still at least intolerant to, no hives but nausea and other things I'm not allowed to mention about her because it's embarrassing.....

Hairdresser filing system and office.........
As you can see.......I am very organized and I am on July of last years bank statements , then I need to sift through my receipts and enter all cash receipts that are pertinent.......HELP!?  

PS I miss you Dad!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A fire was just lit under my ass.......

I just received a text message from a client demanding that I move another client from my books because that was her spot.  Just to make things clear, I am not a machine and nobody owns me or my time other than myself. She sent me a scathing text that I needed to "fix" my schedule for the next year because those spots belong to her.  I am sorry but I am pissed.  And if you are reading this, I know you know I am pissed because of my response.  First of all, I am a human being and you cannot boss me or bully me around and think I will take it.  Every one of my clients is just as important to me the moment they sit in my chair and I will NOT rearrange their schedules just to make sure it fits perfectly in yours.  I know we have become close on a personal level, but I can separate friendship and professionalism 100%.  Every client that comes to me has my utmost respect and 100% of my focus when it is their appointment time.  That is the number 1 reason I decided to make appointments one day at a time versus the full year in advance which you demanded at the end of last year.  You are the only one that was not understanding and you also don't seem to realize that I do have a family that needs me as well.  My daughter is 15, a freshman in high school, I only have the opportunities to be her mother and attend all of her activities for the next 4 years.  She is my number one priority.  99% of my clients understand this.  I need to focus on me and my family in order to be a great hairdresser and give a great service.  In the past, I let my clients rule me... for 23 years!  This only burned me out and I felt defeated and exhausted.  I still work 10-12 hour days, I may only work Mon-Fri and one Saturday a month... but my hours are 4 am to 11pm...... this is so I can book time out to attend personal and family things through out my days, I think I am pretty flexible, because despite any gaps in my schedule, I still work over 8 hours a day and I don't get paid overtime or get a "Good job" pat on my back.  This is the only appointment that doesn't fit perfectly in your life........If I am only a machine to you and not a living, breathing person that has up to this point rescheduled her life around you for years....I apologize......but I will not budge and I will not move my clients, 2 of them, to adjust to your schedule.  They "Own" that spot because they were put there first, and they both come from California, one of which is booked around a Cancer treatment, so her "Schedule" trumps yours.

I know this seems unprofessional, but sometimes we hairdressers need to vent, please realize that our lives primarily revolve around yours, not the other way around.............Enough said, I need to "Walk it off" as my mom would say.......and put Bubba back in her cage.

I love each and every one of my clients, this may be your appointment I am fighting for......I know who is flexible and who is not.... just know if you are on my books and I schedule you... I would never EVER move you unless I knew that you were somebody that was able to flex, and that would only be a last resort, you are all my top priorities and I will do everything in my power to keep your appointments as they are.  I do know that we have to reschedule and move things around occasionally because of life...and that is part of it, so thank you to everyone that has appreciated my flexibility as much as I have appreciated yours.  I will continue to be the best hairdresser I can and will always be there for you in more ways than you may realize.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today was a great day...

 Today was a great Sunday.... last night while putting together Stevi's bed set that we bought from RC Wiley 3 years ago..(It was a floor model so it was missing pieces...) It fell apart and was not going to happen.  Following my sisters lead, I got on Craig's list and we got her an Ikea canopy Queen sized bed and box spring with mattress for a great price.  Jay went and picked it up while Stevi and I went and saw "21 Jump Street" with our friends Stacy and CJ, then the four of us had lunch.  For a movie review... I would recommend it.  It was laugh out loud funny.  I have never seen Channing Tatum in a comedy but he did great.  I think this may have been the only movie he has been in where he didn't take his shirt off, but besides that it was great.

Afterwards we went across the street to Campo's which is a locally owned restaurant that just opened.  I am still not sure if I will go back.  The menu was minimal and the gourmet pizza was just okay.  

Afterwards Stevi and I went bargain shopping because our guest bedroom and Stevi's bedroom now have queen beds in them so we needed new bedding.  Jay and Stevi are still putting together the bed for her so ours is still on the floor but for a Sunday...Shopping, a movie and lunch with great friends is always a great way to end the week.  Thanks Stacy and CJ for the friendship and laughter, love you both!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today is a day I will plant flowers
I will smile, I will not frown.

Today is a day I will relax and read my book
I will not worry about housework , I will not worry about minor things.

Today is a day I will appreciate all I have
I will not want for needless items that do not matter.

Today is a day I will relax and enjoy
I will not try to fix everything.

Today is a day I need for me
I will want the same for you.

Enjoy today, one moment at a time.
Today I will.....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Where do I start......

 I have not had a single chance until now to blog, the only reason I now have a few moments is  because I had planned on being in Tacoma at this very moment holding Stella in my arms.  We drove around 200 miles before we had to turn around up near Lassen, even following the snow plow we were spinning wheels and driving sideways and backwards.  When I had it in the lowest gear possible and we were only moving sideways I knew it was time to turn around.  That was fun. Took me around 20 minutes because my car did not want to go anywhere.  So 5 hours later we are back home.  I'm really sad because I really wanted to be there with Stella, Lilly and Ryan this weekend, but for some reason, it just wasn't meant to be.  Another time, hopefully before they come up for Jayson and Guoda's wedding in June.

 Stevi had her Endoscopy on Monday and she thankfully does not have Celiacs Disease, her stomach has an infection and is inflamed due to bacterium in her system, very likely caused by the mold in the other house.  This can be treated with antibiotics and steroids and her allergies have pretty much quit as well.  It's amazing that black mold spore can cause so many issues, I have never dealt with it before this and never, EVER, want to have to deal with it again.  Stevi has turned back into her normal self, Jay still have a severe sinus infection that he will have to go to Urgent Care for tomorrow since he has been working so many hours and I not longer am coughing up jellyfish farms and I don't have laryingitis anymore!

I have also discovered that I have an eye for antiques that have some value to them, where I get that from I don't know, nobody else in my family is into antiques but I have found a couple of items I will hold onto and just let them increase in value until I am bored with them, then I'll sell them.

The family came over for Easter and Sage and Willow had so much fun with everyone, Stevi had them over again just to have a cousin hang out day without adults.  It was very successful, they told Liz they had Crush and Pop Tarts for lunch, which normally would not be okay but since it was with cool cousin Stevi, she let it slide.

Lilly gave birth to a perfectly beautiful girl named Stella Maylene.  She was born March 23rd at 7:59 am weighing in at 7lbs 14oz.  I will see her as soon as this fabulous spring storm clears up!  I miss my Lillybug and can't wait to meet Stella. For now after gripping my steering wheel until I built up caulouses, I came home and vacuumed and dusted, I am going to sit and enjoy a glass of red wine, because I am not going ANYWHERE!