Friday, January 26, 2007

Good Karma P.S.

OOPS.... my 7 month old, by the way, is a puppy.!!

Give yourself good karma.....

I live my life thinking of others first, that is just who I am, I think I get it from my Mother. Everyday I try to do something for somebody just to make thier life a little bit easier, nicer, brighter. That sometimes comes back to you when you least expect it. Yesterday my cute 7 month old chewed up my new eyeglasses that I have had to put new lenses into 3 times since October ( I am having problems with my eyes stabilizing) not to mention the frames I bought were designer frames and cost a pretty penny. Needless to say, I was pretty upset, so I left work to go buy a couple of gift cards for someone very dear to me that could really use them right now and to step back and look at the situation. 1. My fault for leaving them out. 2. They are just a pair of glasses 3. I have my health and family (more important) 4. It is just money and you can't take it with you when you go. Ok, I calmed down and got over it and felt pretty good with my gift card purchase, anyways, my wonderful husband had 15 minutes to get an old pair of frames of mine to the eye doctor across town in 5:00 traffic. He got there 1 minute before they closed, ( I am driving to LA at 6 am Saturday morning and need to see where I am going). My wonderful eye doctor made a special trip to the lab for me so I could get them before I left. Next day, I start my day off by delivering my gift cards with a hug and a smile on my face, brought my son to breakfast, then picked my daughter and her friend up to bring them to the library so they had books to read while they are off track, my eye doctor called and I went to get my glasses.......they didn't charge me for my new lenses (saved me more that a couple of hundred dollars), then when I went to Starbucks to get a bag of coffee so my husband had coffee while I am gone, the guys working the counter gave me a free latte because they said it was a nice day outside so they wanted me to have a nice day as well......and I did. Hope you all have a blessed and Karma filled day as well (hope your karma is good!)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today is my day off.......I got up at 6 am and am now just sitting down to relax. Why is it when a man has a day off he can sit on the couch all day and watch football or nap or both? My day started with making waffles for the family, then cleaning up after that, starting laundry, doing dishes, get ready for church, come home, clip coupons, start more laundry, make shopping list, make lunch, laundry, empty dishwasher and reload with lunch dishes, laundry, take dogs for a walk (with my mom so I guess that is a nice break even though it was a hike) laundry, start dinner, eat, laundry, clean up after dinner, put away left overs, laundry, hand wash clothes , scrub the bathtubs with bleach, hang up hand wash, laundry, bring movies back to Blockbuster, get my clothes ironed for tommorrow and make a lunch, oh yeah, and more laundry. Did I mention Jay is still on the couch watching football? I am so happy I only have 4 loads of laundry left, then I am done. Tommorrow I get to get up at 4 to do dishes before work......I love my days off......don't you?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I've gone blind!!!.........

If you are visually challenged as am I you may want to read this. I have recently became a regular at the Eye Doctors office because my vision keeps changing. So I just picked up my new BIFOCALS (fun word huh?) and am waiting for my new contacts, apparently you can now wear one to see up close and one to see far away...interesting. Anyways, I have only been wearing one contact until I receive my new pair and they have also changed my cleansing solution from the normal No Rub I usually use. Now, I was going to put my contact in and of course I can't see to get the darn thing in , so I dropped it on the counter. Of course I had to rinse it off, so I grab the solution I THOUGHT I was supposed to use to rinse it then promply put the contact in my eye. Not the right solution, ummmm I think that was the enzyme cleaner they gave me to try. Now my eye is on fire, swelling up and I am trying to rip it open as I am bumping into everything and saying some not very nice words, (apparently this means it's time to play to my two dogs, fun times) So, dogs are barking, I am screaming obscenities and I am blind. Not a great way to start your morning. It's amazing your bodies ability to fight you back when it wants to. As I am digging at my eye with my artificial nails (adding to the redness I am sure) I almost pop my eye out trying to get my contact out, so much for vanity, now I look like a four eyed Popeye. Cute. Oh and leave it to my wonderful mother to point out the beautiful shade of red IN ONE EYE. I can always count on her, I'm sure my husband will let me know as well. At least when I take my glasses off to look at it....I can't see anyways, looks good to me!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


As I am bringing my daughter to her new Dance studio last night to start her body conditioning I, decide, I can take this class too, it will be good for me. Now mind you, even the instructor is at least 16 years my junior. That's ok, I am tough. Ok , half way thru the class, I hate this Nazi drill sargeant. Could she just slow down! Then I look around and realize that my friend (who also has a daughter this studio) are THE ONLY old people in there. I remember being young and looking around the exercise class and thinking it was cute when an older lady tried it to never see her again, now I am that older lady. So as I am leaving, one of the young limber ones says to me " At least you tried came and tried it." HUH, what does that mean? So as my wobbely legs barely take me up the stairs, my grimace appears to be a smile.......I think, I'll show you! I will return for more punishment next week only this time, I will come armed with Advil and oh yeah, I better purchase some Ben Gay before next week also. Was it worth it? Not yet, but to see that shock on the limber one's face next week, and probably the rest of the class, mabe. Toodles, I need to go take some more advil.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.............

For those of you who go to or have gone to church you will understand what I mean when I tell you that when you sit and listen to the sermon they always seem to be talking to YOU and only YOU. Well, we went to church this morning, and did bible study the whole bit then went to worship and when the Preacher started the sermon with. "You all need to live like you were dying" my daughter Stevi and I just looked at eachother, (she sat here with me last night as I started my first Blog). Then he proceeded to tell us how important it is to take the time our of our busy schedules to cherish each day with our family because we never know when it will be our last. Now, is it just me, or did we just go over this? Ok, I have been asking for a sign from God to help me renew my faith and follow a path that I had stumbled off of for quite some time. Hmmmmmm. Not sure how to react to this but the chills I got down my spine and my Daughter hitting my leg and whispering "Mommy, you said that, and that and that" I know we all have our own Gods, some Buddha, some on a different spiritual plane, so you tell me, what would you think?

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I can't believe I am doing this........

Hmmm. Never thought I would give in to modern technology, but after reading my Baby Sisters Blogging and actually enjoying it I thought, what the heck, I will give it a try. This last year has been very trying, sad and sometimes confusing, but we all survived. With the loss of my Dad in March after a lengthy illness we all had to adjust and try to discover what life is really all about. Fortunately we all had precious time with my Dad before he passed which I understand alot of people are not blessed with as we were. My sister also gave birth to another beautiful girl and that is such a wonderful blessing. I think enlight of the trying year we had, it gave Thanksgiving and Christmas a calm and peacefulness that wasn't really there before, you know how chaotic family gatherings can be, I have to say it was very mellow and I loved just being with family, that seemed to be all that mattered to me this year, brings it back to reality and makes you realize just what the holidays should be about. This year, my resolution is to love myself enough to give myself time to not work so much and spend that precious time with what is important, FAMILY, I will value and cherish every moment I am blessed to spend with my loved ones and true friends because as we all know, life is way too short. God Bless