Monday, September 20, 2010

Have you ever...........(a poem)

Have you ever?..............
Laughed so hard it hurt, then wondered what was so funny?
Loved so much you cry and then realize you don't know why?
Thought until you were in pain only to realize you'll never know the answer?
Felt unconditional love and wondered why it wasn't reciprocated?
Looked into the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen only to be asked, "What are you staring at?"
Wanted to hug someone so badly but you were afraid to take that step forward?
Smiled at someone across the room and it was never returned?
Ask someone how their day was only to be scowled at?
Just wanted a simple 'Thank You?'
Wondered why you could be so sad but yet seem to have it all?
Wanted a tender touch and no words........?
Woken up wondering just what today will bring and not want to get out of bed?
Have you ever?.............

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day one down................

Did I get hit by a train!?

A little Rusty around the edges.

How I'm sure I'll feel tomorrow...
Well my first P90X workout is done.  I'm not going to lie, it was very hard, mainly the Ab Ripper X part, probably because by that time you are freakin' exhausted!  I'm a little rusty right now because my main exercise has been walking  and hiking, not very much else, especially in the strengthening department which at my age should be my main focus since after the age of 35 your muscles start to deteriorate at a rapid rate!  Here is what I accomplished in an hour and 10 mins.......(these are all two sets for Chest & Back thats why there are two numbers)

Push ups 15 and 10
Wide Grip Band pull downs with purple band 15 and 17
Military Push ups with knees 10 and 5
Reverse Grip Band pull downs purple 12 and 13
Wide Fly Push Ups with knees 13 and 12
Close Grip overhead band pull downs purple 15 and 10
Decline Pushups with feet on coffee table 10 and 8
Heavy Pants 8lbs 15 then 15 lbs 10
Diamond Push ups with knees 10
Lawnmowers 8 lbs 15 then 15 lbs 10
Dive Bomber push ups 8 1/2 and 7 1/2
Back Flys 8 lbs 16 then 15 lbs 9
Abs...............good Lord , supposed to do 25 of ea. only did 10-12 of ea. exercise.......
V-up Toe ups
Seated Crunchy Frogs
Bicycle forward then back
Heels to Heaven (why did it feel like Hell then?)
Oblique V- ups
Leg Climbs Phase 1
In and Outs
Mason Twist (about 14 on each side)
Fifer Scissors
Hip Rock and Raise
Roll up V-up Combos

 Yup, that's it in a nutshell, now to go grab Stevi and Daivee from Cheer, I'm sure they will love how I look and smell.............Tomorrow 4 am Plyometrics, (That one is the hardest from what I remember..................)  Good night!

Fitting it in, no excuses!

Is there ever enough time?  Yes, you just have to live each moment and make it work.  As our family grows, we run into family parties, dinners, game nights, bbq's, birthday parties etc.  I also love to hike,  this summer has been a challenge because of the heat, but that is reason #1 why I decided to start my P90X today, especially because of last year while snowshoeing I fell into an icy creek and had to pull myself out with a branch GI Jane style.  If I hadn't been working out as much as I was at the time there is no way I think I would have been able to survive that day.

     My mom commented on yesterdays blog worried that we weren't going to get to Achieve to workout, I would still like to but as life happens it seems my best bet is to fit it into my schedule whenever possible, tonight at 6:00 while Stevi is at Cheer practice.  Tomorrow at 4 am because I work a 12 hour day.  Do I want to get up at 4 am....hell no!  But I do want to get into shape again.  Mom, you can follow along at home with me if you'd like, and yes I will still walk and go to Achieve with you and of course go on day long hikes......we will make it work.

     Today is day one of P90X, this morning I had 2 proteins and 8 oz. of water so far, and I found and app for my iphone called Eat Right 90 which logs your intake according to what level (I'm a Level 1) and Phase (Phase 1) you are, it also shows you portions sizes and calories,  I need to keep my calories at around 1800 which for me seems like a lot so it should be easy, especially if you are eating healthy you eat a lot more food.  I am actually a little sore from the Fit Test yesterday and weighed in at 135.4 lbs today (hmmm Ben and Jerry's?) but my biceps are sore from the 41 freaking curls I did!  Tonight is Chest, Back and Abs so I should be OK.......I will have to start with my bands until I get strong enough to use my chin up bar.  Jay is working out of town, so technically I am a single mom with 2 incomes and a long distance text boyfriend.  Perfect time to embark on a new exercise program, the TV hasn't been on since Sunday, I actually missed Sons of Anarchy last night (recording is awesome)  So I will watch it with Jay this weekend if he gets home.   I will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow.......4am is going to come very early especially after I have a workout so late tonight.  If I can fit it in so can you!  Let's do this!!!!!

Family time


Play time

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

P90X Fit test........

As many of you know, I try to stay as active as possible, but being Hungarian/German it never seems to be enough, not to mention that I love food. So in addition to hiking and doing as much outdoors activity as I can and an occasional trip to the gym with my mom, I am starting my P90X program tomorrow and I will take you all that are interested on the 90 day journey with me. I have plenty of before picture (thankfully with clothes on!) So I will spare you those but I did do the fitness test today to see if I am in good enough shape to start tomorrow. Even though I haven't been working out like I should and it has been an occasional hurry up and exercise moment I am in much better shape than I thought! (Thanks Mom for always being there when I want to walk 6 miles to lunch during a cancellation!) Now for the disgusting truth, I will be brutally honest here is the fit test for today.........

Weight 134.8
Chest 39"
Waist 33"
Hips 40"
Right Thigh 19"
Left Thigh 20"
Biceps 11" (they match!!)

Resting Heart Rate 65
Pull -ups.... Not a one! Maybe 1/8th of one ( I will be able to in 90 days!)
Vertical Leap 9"
Push-ups 16 Full form no knees (yes!)
Toe Touch...exact, no more no less
Wall Squat 1 min. 2 sec. (whew passed with 2 extra seconds!)
Bicep curls with 8 lb weights 41.......(need to start with heavier dumbbells for sure!)
In & Outs 25 (those are like a crunch while you balance on your butt)
2 Minutes of Jumping Jacks and monitor heart rate upon stopping.......
167 bpm upon stopping
137 after 1 minute
114 after 2 minutes
103 after 3 minutes
96 after 4 minutes (the idea is the faster you recover the better shape you are in, I used to recover much faster!)

The next 3 weeks my schedule will be ........
Day 1 Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X (1 hr and 10 mins.)
Day 2 Plyometrics (59 mins)
Day 3 Shoulders & Arms , Ab Ripper X (1 hr. 15 mins)
Day 4 Yoga X (1 hr 30 Mins)
Day 5 Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X (1 hr 15 mins)
Day 6 Kenpo X (56 mins)
Day 7 Rest (ahhhhhhh........)

I know not all of you have the program but there is a guideline if you have equipment or videos at home or even go to the gym you could maybe improvise and workout with me, keeping your own log.......feel free to post any accomplishments or questions you may have, I would love to inspire you or be inspired by you! Good night!