Sunday, October 25, 2009

Preparing for my iphone

Made the decision, now I just have to wait until my upgrade on November 8th. I am actually going to take Stevi's iphone, she wants a basic phone...(thank God!) So I will take her iphone and she wants the Samsung LG that has the slide keyboard for text messaging. I went to the Apple Store today, I needed help since I am so computer illiterate, and had them help me to merge the ical with my palm thru mobileme. It is all merged together so I am ready for the change. I was so scared I was going to lose my information since I use it for all my business and I have all my contacts for business in my palm also. So come November 8th I am ready to go. Wish me luck.......I am excited, but nervous, argh, change is scary for me as far as technology.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Next stop.......All-Stars

Saturday's game was the Championship game for 1st place. The Net Rippers were undefeated with one tie on their record, Saturdays game was tough, no points were scored and after going into overtime quarters twice they had a shoot out. Stevi was one of the chosen shooters and got her goal, but the winning goal was from Lindsay, and it was her first goal ever. She was carried off the field by the Coaches. Stevi and the team then headed over to the awards ceremony where not only did they receive their first place trophies, but they also received the "Sportsmanship" award which is the highest honor. It is voted on by all the coaches and the referees. Tonight is our first All-Stars meeting, so soccer isn't done yet, but if it's anything like her softball team was, we should make it to State, Regionals and Nationals. Good job Net Rippers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sleeping Beauty.....

I don't get out much anymore, so last night was a big deal. Felt like I partied like a rock star. I wasn't in bed till 3 and didn't wake up until after noon today. Stevi had Cierra spend the night and since Jay wasn't feeling well, I invited my mom to come along for dinner, (I had 2 50% off entree coupons for Carrow's, don't laugh, it actually wasn't that bad) and Stevi and Cierra needed to shop for Crazy Week at Shaw, so while they walked around Summit Mall, my mom and I had a martini and a mocha latte at the Chocolate Bar, then we all went to go see Fame. The movie was ok, but I was hopped up on caffeine, so last night we got home after midnight and I stayed up and finished Season 2 of Dexter. Finally got tired after taking Black Cohosh and didn't wake up until after 12. We are going on a 10.1 mile hike tomorrow off of Hobart Rd. in Washoe Valley, the west side, so I guess it is ok that I skip exercise today, I added Ball Blast to my schedule for Wednesday, so don't worry, I am not slacking's fun, anyone want to go with me!?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Rant........

Everyone has been complaining about the price of costumes. I think I may have a solution. How about a costume co-op? Beg, Barrow, Trade or Steal? We all have tons of costumes for different age groups, some handmade, some from our closets, some store bought. Why don't we list what we have after Halloween, and the sizes and see if anyone is interested in borrowing them for the next Halloween? Then whoever borrows has the whole year to accessorize, add to or take away to make it just what they need. In just the photos I posted, I have a soccer player, a softball player, a dead sock hop girl which comes with an awesome home made poodle skirt and hula hoop, Sage is Cinderella, Guoda is Courtney Love and Jayson is Kurt Kobain. I know I can lend out stuff to be a biker, hairdresser, witch, Alice in Wonderland, The Cat in the Hat, a Candy Corn Witch, Hip Hop Dancer, ballerina, hockey player, a plug and socket set, Fat Elvis, Lisa Marie and I am sure so much more that I have forgotten, we can also mix and match, kind of check the costumes out like a library and have fun maybe do a cookie exchange one day and bring all our costumes from the past for everyone to pick through. I will post a poll for everyone to vote and if you're in, you're in!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Woe is me..... to see Jack and Chrissi.......Sad.....they leave tomorrow morning......Happy.....they will be back around Thanksgiving.......Sad......I have to wait another 6 weeks to see them........Happy....starting to feel better from the flu.......Sad....need to post-pone our hike to Thursday so I don't relapse........Happy.........Jay is working in town this week again...........Sad.....I only have two days scheduled for clients........Happy.......Stevi is at her first basketball camp today........Sad........add more to our plates..........Happy........Jayson turns 23 on Wed..........Sad.......Jayson turns 23 on Wed................

Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the Mend........

I still feel horrible, thank god for Dayquil, I am sure I had the flu but I think I slept through the worst of it yesterday, thank you Nyquil. Jack has been hanging out and playing today and we have been having lots of fun, it sure is nice to see him and Chrissi again.

On my life's list I wrote to repair rather than replace... So today I put a button on a pair of Jay's shorts, stitched a pair of my pants that had a hole in them, fixed a hole in a pillow and replaced all the buttons on my cardigan because it lost one and I couldn't find one to looks much cooler now anyways with it's small metal buttons with filigree on them, much As for beginning my book, I have 100 times in my head, but haven't had any distraction free time to actually sit and do it. I do have my character journal started.......I will get there, my first chapter has played out over and over in my head. Soon it will be on paper.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Law of Lynch

Today is the day Jack will be here, yesterday I felt like crap all day. Of course, my throat hurts, I feel like I was hit with a truck, why is it I get the flu every time I have something wonderful planned. Hopefully it is just a cold. Last night I dosed up and went to bed early, this morning, I took Nyquil (it is really hard to blog and pay attention right now) I am going back upstairs to sleep till Jack gets here, then Dayquil! I can do this! I will NOT miss out on my Jack time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Starting a book.........

I'm starting this weekend......I have a title (the first in a series) I have a character list, a main character, a plot and climax, as well as an ending. I am going to finally start writing a book. I am hoping it will work into a series. Although the characters will be fictional, I will be using my experiences as a hairdresser, platform artist and life experiences as ideas for the different story lines. It will take place in Reno, and other places I have gone doing hair shows. The main character is young, fun, sweet but also a bit of a wild child. She is single, carefree and at times, a bit naive and reckless but thinks she can handle herself in all situations. I am hoping for this to be a suspenseful and funny look into the world of hairdressing and being young while trying to live life to it's fullest. Cross your fingers for me! Are you ready for the ride?..............

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Bad Sister.......

Yup, That would be me, the "Bad" sister. In more ways than one.
Steve turned 39 on the 4th, of course I sent him a card in the mail so he would get it before his birthday, and of course I called on his birthday. I was invited to his house for dinner that night, but I was having some serious stomach issues and since it is flu season, I didn't want to take a chance on infecting anybody, I was unsure if I was sick, or had a bad latte'. So instead, I invited him to lunch, he and I have occasional lunch dates, I usually pick him up from work or sometimes we go to breakfast or coffee. Steve is mentally challenged so does not drive. For today's lunch date, I told him I would pick him up at 1:30 and take him to BJ's knowing that he has probably never had a chance to eat there. He was really has probably been 3 months since we have had one of our dates for some one on one sister-brother time.

Today, my Mom and I did the Pilate's class at Achieve and ran some errands..I had to get Gold Bond-a-weave to do Stevi's hair after we had lunch. After class we are always famished so we went to En Soul grabbed the weave glue I needed then headed over to Big Ed's to eat lunch, after all, it was already 1:30 and we were STARVING!, as we ordered our lunch and sat and enjoyed out Diet Soda's, my phone rang....I wasn't going to check it, I just wanted to eat, but thankfully I was Steve..the message was, "I thought we had a date today, but maybe I'm wrong, or I hope you are ok, Ok Lisa call me back please."
Yup I am a jerk........It is in my phone, right after our exercise class so I won't forget, but I did. I blew it off, left my baby brother hanging, starving, sad and confused. I called him after I got Stevi to soccer practice and rescheduled for next Thursday for breakfast at 9.....even put the alarm on my phone. Did I mention I feel terrible about this? I don't get to see my brother enough as it is, he's not working much and has been having a challenging time lately. I know he doesn't have a lot to look forward to and we really enjoy our little "dates" we have together. It bothered me the whole time I ate my hamburger.....horrible huh? I still haven't gotten over it, I feel guilty about it. I know these things happen but because my brother is "special" I try to make sure I have special time with him because I think it is so important. I will definitely make it up to him, and when I called tonight and called him back at lunch, he sounded a little down. It could be my guilt making him sound that way, or not.......argh!

My Last Stress Busting Strategy for the Year.........

The above Strategy is my last...tomorrow I will try to find another self help book to share with you on by blog.......I don't know if any of you actually read those captions I post at the top, but I like to think that you do and they are somewhat helpful. If you do read them and would like me to continue to post self help notes.....please let me know, I will add a poll for you to vote on. The above says to list 101 things you would like to achieve in your lifetime, then prioritize and put a deadline. For this week, if you read my blog, either blog a list of your own, or comment your list or email me your list at that way I at least know you are out there. Please put some thought into it and make it something you would really like to is mine...

  1. Become completely debt free.
  2. Buy a home again.
  3. See Stevi go to College.
  4. See Jayson complete his GED.
  5. See Jay stay sober.
  6. Own a car outright.
  7. Drive a car I own until it just won't drive anymore.
  8. See Jack at least 4 times a year.
  9. Simplify life and be content with it.
  10. Make exercise a life routine for 4 days a week, no excuses.
  11. Stay within the 120's for my weight, consistently.
  12. Hike, snowshoe or cross country ski once a week.
  13. Learn to really swim.
  14. Dive off a diving board.
  15. Sky dive
  16. Learn to kayak
  17. Walk my dogs at least once a week.
  18. Love my husband 100% with no exceptions.
  19. Finish sewing projects once I start them within a month.
  20. Knit socks
  21. Knit mittens
  22. Knit a hat and scarf set.
  23. Knit a neck warmer.
  24. Sew my self clothing that looks great.
  25. Design my own clothing.
  26. Write a book.
  27. Forgive my molester.
  28. Think of the positive first in all situations.
  29. Not say unkind words against any person.
  30. Love myself despite my flaws.
  31. Forgive Sonya for hurting me so badly and write her a letter to get it out.
  32. Go to Europe
  33. Go to Spain
  34. Vacation once a year, even if it is only at home.
  35. Take Stevi to San Francisco
  36. Visit Sarah and Kate
  37. Take a trip on a train
  38. See the Grand Canyon
  39. Find Derrek Buletti
  40. Ride my Harley across the United States
  41. Make gifts for friends that have meaning.
  42. Bake cookies, brownies, cakes, muffins etc. instead of buying them.
  43. Plan a family reunion every 3 years.
  44. Accept more invitations to spend time with friends.
  45. Have dinners parties once a month
  46. Start Bunko again
  47. Purge my closet every January 1st of old, not worn and out of date clothing and shoes.
  48. Return calls within 48 hours.
  49. Call a friend once a month that I haven't spoken to in awhile.
  50. Start an IRA again.
  51. Rebuild our credit.
  52. Save more money and NOT TOUCH IT
  53. Buy Stevi a car when she is of age.
  54. Talk and really listen to my family
  55. Learn to groom Dyna
  56. Stick to a strict budget, even when I don't have to anymore.
  57. Make soup instead of buy it in a can
  58. Make home made ice cream when we crave it instead of go to the store.
  59. Help my sister start a sewing/knitting/craft club.
  60. Get an iphone
  61. Help my Mom paint her accent walls
  62. Paint my own accent walls
  63. Create a sewing room
  64. Reupholster the salon benches
  65. Re-paint the salon
  66. Redecorate the salon
  67. Move the salon to a better and more open location
  68. Become a stronger business woman
  69. Be more organized with my books by creating a filing system
  70. Set aside one day a month for paper/book/tax work a month
  71. Set aside one do nothing day a month
  72. Get 7+ hours of sleep
  73. Drink water daily....64 oz.
  74. Snack on fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods
  75. Blog at least 3 times a week for release.
  76. Eat more sandwiches instead of grabbing something while out and save that money for me to shop!
  77. Only buy one soda a week
  78. One buy one coffee a week
  79. Try to not drive like a man when my mom is in the car.
  80. Send more notes and cards to special people in my life so they know I am thinking of them.
  81. Have a family game night every other month
  82. Repair broken items rather than replace them
  83. Get Stevi a wooden bench at a garage sale or used furniture store and paint it for her.
  84. Hang Stevi's room decor for her
  85. Finish hanging photos rather than expect Jay to do it.
  86. Finish unpacking garage.
  87. Really wash car once a month, by hand or wash, which ever is in budget.
  88. Price compare purchases before purchasing.
  89. Do not wait until the last minute to buy gifts and cards and make sure they are delivered in a timely matter.
  90. Finish Tenleigh's quilt
  91. Make a quilt for my bed
  92. Make a quilt for Mom
  93. Replace buttons and do clothing repairs once a month
  94. Bring in dry cleaning once a month
  95. Trim dog's toenails once a month
  96. Give myself a pedicure once a month
  97. Give myself a facial once a month.
  98. Quit swearing
  99. Smile more to strangers
  100. Help strangers in need more
  101. Keep house clean and tidy daily.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


To torture me? Just to be mean? I don't get it. Last night I started reading Sam's Letters to Jennifer. It is good, really good, so as I lay in bed, I read to page 125. I could have read all night. Why did I stop at page 125? Well first let me tell you, I got this book at a book exchange. I love James Patterson almost as much as I love to read. So now back to the why? Some one ripped page 125/126 in half, long ways. So now I guess I have to read half a sentence and just make up the other half? TWO WHOLE PAGES! ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME!........ARGH..... I have to go, I think I need to take my medication..........

Oh and by the way, for those of you who REALLY know know that I have to read THE WHOLE BOOK! Once I start a book, even if it sucks, I have to finish it! (Just a minor issue I have.) But this book doesn't suck.......I could have read the whole thing last night............


Monday, October 5, 2009

Gray Eagle Creek Trail

We were expecting snow up in Graeagle. According to the forecast, it was to snow until 3 am this morning. The temperature was only supposed to reach 55 today, so we didn't know what to expect. Since my dogs basically only have lincoln logs for legs, I left them at home just in case. I really felt bad because they would have been fine.

Cheri brought her beagle Simon with her today and he and Chyla took a moment to get to know each other but after a bit they were fine, I think only having one new dog for Simon to meet is probably a good thing since he is normally a leash walker.

The weather was a bit chilly but all in all the hike WAS moderate, there were some hills but nothing like Fridays hike. I don't think Cheri thought of throwing rocks at me once this trip.

It really is beautiful up in the Plumas National Forest area, next week we will be hiking on Tuesday at Hunter Creek which is in the Mogul area, so we won't have to travel, however it is a 7 mile hike so it will take us 3-4 hours. Cheri showed up sporting new hiking boots and said they really made a difference, so tomorrow after Mom and I do our "Fitness Express" class at noon, we are going to head over to Sierra Trading Post to see if there are any boots in our budget. (Budget, hate it, hate it, HATE IT!)
Check out the dew on this leaf, it really was gorgeous up there. We had a great time, Cheri was a trouper and I think we now have a hiking partner!

Cheri gave me a boost up for a photo opp. didn't work as I had fantasized, I got up and slid right back down.......oh well! Got to love friends with a helping hand......

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Race for The Cure

Today was cold. It is the first Susan G. Komen Race for the cure that Nellie, Liz and I had done, we had one other team mate Amber who ran with her sister. Because there were only four of us on our team, we didn't get a sign this year, which is fine because I don't think any of us could really feel our hands.
Most of the time we had to walk because there were so many people but when we got a decent passing lane we ran for a bit. That was enough for all of us, Nellie is probably the most fit out of the 3 of us (she's 21) and Liz and I lost our training motivation a while back. My right knee kept hurting, I think I will try a brace because while I got better at running, I actually was enjoying it. Nellie could run completely around Sparks Marina no problem and Liz was doing well too, but life happened for all three of us (Amber is a crazy runner so I am glad we didn't hold her back) so we lost our training motivation, time, schedules, etc.
Liz walked for our Grandmother and I unfortunately walked for four, Grandma Fake, Sharon Stephenson, Kathy Taylor and Judy Bitz. Had I known we could also wear a celebration for survival sign, I would have also had Michelle Gandolfo and Lynne Shoenberger on a list as well. Survivors that were walking had pink balloons with the years and months they had survived so far, there were a lot of balloons and we saw a few men walking for "My Beautiful Wife" which almost made me cry. I hope next year we have a larger team, Liz wants to start her own with an ad such as......
"Do you lay down and watch the sit-up segment of Jazzercize class? If so call Lazy Liz and we will stroll for the cure in 2010...." She may have some takers, good luck with that sis.
We burned around 640 calories this morning so the 3 of us finished at Starbucks and enjoyed a nice hot latte, Nellie had a steamer, and some more girl talk. It was fun, come to think of it, I am glad I didn't run it because the togetherness of girls was much better....yeah!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Broken Dog and Pissed off Friend.......

My mom and I started hiking a month ago, and our goal is to hike/snowshoe/cross country ski once a week to be one with ourselves and nature. I apparently (this I found out JUST yesterday) am weird for loving to exercise the way I do....hmmm. So my Mom went to Barnes and Nobles and bought a hiking book for the Reno Tahoe area. So far we have done Ophir Creek Trail (Davis Creek area) Thomas Creek Trail (Arrowcreek) Mt. Washington (Plumas National Forest) and yesterday was Bear Lake Loop (Graeagle, Ca.)Yesterdays hike said 3.4 miles of moderate and scenic hiking.......I think that means if you stay on the trails that are in the book. Well who needs a book with memories such as ours, plus it is an adventure, right? We were supposed to loop around 4 lakes, Little Bear, Cub, Silver and Round. Only we kept on going, as the hike progressed into the most difficult hike so far, (and we brought a newbie, Cheri along since it was her first time we thought this moderate hike would be perfect to break her in) basically rock climbing, we came onto Long Lake. As my Mom said, "We should have know when the man we ran into said 'Worth the hike isn't it? No you don't want to go that want to go back around this way. Well ok, I am going this way, you girls have fun...' then split quickly." As we continued onward, I mean got more and more difficult. Then we started to see signs that said 'Pacific Crest Trail' and 'Mt. Elwell'. Signs are a good sign right?
Cheri started to question my natural ability for finding our way back.....I assured her she did not need to be concerned as sometimes these trails can be deceiving and we always find our way back. After around two to two and a half miles of climbing up, and quite a few rests (photo opps.) I told them to hang on and I would hike further up and see where the trail was heading. At that point I came down and told them that I thought maybe we should turn around since there was a guy in Leiderhossen's (sp) who didn't speak any english but I think he was asking for my passport. So we did turn around then found the same sign we had found before that said 1/2 mile to Round Lake........why didn't that make sense before? I don't know. Onward soldiers. We are now 4 miles into our 2-3 mile "moderate" hike. Why is it when you are hiking, you are always hiking uphill? Even on your way back? Does that happen to anyone else? Cheri is now not speaking to me and she has sunglasses on but I am pretty sure she is glaring at me...... We continued to hike up, found an old mining camp that we were sure was a plane wreckage..and the dogs dug for buried treasures which gave us some time to get water, rest and have a snack. Eventually we came to the top of the crest and started to head down, which seemed like it was taking a lot longer than we had anticipated that could have just been us because we were all exhausted, but an hour later, we came to where we had started. Luckily there was a map so we could track were we had gone and found that according to the legend, we went approximately 8 miles and were heading towards Alaska. My Timex watch that Jay bought me last Christmas doesn't have a pedometer, (I need to use Jay's I think) but it tracks your heart rate and it said I burned 1327 calories. That is more than most people burn in the gym for the week! We will continue to hike weekly, even thought Dyna has thrown up on two of our hikes (sorry Chrissi) and Raider was limping last night (I think he pulled something jumping out of the car at my Mom's house he is better today) and Cheri said she will go with us again on Monday, even though
in the car, she admitted to both of us that at one point, had she been able to bend over and pick up a rock, she would have thrown it at the back of my head. But she completed the most difficult hike for us so far, and my mom and I are a month into it on top of an exercise program. Good job Cheri. Hope to see you Monday, 9:15 for the Graeagle Creek Trail, 4.4 miles of "moderate" hiking..........yeah, we'll see.............