Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun.....

So I am getting hounded about not posting, I didn't realize that my blog was so interesting. The only thing I can say right now is......I am better, I was down and out with the flu for two days, and for me to cancell work I have to be really sick. I guess the only fun thing about being sick is you have crazy dreams. You know, those dreams you wake up from and go "Huh, where did that come from?" I dreamt about my cousin Greg, whom I haven't seen since I was 16 and a guy I went to school with who I think I never even said Hi to.......hmmm, I also bought a condo in New York and the only stipulation was that I survive the night alone then I could purchase it, uh why would anyone even try? Oh but on real news, I am expecting my first grandSON in August of this I happy? of course, but I think I may still be in shock. The name being tossed around at this time is Jack, and as soon as I finish knitting my son his scarf, I am going to start to attempt to knit Jack a baby blanket, wish me luck! I am also tossing around the idea of posing for a calendar for a custom bike shop here in town, now be honest with me....Is that appropriate for a mother my age or a grandmother for that matter? Of course I will only pose if it will be beautiful and tasteful, let me know what you think?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Recycling and surviving

So I survived paperless!!!! One day at a time, that will save me alot of paper. My beautiful lil' sister, Lizard-Breath, decided it was time to make a difference and save the Earth and money, (I am convinced she is from Mars, of course I am from Venus) and she is right, Step 1. Do not buy anything new, only staples for day to day living (example foundation or wrinkle cream) Step 2. Recycle, if you can go to Starbucks, you can bring your own cup not get a paper one.( I did that today and was fine) Step 3.If you can make it, it's ok, (thank God I am learning to knit, I need a new sweatsuit) Step 4. Why not buy used toys? (the kids will drool on them, break them, leave them all over the house and then forget they even got it in the first place). Did you know that most used and consignment shops will let you bring clothes in and trade them for in-store credit?( Same with used book stores)With the over abundance of hormones we are shoving into our children daily with meat and dairy they just grow up so fast, you know? So try with us and see how long you can go without any new unnecessary purchases....and bring your own coffee cup to starbucks, or try not to go at all.......babysteps, babysteps...Don't forget to recycle your paper as well as your cans, glass and plastic as well.

Monday, March 5, 2007

getting with the 21st century

P.S. for those who asked, didn't go snowboard, part chicken, part lack of funding......Anyways......So my friend Greg Newman, who I might add is with it, told me I should go paperless and use my computer and laptop for my business as well......after I got done hyperventilating, I thought about it, he was right, why have all this technology and not use it, not to mention, if I ever get sick or have an emergency, I have all my appointments and phone numbers at my fingertips. So after 12 non-stop hours of input, I am ready to go. I think. We will see how well this works for me, I remember when I first got my palm pilot how I still kept paper notes, then I got used to it, well, I am going to quit cold turkey. Ha , we will see if I end up crying, in an insane asylum or losing half my clients. Got to love this world we live in today. I feel bad for our children (and grandchildren). They will never see the advancements of ours and prior generations, I wonder though, will the say the same thing someday?