Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Beauty that takes time......

As I watch my sister with her two daughters, I realize how beautiful she really is..I remember the days when she was HOT, and SEXY and just downright drop dead gorgeous, but I don't think she was ever truly beautiful, until now. I am in awe. Amazed at how different she is and how at peace she is. Day to day things that used to be such an issue, you know, what to wear when you go out with the girls or how to do your hair and make-up, not important anymore. She now is measuring me and Stevi to sew us a skirt and top and I find that I admire and almost envy her for that. We are both so different, but alike in so many ways. Now she has a very beautiful family of her own and I am proud to be her sister. Her grace and beauty is both calming and wonderful in so many ways, Liz if you read this.....I love you.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Yes, I know, I know, I have been in place I have been hiding is Disneyland. I actually brought my mom, who has never been, she was so excited to go she almost threw up!! We had a 3 day marathon and accomplished all we set out to do, including blowing our diets, I never want junk food again! My mom was a trouper and went on every ride including "California Screamin'" and "Tower of Terror". While we were waiting for "talking to Crush" Stevi thought she recognized Jason Earls from "Hannah Montana". I asked him if it was in fact him and he said yes and was very nice and took a picture with Stevi and also shook her hand and talked to her. Being her first celebrity encounter, she was over-whelmed and started to cry when she came back over to us...we have all been there, myself with Barbara Fairchild and my sister with Wayne Newton. It was sweet and so was he and now I am a big fan of his just because of how generous he was with his time and treated her very graciously. So if you ever watch Hannah Montana, know that the goofy kid who plays her brother is a very kind person, you never know and it is very refreshing when something like that happens to your daughter. Well I will try very hard to be more dilligent in my blogging and hope you all have a great day!