Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm officially a Grandma

Well he is finally here, actually he is 2 weeks early...Jack. I am now at age 39 a grandmother. Everyone asks me how I feel and then wince as if I am about to hit them, but there is nothing more amazing than seeing your child have a child. Only a grandparent can truly understand that I suppose. Christina was made for having babies (even though she doesn't think so). Her water broke at 11:40 am on the 16th of August, but she said she only felt what she thought was one contraction. An hour later she had one more and it hurt a little more. So I picked up Jayson and we went to lunch..waiting. Right as we finish, she text messaged me that she had 8 in the last 40 mins. and they really hurt. Well, she thought they did. She was admitted and dialated to a 5 by the time we paid our check and arrived at Renown. Now they were so close they couldn't keep track. It was now approaching 2 o'clock, by 4 she was at an 8 and going pretty good, 4:20 they called Dr. Klaich and told him she was ready. She could have had that baby by 5 but it was terrifying to her so she was a little resistant but finally she got down to business and Jack Sparrow (yes Sparrow) Reese-Lynch was born at 5:40, looking just like his father. The only difference is....he got Jay Sr's and Chrissi's side of the families dimples!!! Of course I think he is adorable and handsome. Last night was thier first night home alone with Jack and he gave them a run for thier money......with 4 phone calls to Grandma (it was gas) after discovering the importance of burping him after feeding, they actually got a little sleep, I am available to stay over night for relief duty, but it looks like Jayson and Christina have it handled, so I may get to charge over thier and take Jack off thier hands for a little while, (my fingers are crossed) or I will just visit when am invited over, (I told them to bond and let me know when I can come back over). So for now.......Grandma Beautiful out.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Well, my husband is finally going to AA. This picture you see above you, I hope will not ever be taken again unless he has an O'Douls in his hand. He is an alcohalic and it has been a very rough and emotional road for our whole family. He was sober once for 6 years ( the best 6 years of our lives together) but then one day he had that one drink and never stopped. Those of you who read this are probably wondering if his accident was alcohal related, hmm, umm yeah. Amazing that he survived, amazing we are still married, amazing how one person can hide so much and the other person gets so good at covering up and putting on a happy face. Well guess what, I am not covering for him anymore, he decided he didn't want a divorce so the other option for him is to get sober, He started AA and is now going to church with us again. Please pray for him so he gets better. I love him when he is sober, can't stand him when he is drunk, but underneath that drunk jerk is a wonderful, loving , caring husband and father who has a good heart and is a great provider. I decided I will not cover for him anymore, I will not cry anymore , nor will I let him abuse me and my heart. I hope he loves himself enough to stay sober, I have loved him enough to stand by him for 21 years......the ice is starting to melt around my heart, but I am scared to let down my guard.......I just want to be happy again, truly happy without hiding behind my mask, it has been awhile, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully it involves him, but that is a choice he needs to make for himself, I can't make it for him. I will be there for him, whether we stay married or not, but I hope this nightmare is over for hasn't been easy.