Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I got it!

I got word today. I was told I would hear by March 5th so I wasn't really expecting to hear back so quickly. But I got the job I sent a resume for to Abba. My first training is a three day training in Denver March 14-16th. I won't be traveling near as much as I did with Matrix I am sure, but am excited to become an educator again. This is also a company that is 100% Vegan and natural. In this day and time going green is more than a trend. Abba is going to introduce a stronger line of styling products this year as well as cutting, which is right up my alley. I am sure I will have to move up the ranks just as any newbie would, but I am looking forward to the challenge and changing my styling and cleansing line that I use in the salon and for retail. I will have this complete product line memorized before Denver and will be completely ready to roll before training. The look is a bit more natural, so be prepared for a toned down version of me, at least hair wise. Onward and upward.


Christina, Jack and Kevin Reese/Barnum said...

Ooh! I like that they are green and vegan! Congratulations, Lisa! You rock!

Madre Adoptiva said...

I am so excited about this new venture for you! I think you're going to be awesome!! I also can't wait to try these products!

Mom said...

Go Lisa!! I'm so proud of you. Things are looking better and better for you.