Tuesday, January 9, 2007


As I am bringing my daughter to her new Dance studio last night to start her body conditioning I, decide, I can take this class too, it will be good for me. Now mind you, even the instructor is at least 16 years my junior. That's ok, I am tough. Ok , half way thru the class, I hate this Nazi drill sargeant. Could she just slow down! Then I look around and realize that my friend (who also has a daughter this studio) are THE ONLY old people in there. I remember being young and looking around the exercise class and thinking it was cute when an older lady tried it to never see her again, now I am that older lady. So as I am leaving, one of the young limber ones says to me " At least you tried came and tried it." HUH, what does that mean? So as my wobbely legs barely take me up the stairs, my grimace appears to be a smile.......I think, I'll show you! I will return for more punishment next week only this time, I will come armed with Advil and oh yeah, I better purchase some Ben Gay before next week also. Was it worth it? Not yet, but to see that shock on the limber one's face next week, and probably the rest of the class, mabe. Toodles, I need to go take some more advil.

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Mom said...

I don't get it. I commented on this one too and it doesn't appear. I give up. By the way. You want some Ben Hetero not Ben Gay.