Monday, March 5, 2007

getting with the 21st century

P.S. for those who asked, didn't go snowboard, part chicken, part lack of funding......Anyways......So my friend Greg Newman, who I might add is with it, told me I should go paperless and use my computer and laptop for my business as well......after I got done hyperventilating, I thought about it, he was right, why have all this technology and not use it, not to mention, if I ever get sick or have an emergency, I have all my appointments and phone numbers at my fingertips. So after 12 non-stop hours of input, I am ready to go. I think. We will see how well this works for me, I remember when I first got my palm pilot how I still kept paper notes, then I got used to it, well, I am going to quit cold turkey. Ha , we will see if I end up crying, in an insane asylum or losing half my clients. Got to love this world we live in today. I feel bad for our children (and grandchildren). They will never see the advancements of ours and prior generations, I wonder though, will the say the same thing someday?


Mom said...

Well, neat. Good luck with that. I know how technologically savvy you are. :-)

madre adoptiva said...

Umm yea... hahaa... what mom said. But, I have faith that you will master the skill of being paperless. Just think of all the trees you'll save!!!

Michele said...

Ahhh yes... the wonderful world of wireless. Happy Tech-ing!! You'll be a pro in no time.