Sunday, July 1, 2007

Birthdays Birthdays

So now I am 39. But hey, it has been a great week, not only did I get to go to Disneyland, but yesterday my baby sister took me to lunch and today my son, Christina and my future Grandson Jack brought me to lunch. Came home to a lazy afternoon and then my mom and sister and nieces stopped by with presents. I am getting older though, I now notice that I go to bed when I am tired, (even if it is only 7) I enjoy getting out of bed early to seize the day and suddenly I don't care what my legs look like in shorts if it's hot outside.....(when I did care, I probably didn't need to.) It is just another day and now I only have one year to go until I am 40. How will that be? I guess we will see. I just changed my cosmetology license in the salon which I have to renew every 2 years and Stevi says I look younger ever new picture. I must admit that I do, but I think it is just because the hairstyles have gotten better and I fell in love with my flat iron. Maybe not.


Mom said...

Getting older sure beats the alternative! :-)

Michele said...

You don't look a DAY over 29. Congrats and Happy Belated Birthday!!

madre adoptiva said...

You look awesome and are just getting wiser with age. :D