Thursday, January 3, 2008

A girls day.....

Today was a wonderful day off, Stevi and I started by meeting our friends Maddie and Christi for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, and I promptly ordered the banana and chocolate chip pancakes, thank God Christi ordered an egg white omelet to remind me of my resolution to eat better, so I changed it to a Fitness Omelet, mmmmmm. Then we went and did each others hair while the girls played video games. We also went to the mall and Christi had to go to Victoria Secrets, oh boy, they were having a 75% off sale on lotions and potions so I am good to go for the year! I was starting to run low so perfect timing!! They say January is the best time to shop, right after the holidays because the malls get thier new shipments in in February so they have to get rid off all old items. Glad I went, would have never gone and would have waited till I run out then went and paid full price..oh happy day!!

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