Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why I am M.I.A.

This is why I have been missing in action.  Stevi is now taking 9 dance classes a week and going to competitions as well as getting ready for spring recital.  My sister tells me I am terrible and she took me off her blog list.....that makes me sad, but sometimes I am only home in time to pick her up and bring her to the studio.  One night we aren't home until 9:30.  It is tiring but well worth it.  She is getting so good, her specialty is hip-hop but she also does jazz, tap, ballet and lyrical.  The pictures are from her first competition in which she took home 2 rubies (equivalent to a second in points) for her hip hop solo and her jazz duo, there were 27 other dancers in her category, so she did really great.  It was a long weekend for her but we are so proud of her.  Not only is she dancing for 10 hrs. a week at the studio, she STILL has a 4.0 grade point average!!  We are sending her to Virginia Beach at the end of June to visit a good friend of hers who moved away last year.  This is the first time she will be traveling alone and I am SO nervous but after talking to the airlines, they reassured me that with all the security measures we have to take before, during and after, she will never be left alone for a second.  We will see how I do, I'm sure she will be fine.  I promise I will try to post AT LEAST once a week from now on, not that my life is that exciting, but riding season is coming up so I should have some fun, scary and exciting biker stories soon!


madre adoptiva said...

For the record, I never once said you were terrible for not blogging. I'm not that lame. I am happy that you're on the bandwagon again though! yay!!

Mom said...

And I'm glad that you are blogging again too! Nobody ever, ever, ever said that you were terrible. EVER! Well,maybe once or twice when you were a teenager, but NEVER since you've been an adult. Sort of an adult. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Stevi said...

I cant wait to see u and ur now!!!