Sunday, September 30, 2012

Always an Adventure.............

Came to SF to Flowers in the kitchen and bedroom (8' apart)
 Nice to be able to come down and visit.  Stevi said we needed time alone too sometimes, Jay and I were both upset she didn't come, but she was right.  Also we are trying to be aware that at 15 almost 16, your friends are the most important thing in your life.  Not necessarily your family.
Hooked up with my coffee mug and laptop, the foot rest is a cooler with a pillow
 Last night we rented John Carter and Hunger Games.  John Carter was ok.  Hunger Games I loved.  If someone had told me Lenny Kravitz was in it, I would have watched it in the theaters for sure!  But I definitely recommend it if it is not on your list of must watch movies.
Woke up to this Sunday morning.
Last night the heater in the RV quit working.  Now Jay has to remove it and bring it to San Jose before it gets cold.  Everything works except the igniter or the circuit board.  Cross your fingers it something cheap, Lord knows we can't afford any more set backs.  I'm staying again tonight and heading home early tomorrow because I don't have to be at work until 11.  One more night of relaxation.
Only had change and was told it was a crock o shit
Street Performers.  Ah Street Performers.  We were watching them and I wanted to give them something but I only had a $10 or $20 so I felt bad and got what change I had left in my wallet so I split it between the 2 guys and one of them said "What a Crock of Shit."  You're welcome asshole.  You are the one on the street begging.  I could have walked by you just like the other 100 people around me did.  Never again.
Lunch at Eagle Cafe'
I'm back to saving all my $5 bills ($5 make you Hollaaaaa!)   I used to do that for my mad money , when I was making money like mad.  Now I am saving it so when I come down to the Bay Area once a month so I have some money to get over the toll bridge and this trip I was able to by some drinks for the trailer, Pepsi and water (I'm a big spender) and we got 2 Redbox Movies and today had a nice lunch at Eagle Cafe on Pier 39 and walked around 20 or more blocks in my sandles , which I know better.  It's amazing how comfortable sandles are until you have to walk for 2 hours in them.  But we had a nice lunch of Calamari, Crab Salad Sandwich and garlic fries so we are both burping up a storm.  I'm sure the trailer smells amazing.  When Jay comes home in 3 weeks, we have a busy weekend of Cheerleading, BBQ and a Halloween party, and Jay's truck is finally getting fixed from the hit and run accident he was in in May.  Until then I will save my $5 bills and hopefully have a good month so we can do more than an afternoon lunch, although movies and just chilling is nice also, as long as we get to be together.

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Elaine said...

Gosh, sorry about the heater! No matter what kind of home you own it sucks when something needs fixing. Other than that, sounds like a great weekend!