Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I have Overcome...

I have overcome childhood, teenage years, being a mother and a professional.

Being homeless, having too little, having enough and having too much.

I have overcome being used, being abused both mentally and physically.

Being scared to feel, scared of touch, needing love, desperate to feel warmth.

I have overcome laughter and tears, dreams and fears with uncertainty.

Being in love and in hate, scared to death to breathe and scared  to death not to.

I have overcome life, death, joy and pain both physically and mentally.

Being successful and losing it all due to  lifes simple mistakes.

I have overcome being a victim, prey, scared to wake up.

Being overjoyed in life and in a blink of an eye, that joy is snatched away.

I have overcome my fear and am strong emotionally today.

Being content in who life has made me.

I have lived to speak of the unspeakable.

Being unafraid of speaking the truth.

I have Overcome......

Being Lisa.....

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