Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 2 of the Tooth Adventure.......

Really! 30 minutes of being on hold and pressing buttons.....
 Day 2... Whelp, apparently I have a Dental HMO....... have you ever heard of such a thing?  I have not. So the Oral Surgeon I was scheduled with on Monday of course is not Covered.  After scouring over my HMO website I found a list of Oral Surgeons that are covered under my insurance.  As this is a drawn out process and I have now got to be referred to one of the following offices.  Please if you have had any experiences ...Good or Bad... let me know.  Dr. Cirelli's office is closed until Monday so I can only rely on you my friends to guide me down the right path.  Here is my list, please let me know yay or nay!
Not Toothless Yet!

  1. Gentle Dental on E. Moana
  2. Northwest Reno Smiles on Maeanne
  3. Reno Smiles Dentistry on S. McCarran
  4. Nv. Dental Specialists on S. McCarran Or N. McCarran
  5. Reno Modern Dentistry on Damante
Love you all.......please advise so I have some sort of idea which way to go!!

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