Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is my 10 year old Stevi at Halloween. She also has to wear make-up when she does a dance recital and I will admit, I have put a little on her for picture day, very subtle of course. But when is it time? When I was growing up, alot of girls wore make-up in 6th grade (average age 11) I didn't until I was 12, but I do remember being unpopular and a bit jealous of those "cool" girls. My daughter will be 11 in November and she has been asking me when she can wear a little and how to apply it. At first I said "No, not till 7th grade!" Then I went to her program at school and I would say 40% of the 5th graders had on make-up, including eyeliner and mascara! So I polled my clients today and they say that is normal now-a-days. Am I old fashioned or ucool? I always swore I would keep up with the times, I would say out of all my clients with girls about 80% today said a little lip gloss and eyeshadow is fine for 5th grade, 6th is normal for mascara and eyeliner! Help, is that right?! I don't want Stevi to feel uncool but I am so confused.........This picture has ALOT of make-up on of course for costume purposes.. do you think subtle glitter and lipgloss is ok?


Mom said...

You sure don't want MY opinion!! I was still scrubbing your face in high school!! But, I'll give it anyway. Stevi is a natural beauty! She doesn't need a thing to make her more beautiful AND she'll look way too old due to her size. Too scary. Can't we keep her a little girl forever?

madre adoptiva said...

I haven't decided yet when I'll let my girls wear make-up, but I'm pretty sure it will be somewhere around 35 years of age. I think I was wearing make-up occasionally in 7th and 8th grade and wearing it more regularly by high school. I agree with Mom, Stevi is a natural beauty and hardly needs make-up to be cool. She seems to be doing just fine in the cool department.

Michele said...

My daughter plays with makeup but is not allowed to wear it yet. When I was growing up I think I got wear clear mascara and lip gloss when I startd 7th grade then when I got into HS I was able to wear black mascara. Thankfully I've never really been into makeup and my daughter is following my footsteps soooo hopefully she won't be to into it either.