Saturday, April 14, 2007

Death and Taxes

"Nothing is as sure as death and taxes". That is the saying anyways, sometimes death comes before we expect it and sometimes we owe alot more than we expect. But we go on, as depressing as it may be, always pay your taxes and compliments to those you love. You never know when you may get a refund! I believe that if you always tell the people in your life what is in your heart, you will live without regret and know that if, God forbid, when it is time for them to go, they will always know that you loved them unconditionally, as we should. I always told my Dad I loved him and when it was time, he knew and said he had no regrets in life. I hope that when it is my time to go, all my loved ones will think of me with a smile on thier faces and remember me for my kind words as well as some of the crazy things that have happened to me in my life. (Those who know me, know what I am talking about). Well unfortunately Tax day is upon us, so I need to go......But in closing, I love you all, and for those of you going through a hard time, whether you have lost a loved one recently or owe way more money than expected.....just pay your taxes and call the ones you love, and tell them why you love them, it may make you or them smile!! Smooches

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Mom said...

You've grown to be a philosopher. How amazing. I love you!