Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yeah Yeah, I know........

I know, it's been since November.  A lot has happened.   A lot of bad, A lot of good.  A lot.  this time I chose to suffer in silence.  And as usual, I pulled through.  What I did learn though is that I need to keep my faith in something greater, work on me for me and enjoy life.....each day as it comes.
 My Mom and I started to donate Blood and started with a Blood drive for all of the radio stations.  As usual, there are raffles etc. and I won!  I won a Spa package for 2 at the Atlantis for a mud ritual and a day at the Spa.  Since Jay is no longer in Reno, I invited my Mom.  She didn't sound too excited and I really wasn't either, life is so busy, who has time for these things?  But it was free and I guilt tripped her into going by telling her that I would just go by myself.  AH-MAZING!  It was like being on vacation.  Neither of us wanted to leave and I can tell you,  it was the most relaxing day I have ever had, I think literally!
We went in our gym clothes anticipating a workout in their fitness center.  My advice to you, workout first or you NEVER WILL!  We spent around 4 1/2 hours doing nothing but relaxing...Next time....Oh and there will be a next time......I am going earlier so I can waste my day turning into Jello and leaving in a Coma.  What a day.......much needed, highly recommend it, even if you just go for the day without the treatments, it's completely worth it.  And Mon-Thurs, they give locals a 15% discount.  I think it should be a monthly ritual for all women.  We work hard, we play hard, we deserve to relax hard too!

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