Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today is going to be a good day.......

 Skipping the gym today.... hitting the dirt with my mom. Yay! A hiking day!  My day doesn't start at work until 4 so this makes for a good workout before work.   My mom and I are usually attached at the hip but lately life has gotten busy.  Well namely when Jay moved.  I now fill all my just sitting waiting for Stevi gaps with work when possible, which is great that I have clients that I can do that with, but it sure makes for a weird sporadic schedule.  Tonight I have two cuts at 4...go home, grab Stevi, get her to cheer, go back to do a color, pick up Stevi and stay for a parent meeting until around 9.

So starting my day with fresh air, cardio and laughter....awesome.  Have a great day today all, mine will be... I can feel it!

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Elaine said...

Yay! That's all I can say. YAY!!