Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seattle vacation and swift getaway...

Charlie's Angels
After years, 8 to be exact of no vacation, last year I took a week off for much needed rest and ended up spending the whole week searching, buying and reserving an RV and a space for Jay so he could move to San Francisco to work, I took a week off to go visit Lilly and Stella down in Seattle and made it a road trip with Stevi.  The 13 hour drive isn't so bad when you have help driving and someone to keep you awake.  Stevi says she did most of the driving, I would say we split it pretty evenly.
Stella, bathing Beauty
 Stella, Stella, Stella.  Oh my Gosh, I am in love with that sweet little angel.  She is such a joy and so well behaved it is unbelievable.  As much as we drug her around, she was my backseat conversationalist and constant companion.  Eventually as the week went on, she would cry out when I walked by her room in the morning and come over so I could kiss her on top of her head.   Such a cheese ball, loves funny cat videos! If ever you want to hear that little Angel belly laugh just show her one on YouTube and it is on!
EMP  Guitar Sculpture
 One of my favorite days was the day we went to Seattle.  We spend a day just exploring, Pike Street market which back 23-25 years ago if you remember the old Levi's commercial, is the place they would throw the fish back and forth over the crowds.  Still as crowded as ever, a true farmers market, not like the drunk fest we have here in Sparks on Thursdays evenings.  Oh and then there is the famous Bubblegum wall.  The alley where a lot of underground concerts happen and since Seattle is so music driven I'm sure many greats, Pearl Jam, Hole, Nirvana etc. had many a fan waiting to hear them before they hit it big and stuck their bubblegum up on that wall.  Stevi thought it was gross, I guess it is, but that is part of the beauty of Seattle, call it art or weird, but it is what it is.
Bubblegum wall at Pike Streets Market
 We had an incredible dinner at the Space Needle, luckily we were able to get a reservation, which Stevi called and got for us.  Along this trip, I also acquired a beautiful 1898 Singer Sewing Machine from Lilly and a few things that she did not want to pack up for her move to Germany.  We stopped in Beaverton, Or. for a nice lunch and walk-about, to get an Oregon Ducks shirt for Stevi's boyfriend and then it was back on the road for the long trip home.
Road Trip, time to stop and take a break.
 I won't see Lilly or Stella other than Skype for around another 2 years, but I will tell you this, I will be getting our passports and we will make our vacation in 2015, when Stevi is 18 and Graduated from high school, in Germany... plenty of time to plan, prepare and save.
Me and my Lilly, love this girl like my own!
I love you Lilly and Stella, thank you so much for constantly embracing us as your family.  I wouldn't want it any other way, we miss you already.  Have a safe move and flight to Germany, and get back on that Blog so we can follow your family adventure!

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