Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stop and breathe............

Liquid Gold 5K
 I try to focus my days around exercise because it is so important. So why is it when life gets hectic that seems to be the first to eliminate?  Instead of saying "No" to anybody else, I say no to myself first.  Today, like all of my days is very busy.  I was planning on going to a Get Fit class at KOR but like usual, my cell phone started.  I had 14 messages to return that started at 6 am, some family, some friends, some clients.  You may say.... "Let it go, get to it later..."  In my world that is just not possible.
An average "7 mile" stroll with my Mom
 So here I am, with a few minutes to write, which I promised myself I would allow a few minutes a day for since it is therapeutic, and relaxing to me.  Plus it helps clear my mind a bit.  I have a yoga mat and some weights at work, but this week, I don't think I will have a few spare minutes in my schedule to get anything in, which mean I need to run tonight at 10pm.... which Jay won't allow me to do, but maybe if I take the Boxer with me and my gun it will be OK?
2012 Color me Rad
Somehow this week I also wanted to fit in an Al-anon meeting, get my workouts in, work full time, be a mom, aunt and friend, as well as entertain family during Hot August Nights...Oh and attend a Sunday morning Sweat with my sister. Like the little engine that could..."I think I can, I think I can."  I will take the next few minutes I have left before I need to get ready for work to start my "Squat Challenge"  from the Squat Crew...It seems like as soon as I decided to sign up for next years Tough Mudder ,my brain started doing karate, blocking my workout schedule and drive.

Doing the Liquid Gold 5K on Saturday I met a girl that sells the ItWorks products and I decided to have a Wrap party as well as become a distributor since it fits into my lifestyle, my family's lifestyle, a lot of my clients and I know I can sell all of these products at Menage' a Trois, as well as offer a 45 minute wrap treatment with a service. The wrap Party I am trying to have will either be August 31st or September 7th, just waiting to hear back from the rep.  If you are interested in coming to the fitness and weightloss party, leave me a comment on this blog, message me via FB or text me.  Have an amazing day......I have 12 minutes to start planking and squatting .

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