Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome Emerson Ray Lynch!

Emerson Ray Lynch 8-12-13 21.5" 8lbs. 7oz.
 Welcome home Emerson, we have been waiting for you.  Ever since I saw your Mommy and Daddy fall in love, I thought about how beautiful and amazing their children would be.  Boy did I underestimate them.  Just look at you. You are simply perfect.  Not a flaw.
Jayson and Guoda's Wedding Day 6-30-12
You are such a big boy, just as we knew you would be, and wouldn't you know that when we came to meet you, your Mommy looked just as beautiful as she always does.  And happy, calm and content.  Daddy held you proudly in his arms and Grandpa Billy and I couldn't wait to hold you as well.  Great Grandma Harrington and Great Grandma Coo-Coo came to see you, but Grandpa Lynch was sad.  He has to work today in San Francisco and was so happy you finally made it but it broke his heart that he couldn't be here.  He is going to take a week off for Labor Day weekend so he can get to know you and bond with you.  Pappa loves you very much and would be here too if he could, but we know some day you will understand why.  Grandma Vilijia was there when you came into the world, and Mommy said she did very good being supportive and quiet.. we are all very proud of her for doing such a good job letting Mommy and Daddy concentrate on getting you here for us to meet.
The Great Grandmas
 You will also be happy to know that Great Aunt Angie and Great Aunt Tyra and Auntie's Stevi and Bri also came to see you, and Auntie Bri just got back from South Africa YESTERDAY!  Someday I'm sure she will tell you all about how the Alcaida  blew up the airport and she almost didn't make it back...scary!
Pappa and Glamma Lynch (and Great Aunt Dottie in the back)
 You were born into a very large and crazy family, but luckily a family that is FULL of love.  You will be so loved and cared for by each and every one of us that you will never want for anything and you will always have a huge selection of people to go to whether you need something or just need to talk.
Grandpa Billy and Grandpa Jay getting down!
 We are so happy and proud of the good job Mommy and Daddy did while you were being nurtured into the beautiful boy you are.  Daddy attended to Mommy's every need and Mommy took very good care of herself and exercised, ate right and was careful about everything she took, whether it was vitamins or food, she made sure first of all that it was good for you.
Glamma Vilijia and Guoda
Hart is here waiting for you, and right now he is a little bit confused because Mommy and Daddy haven't been home, but we sure hope you like dog slobber, and if you do, boy are you in for a treat, because I am sure you will be covered in it from head to toe and have a best friend right away.
Glamma Lynch and Auntie Stevi
It's been a long couple of days for Mommy and Daddy. They are at the hospital with you now, so get some rest little buddy, because when you get home you will have more love and attention than you know what to do with.  These years will go by too fast and when they do, I hope you know, we can't wait until the next day and the next day, because you will be special, just like your Mommy and Daddy are....and you will be nurtured to reach your full potential and learn to love like crazy, because that's how we do it in this family.  We welcome every moment and everyday.  We love you.

                                                 Love Glamma Lynch

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