Thursday, October 18, 2007

Exercise is good for the heart and friendship too!!

So I am officially back in the game. I always feel better when I am exercising, but in the past, I have gotten bored. I was always at home in the gym, dirty gym's, gym's with ex-felons were always most comfortable for me because they are serious about lifting weights as I am. I just started to lose that loving feeling so decided it was time to cross-train. I am keeping my 3 day split schedule, it works best for me and I can be flexible. (3 days on, 1 rest day) It gives you different days off per week and every once in awhile you get 2 days off a week. So now I am still lifting weights but have started hiking, running, and taking a variety of classes at Achieve Fitness with everything from Pump (with weights) to Yoga and Body by Ballet. Tonight I am doing Turbo Kickboxing and I can't wait to work out, I also have talked 3 of my friends into joining my quest for fitness.....I thought one of them was going to pass out last night after the Pump plus class, but she seemed ok. My other friend was so excited she was trying to schedule something in for everyday!!!(I think she was on a runners high after class) So if you feel the need and want to join me, I would love to see your face, with sweat glistening and a grin that resembles a grimace on it at any class or outdoor venture I am doing. Let me know...I have found out that you can enjoy fitness for free if you play your cards right (Achieve offers a different free class every month and if you place a gym box in your place of business, you automatically get two free memberships for as long as you display the box!!) The outdoors is always wonderful as well, I am going to try snowshoeing this winter and possibly cross country skiing if anyone is game!!!!

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Mom said...

I'll go hiking with you! For me, snowshoeing and cross country skiing might be a bit strenuous and pricey.