Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saving $$$$$$$$$$$$$

When is the last time you called all your creditors and asked them to lower your monthly fees? You do know you can do that I hope. I did that on Monday and it took me around 3 hours total, but I am now going to save $690 per months and I just thought of 2 more which will add another $108 to that to make it a whopping $798 in savings, all it takes is some emails and some phone calls. I think that is something in my monthly living expenses I will not miss. We just lost 340 channels on our Direct TV.......nobody has noticed yet, our phone is to that basics, I guess if I need to know who is calling, I should answer the phone, and if they get a busy signal, they know I am on the phone. Did you know if you have AT &T and do combined billing you will save 20% off your phone, cell phone and internet, which by the way I was paying 49.99 for and told them I was cancelling and miraculously they can give me the same exact service for 19.99 if I stay. I no longer need the paper, not only am I saving trees, but I can read on line for free everyday and print the coupons right off on my computer. Most of our creditors have competitors and don't want to lose thier clients, I know I don't. If you just take the time to write them down and just start making calls, you may be surprised, oh and buy the way.....if you bring your own bags to Raley's they give you 5 cents off your bill per bag....if you clip coupons the saving just keep coming, as a matter of fact, I just went to the store and used a free coupon for thier weekly dinner (10.00 savings) and they gave me a baggy with free bottled water, m-n-m's, koolaide, a bag clip and a shopping list pad, don't know why but hey, I'll take it!!!! You may be surprised at how much money you are just blowing in the wind try it and write down your savings per month (coupon's too) It may just put a smile on your face.


Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Another 10 minutes just to get this box. Frustrating. Anyhow, YOU GO GIRL!! Right after Dad died I tried to cut to the bare minimum on things too and don't miss them at all. It's amazing what we can live without. By the way, the i before e rule doesn't apply to "their" or "weird". :-)

Barbara C. said...

Hi, so did you get rid of the tv cable/dish or no? I am thinking about it....or of combining everything...or ?