Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost Embarrassing........Make-up Organization

I found the "I'm an Organizing Junkie" blog and decided to jump in with her organizing monthly you can see, I needed to. This month for July was organizing your make-up storage.......why, mine was perfectly organized.
During the process, I think I threw away about 80% of my make-up, which a lot of it was pretty old. Most of my lipsticks over 30 resembled eachother......I n
ow have 9 (which is good for me!) Got rid of all (around 15) but 3 lip glosses, got rid of 4 blush/bronzers and probably a third of my eyeshadows......and who needs 4 black eyeliners? Apparently I do, there are so many different shades of black. It should take me alot less time in the morning to put my face on......and maybe now I won't look like a drag
Queen, Stevi said I could do "make-up for drag queens" with the selection I had. At 41 I guess it is time to select the shades that work for me at my age and use them, not lose them in this mess.

The pile on the floor is the purge pile, and the pile on the table is all that was in there......Thanks for lighting a fire under my butt to get me to do this "Organizing Junkie" obviously it hasn't been done in awhile, while doing it, my daughter did hers an my mother said she would go home and do hers as well!


Mom said...

Good job, Lisa! It was a really fun way to kill 2 hours!

Chrissy and Jack said...

OMG! I had no idea you owned that much makeup!!!!!!

Laura said...

Wow, way to go! Now that's what I call a purge pile, that's awesome! Make sure to link up this post to the Mr. Linky Round-Up at my site at the end of the month.

Madre Adoptiva said...

That is an amazing amount of makeup!