Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun morning ride!

Jay and I have not had time, nor energy to ride, so last night my friend Ree was texting me and asked me to go on the wine walk. Since I can't because of Stevi's Predator BBQ, game against parents and awards ceremony, I invited her and her boyfriend Gary along. We started at Mimi's and had a great breakfast with lots of laughter and talk. Afterwards we went on a short ride out to Verdi to get lotto tickets, Ree was a virgin so I told her to just slap her 20 down on the counter and tell the guy in the red hat that she would have what Lisa and her Mom get. Miraculously she came back with lotto tickets, (I think that means MY MOM, is a regular, like Norm at Cheers if you will.)

I won $15 dollars! Yay, gas for the bikes then Gary led us through Verdi the back way and I took over through Summerset. When we reached the bottom of the hill at McCarran, Ree informed me that we needed to stop and get another Starbucks. Little did we know she was "meeting" someone there. We parked the bikes, and stepped inside. As we stood at the counter behind a few people deciding what we were going to order, Gary got side tracked and was looking at coffee in one of the baskets off to the side. Ree, grabbed the guy in front of her and gave him a terrific snuggle, feeling his chest and his tummy area very sweetly, she really seemed to like him, until he turned around and gave Gary a shrug like, "It happens everywhere I go."

She screamed and ran and hid behind the ad sign as we laughed hysterically, she though she was snuggling with Gary, but no, she now has a new friend. It was awesome! I have casually held another man's hand in the mall, not paying attention and in Winnemucca, Jay snuggled up to a woman at Round Table and attempted to put his arm around her while I watched, I guess it is Gary's turn!

Thankfully, the guy was a great sport and we laughed about it for the whole time we were there as well as the Starbucks workers and guests.

Have you ever thought you were with your significant other and done something like this? Please fess up!


Chrissy and Jack said...

That was awesome! I am laughing so hard right now!!!

It's never happened to me, but next time I see a hot guy at the mall, I may snuggle up and tell him "oops! I thought you were my boyfriend!"

Mom said...

Um. No.

Madre Adoptiva said...

That is so funny!!! I have never mistaken anyone else for Ray. I don't think that would be possible.