Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Last Stress Busting Strategy for the Year.........

The above Strategy is my last...tomorrow I will try to find another self help book to share with you on by blog.......I don't know if any of you actually read those captions I post at the top, but I like to think that you do and they are somewhat helpful. If you do read them and would like me to continue to post self help notes.....please let me know, I will add a poll for you to vote on. The above says to list 101 things you would like to achieve in your lifetime, then prioritize and put a deadline. For this week, if you read my blog, either blog a list of your own, or comment your list or email me your list at that way I at least know you are out there. Please put some thought into it and make it something you would really like to is mine...

  1. Become completely debt free.
  2. Buy a home again.
  3. See Stevi go to College.
  4. See Jayson complete his GED.
  5. See Jay stay sober.
  6. Own a car outright.
  7. Drive a car I own until it just won't drive anymore.
  8. See Jack at least 4 times a year.
  9. Simplify life and be content with it.
  10. Make exercise a life routine for 4 days a week, no excuses.
  11. Stay within the 120's for my weight, consistently.
  12. Hike, snowshoe or cross country ski once a week.
  13. Learn to really swim.
  14. Dive off a diving board.
  15. Sky dive
  16. Learn to kayak
  17. Walk my dogs at least once a week.
  18. Love my husband 100% with no exceptions.
  19. Finish sewing projects once I start them within a month.
  20. Knit socks
  21. Knit mittens
  22. Knit a hat and scarf set.
  23. Knit a neck warmer.
  24. Sew my self clothing that looks great.
  25. Design my own clothing.
  26. Write a book.
  27. Forgive my molester.
  28. Think of the positive first in all situations.
  29. Not say unkind words against any person.
  30. Love myself despite my flaws.
  31. Forgive Sonya for hurting me so badly and write her a letter to get it out.
  32. Go to Europe
  33. Go to Spain
  34. Vacation once a year, even if it is only at home.
  35. Take Stevi to San Francisco
  36. Visit Sarah and Kate
  37. Take a trip on a train
  38. See the Grand Canyon
  39. Find Derrek Buletti
  40. Ride my Harley across the United States
  41. Make gifts for friends that have meaning.
  42. Bake cookies, brownies, cakes, muffins etc. instead of buying them.
  43. Plan a family reunion every 3 years.
  44. Accept more invitations to spend time with friends.
  45. Have dinners parties once a month
  46. Start Bunko again
  47. Purge my closet every January 1st of old, not worn and out of date clothing and shoes.
  48. Return calls within 48 hours.
  49. Call a friend once a month that I haven't spoken to in awhile.
  50. Start an IRA again.
  51. Rebuild our credit.
  52. Save more money and NOT TOUCH IT
  53. Buy Stevi a car when she is of age.
  54. Talk and really listen to my family
  55. Learn to groom Dyna
  56. Stick to a strict budget, even when I don't have to anymore.
  57. Make soup instead of buy it in a can
  58. Make home made ice cream when we crave it instead of go to the store.
  59. Help my sister start a sewing/knitting/craft club.
  60. Get an iphone
  61. Help my Mom paint her accent walls
  62. Paint my own accent walls
  63. Create a sewing room
  64. Reupholster the salon benches
  65. Re-paint the salon
  66. Redecorate the salon
  67. Move the salon to a better and more open location
  68. Become a stronger business woman
  69. Be more organized with my books by creating a filing system
  70. Set aside one day a month for paper/book/tax work a month
  71. Set aside one do nothing day a month
  72. Get 7+ hours of sleep
  73. Drink water daily....64 oz.
  74. Snack on fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods
  75. Blog at least 3 times a week for release.
  76. Eat more sandwiches instead of grabbing something while out and save that money for me to shop!
  77. Only buy one soda a week
  78. One buy one coffee a week
  79. Try to not drive like a man when my mom is in the car.
  80. Send more notes and cards to special people in my life so they know I am thinking of them.
  81. Have a family game night every other month
  82. Repair broken items rather than replace them
  83. Get Stevi a wooden bench at a garage sale or used furniture store and paint it for her.
  84. Hang Stevi's room decor for her
  85. Finish hanging photos rather than expect Jay to do it.
  86. Finish unpacking garage.
  87. Really wash car once a month, by hand or wash, which ever is in budget.
  88. Price compare purchases before purchasing.
  89. Do not wait until the last minute to buy gifts and cards and make sure they are delivered in a timely matter.
  90. Finish Tenleigh's quilt
  91. Make a quilt for my bed
  92. Make a quilt for Mom
  93. Replace buttons and do clothing repairs once a month
  94. Bring in dry cleaning once a month
  95. Trim dog's toenails once a month
  96. Give myself a pedicure once a month
  97. Give myself a facial once a month.
  98. Quit swearing
  99. Smile more to strangers
  100. Help strangers in need more
  101. Keep house clean and tidy daily.


Kimmy said...

thats awesome! but you're missing one....come to massachusetts and spend time with your niece! when i make my list coming to reno to see my auntie will be on it!

Elaine said...

Wow! Impressive! But you cheated on #33. Spain is in Europe. Cheater! I love your list though. Very thoughtful and inspiring. I'll try to make a list and e-mail it to you, but now I have to get ready for our workout.

Madre Adoptiva said...

I love your list! It is inspiring. So many things you want to do, I also want to do. I'm getting started on my list today and will post it on my blog.

Christina, Jack and Kevin Reese/Barnum said...

Wow, I am so impressed! I do read your inspirational thoughts on the top of the page and would love you to continue doing so if it's not a pain the butt for you.

I'm going to do my list and post it to my blog. Thank you Lisa!!!