Sunday, October 4, 2009

Race for The Cure

Today was cold. It is the first Susan G. Komen Race for the cure that Nellie, Liz and I had done, we had one other team mate Amber who ran with her sister. Because there were only four of us on our team, we didn't get a sign this year, which is fine because I don't think any of us could really feel our hands.
Most of the time we had to walk because there were so many people but when we got a decent passing lane we ran for a bit. That was enough for all of us, Nellie is probably the most fit out of the 3 of us (she's 21) and Liz and I lost our training motivation a while back. My right knee kept hurting, I think I will try a brace because while I got better at running, I actually was enjoying it. Nellie could run completely around Sparks Marina no problem and Liz was doing well too, but life happened for all three of us (Amber is a crazy runner so I am glad we didn't hold her back) so we lost our training motivation, time, schedules, etc.
Liz walked for our Grandmother and I unfortunately walked for four, Grandma Fake, Sharon Stephenson, Kathy Taylor and Judy Bitz. Had I known we could also wear a celebration for survival sign, I would have also had Michelle Gandolfo and Lynne Shoenberger on a list as well. Survivors that were walking had pink balloons with the years and months they had survived so far, there were a lot of balloons and we saw a few men walking for "My Beautiful Wife" which almost made me cry. I hope next year we have a larger team, Liz wants to start her own with an ad such as......
"Do you lay down and watch the sit-up segment of Jazzercize class? If so call Lazy Liz and we will stroll for the cure in 2010...." She may have some takers, good luck with that sis.
We burned around 640 calories this morning so the 3 of us finished at Starbucks and enjoyed a nice hot latte, Nellie had a steamer, and some more girl talk. It was fun, come to think of it, I am glad I didn't run it because the togetherness of girls was much better....yeah!



Mom said...

I'm so glad that you did it! I'll do it next year for sure. I do hope that it's a little warmer though!

Christina, Jack and Kevin Reese/Barnum said...

Awesome, Lisa! You girls are amazing!

mmb photography said...

Oh I definitely want to join you guys next year.

Awesome job guys!

Madre Adoptiva said...

I really had a good time, despite all your crazy bobbing and weaving through the crowd. I'm sore this morning, so that's a good thing! Do you know how long it took us?