Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Bad Sister.......

Yup, That would be me, the "Bad" sister. In more ways than one.
Steve turned 39 on the 4th, of course I sent him a card in the mail so he would get it before his birthday, and of course I called on his birthday. I was invited to his house for dinner that night, but I was having some serious stomach issues and since it is flu season, I didn't want to take a chance on infecting anybody, I was unsure if I was sick, or had a bad latte'. So instead, I invited him to lunch, he and I have occasional lunch dates, I usually pick him up from work or sometimes we go to breakfast or coffee. Steve is mentally challenged so does not drive. For today's lunch date, I told him I would pick him up at 1:30 and take him to BJ's knowing that he has probably never had a chance to eat there. He was really has probably been 3 months since we have had one of our dates for some one on one sister-brother time.

Today, my Mom and I did the Pilate's class at Achieve and ran some errands..I had to get Gold Bond-a-weave to do Stevi's hair after we had lunch. After class we are always famished so we went to En Soul grabbed the weave glue I needed then headed over to Big Ed's to eat lunch, after all, it was already 1:30 and we were STARVING!, as we ordered our lunch and sat and enjoyed out Diet Soda's, my phone rang....I wasn't going to check it, I just wanted to eat, but thankfully I was Steve..the message was, "I thought we had a date today, but maybe I'm wrong, or I hope you are ok, Ok Lisa call me back please."
Yup I am a jerk........It is in my phone, right after our exercise class so I won't forget, but I did. I blew it off, left my baby brother hanging, starving, sad and confused. I called him after I got Stevi to soccer practice and rescheduled for next Thursday for breakfast at 9.....even put the alarm on my phone. Did I mention I feel terrible about this? I don't get to see my brother enough as it is, he's not working much and has been having a challenging time lately. I know he doesn't have a lot to look forward to and we really enjoy our little "dates" we have together. It bothered me the whole time I ate my hamburger.....horrible huh? I still haven't gotten over it, I feel guilty about it. I know these things happen but because my brother is "special" I try to make sure I have special time with him because I think it is so important. I will definitely make it up to him, and when I called tonight and called him back at lunch, he sounded a little down. It could be my guilt making him sound that way, or not.......argh!


Christina, Jack and Kevin Reese/Barnum said...

Oh Lisa, this entry made me so sad. =(

Mom said...

Me too. Sad. He'll be fine and you'll have fun at breakfast. Mimi's or Peg's?