Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the Mend........

I still feel horrible, thank god for Dayquil, I am sure I had the flu but I think I slept through the worst of it yesterday, thank you Nyquil. Jack has been hanging out and playing today and we have been having lots of fun, it sure is nice to see him and Chrissi again.

On my life's list I wrote to repair rather than replace... So today I put a button on a pair of Jay's shorts, stitched a pair of my pants that had a hole in them, fixed a hole in a pillow and replaced all the buttons on my cardigan because it lost one and I couldn't find one to looks much cooler now anyways with it's small metal buttons with filigree on them, much As for beginning my book, I have 100 times in my head, but haven't had any distraction free time to actually sit and do it. I do have my character journal started.......I will get there, my first chapter has played out over and over in my head. Soon it will be on paper.

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Madre Adoptiva said...

Glad you're feeling better! I'm excited about your book. GO GIRL! By the way... you should bring Jack over to play today.