Tuesday, September 14, 2010

P90X Fit test........

As many of you know, I try to stay as active as possible, but being Hungarian/German it never seems to be enough, not to mention that I love food. So in addition to hiking and doing as much outdoors activity as I can and an occasional trip to the gym with my mom, I am starting my P90X program tomorrow and I will take you all that are interested on the 90 day journey with me. I have plenty of before picture (thankfully with clothes on!) So I will spare you those but I did do the fitness test today to see if I am in good enough shape to start tomorrow. Even though I haven't been working out like I should and it has been an occasional hurry up and exercise moment I am in much better shape than I thought! (Thanks Mom for always being there when I want to walk 6 miles to lunch during a cancellation!) Now for the disgusting truth, I will be brutally honest here is the fit test for today.........

Weight 134.8
Chest 39"
Waist 33"
Hips 40"
Right Thigh 19"
Left Thigh 20"
Biceps 11" (they match!!)

Resting Heart Rate 65
Pull -ups.... Not a one! Maybe 1/8th of one ( I will be able to in 90 days!)
Vertical Leap 9"
Push-ups 16 Full form no knees (yes!)
Toe Touch...exact, no more no less
Wall Squat 1 min. 2 sec. (whew passed with 2 extra seconds!)
Bicep curls with 8 lb weights 41.......(need to start with heavier dumbbells for sure!)
In & Outs 25 (those are like a crunch while you balance on your butt)
2 Minutes of Jumping Jacks and monitor heart rate upon stopping.......
167 bpm upon stopping
137 after 1 minute
114 after 2 minutes
103 after 3 minutes
96 after 4 minutes (the idea is the faster you recover the better shape you are in, I used to recover much faster!)

The next 3 weeks my schedule will be ........
Day 1 Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X (1 hr and 10 mins.)
Day 2 Plyometrics (59 mins)
Day 3 Shoulders & Arms , Ab Ripper X (1 hr. 15 mins)
Day 4 Yoga X (1 hr 30 Mins)
Day 5 Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X (1 hr 15 mins)
Day 6 Kenpo X (56 mins)
Day 7 Rest (ahhhhhhh........)

I know not all of you have the program but there is a guideline if you have equipment or videos at home or even go to the gym you could maybe improvise and workout with me, keeping your own log.......feel free to post any accomplishments or questions you may have, I would love to inspire you or be inspired by you! Good night!

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Elaine said...

But...but...are we going to start going to Achieve again? If not, I'd better get busy at home! I won't be able to keep up with you.