Monday, September 20, 2010

Have you ever...........(a poem)

Have you ever?..............
Laughed so hard it hurt, then wondered what was so funny?
Loved so much you cry and then realize you don't know why?
Thought until you were in pain only to realize you'll never know the answer?
Felt unconditional love and wondered why it wasn't reciprocated?
Looked into the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen only to be asked, "What are you staring at?"
Wanted to hug someone so badly but you were afraid to take that step forward?
Smiled at someone across the room and it was never returned?
Ask someone how their day was only to be scowled at?
Just wanted a simple 'Thank You?'
Wondered why you could be so sad but yet seem to have it all?
Wanted a tender touch and no words........?
Woken up wondering just what today will bring and not want to get out of bed?
Have you ever?.............


Madre Adoptiva said...

YES! All of that!

Elaine said...

Of course I have! That is really poetic, Lisa. You need to start writing again, ummm, in your spare time that is.

Steve Ballmer said...

Nice photos my friend!