Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fitting it in, no excuses!

Is there ever enough time?  Yes, you just have to live each moment and make it work.  As our family grows, we run into family parties, dinners, game nights, bbq's, birthday parties etc.  I also love to hike,  this summer has been a challenge because of the heat, but that is reason #1 why I decided to start my P90X today, especially because of last year while snowshoeing I fell into an icy creek and had to pull myself out with a branch GI Jane style.  If I hadn't been working out as much as I was at the time there is no way I think I would have been able to survive that day.

     My mom commented on yesterdays blog worried that we weren't going to get to Achieve to workout, I would still like to but as life happens it seems my best bet is to fit it into my schedule whenever possible, tonight at 6:00 while Stevi is at Cheer practice.  Tomorrow at 4 am because I work a 12 hour day.  Do I want to get up at 4 am....hell no!  But I do want to get into shape again.  Mom, you can follow along at home with me if you'd like, and yes I will still walk and go to Achieve with you and of course go on day long hikes......we will make it work.

     Today is day one of P90X, this morning I had 2 proteins and 8 oz. of water so far, and I found and app for my iphone called Eat Right 90 which logs your intake according to what level (I'm a Level 1) and Phase (Phase 1) you are, it also shows you portions sizes and calories,  I need to keep my calories at around 1800 which for me seems like a lot so it should be easy, especially if you are eating healthy you eat a lot more food.  I am actually a little sore from the Fit Test yesterday and weighed in at 135.4 lbs today (hmmm Ben and Jerry's?) but my biceps are sore from the 41 freaking curls I did!  Tonight is Chest, Back and Abs so I should be OK.......I will have to start with my bands until I get strong enough to use my chin up bar.  Jay is working out of town, so technically I am a single mom with 2 incomes and a long distance text boyfriend.  Perfect time to embark on a new exercise program, the TV hasn't been on since Sunday, I actually missed Sons of Anarchy last night (recording is awesome)  So I will watch it with Jay this weekend if he gets home.   I will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow.......4am is going to come very early especially after I have a workout so late tonight.  If I can fit it in so can you!  Let's do this!!!!!

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