Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What would we do without family?

 Any one that really knows me knows that I have a VERY hard time asking for help.  If I can fit it into my schedule with only 2 minutes to spare.....I can do it by myself.  I don't know why.  Ever since I was a kid I just handled things.  Sometimes we need help.  Sometimes we need to ask.  So in MY life, when I need help, my Mom asks for me because she knows I won't ask.  So she asked my baby sister if she would help with a ride today for Stevi, out to North Valleys Sports Complex, where she is a junior coach for SYFL. Of course my sister was happy to help, which took the weight off my shoulders for one ride, nobody got hurt, everyone survived and I was able to go with Jay back out to Fernley to look at the motor home we have been looking at for him to take to Half Moon Bay until things get situated at work and he has roommates so he can afford to eat down in the Bay Area.

 It's a 1992 Winnebago 34' , 20 years old, but only has 27,867 miles on it.  Everything is in working order. She may not be a $250,000 Diesel pusher, but now our family will have an RV after Jay breaks her in, and we stole her for $7000.  She comes with 2 TV's and a full set up, including a generator.  She will be cozy for Jay but living on the beach in Half Moon Bay will not be hard I am sure.  Stevi and I will make a weekend trip once a month and he will come home once a month while he is gone and when all is said and done, the Lynch/Harrington family will have an RV to use.

This much needed relaxing vacation has been anything but relaxing.  Sometimes God puts things in order.  If I wasn't on vacation this week, I wouldn't have been able to 
  1. Get Stevi to and from Drivers Ed and Cheer
  2. Rescue my Husband on the side of the road after his Harley broke down.
  3. Find an RV and a spot to place it in 2 1/2 weeks.
  4. Get Raider to the vet and treated for Colitis, and abscessed tooth and 2 broken teeth.
  5. Run Stevi to a friends house with soup and a movie when he was sick.
  6. Visit Liz's (my sister) new rescue dog Misty.
  7. Go back to Fernley to purchase an RV.

The week isn't over yet, it's only Wed.  My mom and I have completed an 8 mile walk, 3 lunch's  a margherita each, and a movie.  I wonder what the next 4 days will bring before I have to return to work?


Liz said...

Boy, you sure know how to vacation. :) That RV looks nice! Congrats! I'm always happy to help and Dallas thinks it's really strange that you don't like to ask for it from your FAMILY who would do anything for you. Love you!

Elaine said...

What Liz said!