Friday, August 10, 2012

So Hot I'm on Fire!

I felt like prisoner in my own home last night.  As I went from room to room to find some kind of coolness, I looked at my thermostat and it was a balmy 85 degrees in the house, yes it was 18 degrees cooler than my thermostat outside but SHIT!  I couldn't get comfortable, I felt dizzy, almost threw up a couple of times and my whole body hurt.  Jay felt me and said I was burning up.  Duh ! Yeah ! It's freaking hot!  Every joint in my body hurt but I wasn't sweating and I just didn't feel right.  So I took my temperature and it was 102.6.  Well no wonder.  I actually had a fever.  So I took a Xanax, two 500 Mg. Tylenol and rubbed my body down with Biofreeze and ran cool water over my wrists for awhile.  I started to feel better and the house dropped down to 83 degrees!  Woohoo!  My Mom is bringing over a portable air conditioner we bought her years ago because it wouldn't work with her well water, hopefully we can get it cleaned out and running because this is BULLSHIT!  I am not usually picky but add hot flashes in the mix and it is not pretty.  Not pretty at all.

Someone told me to put a bucket of ice water behind my fan and it helps, so I did.  It is a bit cooler I think...or am I fantasizing?  I hope it is working.......I don't want to be one of those elderly people who die in the heat.  I'm not ready.

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