Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 Today's worries......Jay moving out of town, to work, for 10 years...Should he rent an apartment(throw money away), get an RV (owe more money), stay here and take a chance of no job opportunities.

 Stevi......over-doing it.  Throat is swollen, she has to coach cheer this week with SYFL Experience all day Saturday, work and go to her competition team practice, (mandatory, swollen throat or not, pulled muscle or not), and mandatory Drivers Ed, already paid for, and she will need a car in November (another expense but necessity)
 And vacation, not making money (another expense) but a much needed relaxing week(lol, yeah right!) So I am working on family things, without pay as usual, but it is really stressful when I am here in town and I could be at work making money........another reason I haven't taken more than an extended weekend since 2006. 
So I have been trying to help Jay figure out his living arrangements, thankfully with help and insight from my Mom, and trying not to use up too much gas.  Add a hot flash or 12 and it's awesome......in a house with no swamp or air conditioning.....I did sit and watch Wanderlust with my Mom today...silly movie, but mindless and we sat for around an hour and 40 minutes....Well I need to go, I have to do a couple more things around the house before I get Stevi to cheer.....for 2 hours in 98 degree weather......enjoy your air conditioning!

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