Monday, August 6, 2012

8 Mile..........

 "Hey Mom, want to go for a walk around the neighborhood?"  That is how it starts......every time.  Next thing you know she has us doing push-ups in the park.  Then there is me.  A walk around the neighborhood took us around 3 1/2 hours total, after mapping our route on "Map my Run" .......8 miles.  Yup, 8 miles.  A little walk about.
 One thing that is amazing to me, and she mentioned it as well, we never shut up....well I never do, and as I am talking , she is commenting on bushes and peoples yards, cars etc.  Am I talking to hear myself talk?  I don't know, maybe......she answers me occasionally , but not always.  We laugh a lot and are nosy looky loos......into peoples yards and there were a couple of cute mailboxes that I was tempted to look into, I didn't because it is a federal offense, but it was so cute!
Another thing we learned in our travels today is the "PUSY" is a gang.  Why a gang would want to call themselves "PUSY" I have no idea, but apparently, they are so proud of their name, they feel it necessary to tag random places, like this lovely walkway near Keystone Ave.   Our route started at my house on Trentham, we walked to Idlewild Park, up the Riverwalk to Virginia St., up to California, from California back to Mayberry, then walked to have lunch on Mayberry and McCarran at Waldens Coffee Shop and back home.  8 miles exactly.  My knee didn't start to hurt until around mile 6, hopefully it will strengthen so I can run again.  The reason I called my mom was because I had planned on running, but could still feel my knee, so a little leisurely stroll seemed sensible, don't you think?

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Elaine said...

It was a GREAT walk! Thanks for inviting me!