Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yeah...... I shot a 44 over par on a 9 hole. Jay shot 12 over and Jayson a 23 over.....ON A 9 HOLE!!  First time out this year, last year I only golfed once.....we are going to make it a point to try and golf once a week, I have this beautiful set of clubs my mom got me for my birthday and I am not going to let them sit in the garage this year to gather dust.  So we are going to get an early tee time for Saturday, and walking the course, I will count that as my exercise for the day.  It really was fun and the weather was beautiful, slight breeze, sunny and warm but not too hot.

     Now onto Stevi!  She got to make a new friend yesterday, his name is Gauge and he is from Carson City.  He was traveling as an unaccompanied minor to Baltimore, and is a seasoned traveler.  Thankfully, we met in line at Southwest and he agreed to  show Stevi the ropes.  Her flight ended at 10:10pm, and Gauge got to ride with Stevi until 7:30pm.  He was a very sweet kid when I spoke to him and Stevi said he was SO NICE!  Thanks Gauge for taking care of my baby, hope we get to see you again!  Today when I spoke to Stevi, she was on her way to the beach for a picnic and yes, she had on sunscreen.


Chrissy and Jack said...

I had no idea you golfed. There are some gorgeous courses up here if you decide you want to go with Jay while you're here.

Glad to hear Stevie had someone to keep her company on the flight. He's a cutey, too!

Mom said...